1 Justice League Member’s Underrated Rogue Finally Returns to the DCU

Warning! Contains spoilers for Green Arrow #8!




  • Green Arrow’s true nemesis, Onomatopoeia, is finally making a comeback in Green Arrow #8, providing a compelling and personal rivalry for Oliver Queen.
  • Despite facing various villains, Green Arrow has always struggled to find a true iconic rival, and Onomatopoeia’s past crimes, including nearly killing Oliver’s son, make the personal rivalry between them much deeper.
  • Green Arrow’s journey through time and space has led him back to Star City, where he will have to confront his biggest villain and face a more grounded adventure in search of his lost family.

One of the DCU’s most underrated villains has finally returned to face off against his Justice League nemesis: Green Arrow. While characters like Batman and Superman have iconic rivals of their own, Ollie has always struggled to find a true nemesis. In the upcoming solicitations for Green Arrow #8, readers will be delighted to see that Onomatopoeia, one of Green Arrow’s most rarely used villains, is finally making a comeback.

Oliver has been trapped in space and hoping across dimensions in the events of his solo title, and Green Arrow has even had to face past versions of himself — all while searching for his family. But the solicitation for Green Arrow #8 promises that he’ll be back on the streets of Star City when he runs into Onomatopoeia. As Oliver continues searching for a few lost family members, he’ll be confronted by the brutal serial killer who once almost killed his son. It seems that Onomatopoeia is finally back in Star City to tangle with the Emerald Archer.

Green Arrow Reunited With League

  • Green Arrow #8
  • Release Date: January 23rd, 2024
  • Writer: Joshua Williamson
  • Artist: Sean Izaakse
  • Cover Artist: Sean Izaakse
  • Variant Cover Artists: Alan Quah, Howard Porter
  • Green Arrow hits the streets of Star City in search of a lost family member and runs into… Onomatopoeia?! After months of time-travel and space adventures, Oliver welcomes the more grounded adventure until BANG BANG BANG BANG!

Green Arrow Will Finally Confront His True Rival: Onomatopoeia


Since the beginning of his newest solo title, Green Arrow has been caught up in a conspiracy theory that was made to keep his family separated. Any time they come close to being re-united, they’re suddenly forcefully removed by teleportation or some other methods. Ollie has finally had enough of this and has been traveling around both space and time to try and find out exactly what the cause is. This journey will eventually lead him back to Star City, where he’ll come face to face with one of his most iconic and dangerous enemies: Onomatopoeia.

Despite fighting the likes of Brick to Merlyn, Green Arrow has always struggled to find one true rival. While some characters like Drakon have tried to fill that role, none of them have hurt Ollie as personally as Onomatopoeia has. Onomatopoeia is a serial killer who specifically targets non-powered vigilantes, all while mimicking the sound effects one might read in comic books — such as “BANG BANG BANG BANG!” While Onomatopoeia has gone after Batman in the past, he has always worked best as a Green Arrow villain. One of Onomatopoeia’s worst crimes was nearly killing Oliver’s son Connor Hawke by shooting him in the head. This makes the personal rivalry between them much deeper.

Green Arrow Deserves to Have His Own Iconic Villain


Oliver has been traveling all around the universe and time itself, where he’s come face to face with a robotic duplicate of himself, versions of himself from the past, aliens, and even Parallax. But despite all of this, the most terrifying enemy that Green Arrow has yet to face — even including his time on the Justice League — waits for him back on the streets of Star City. The place where Oliver Queen is most comfortable and has spent the majority of his time is where Green Arrow is going to have to confront his biggest villain.

Green Arrow #8 is on sale January 23rd from DC Comics!


Green Arrow Reunited With League
  • Writer: Joshua Williamson
  • Cover Artist: Sean Izaakse
  • Artist: Sean Izaakse


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