10 Biggest Weaknesses Even Viltrumites Can’t Survive


  • Viltrumites, despite their superpowers, have weaknesses that can be exploited, such as their sensitivity to intense sounds and specific frequencies that can cause them pain or paralysis.
  • Young Viltrumites are more vulnerable and easier to defeat than their adult counterparts, making them susceptible to attacks before they reach adulthood.
  • Viltrumites can be harmed by extreme levels of heat, which weakens their healing factor, and they are completely vulnerable to attacks on the inside of their bodies. A virus can also weaken them, much like it would a regular human.



Omni-Man and his fellow Viltrumites have ground countless worlds beneath their boots in the Invincible universe, but they’re not totally invulnerable. As Invincible, Mark Grayson has had to learn the hard way how powerful his own species is, especially when being bludgeoned by his father. However, Mark has also discovered a number of Viltrumite weaknesses – some which fans would never suspect.

Nolan Grayson, AKA Omni-Man, reveals the true origins surrounding the Viltrumites after he murders the hero Immortal in front of his son Mark. In 2004’s Invincible #11 by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley, Omni-Man tells Invincible that the Viltrumites are not peaceful aliens, but bloodthirsty conquerors who use their superpowers to destroy planets that don’t comply with their demands. Viltrumites develop their powers at an early age, and they are put through brutal training regimens to prepare them for conquering entire planets. Their abilities include super strength, flight, super speed, a god-tier healing factor, a 1000-year lifespan, and invulnerability. Thankfully, there are a handful of ways to hurt them.

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10 Viltrumites’ Ear Sensitivity Can Cause Them Incredible Pain

Robot uses sound as an against Mark in Invincible #111 (2014)

robot beats invincible's strength

All Viltrumites have the ability to fly, and this is the source of one of their most significant weaknesses. Viltrumites like Mark and Nolan have been able to fly across the entire world in seconds or less. Their flight ability is possible due to the sensitivity of Viltrumite inner ears, which can be weaponized against them, using intense sounds to cause them physical pain. In Invincible #111, the now villainous Rex Robot attacks Mark using specially designed armor which emits a deadly sonic pulse when struck. The piercing sound causes Mark immense pain, and Robot is clear that sustained exposure could kill him.

9 The Right Frequency Can Cause Paralysis in Viltrumites

Dinosaurus finds the perfect sound wave in Invincible #100 (2013)

dinosaurus beat invincible with frequency

The Viltrumite ear weakness has also been exploited by David Anders, AKA Dinosaurus, but in a different way. Dinosaurus learns about the Viltrumites’ powers and his information leads him to exploit Invincible’s ear weakness in a unique way. In Invincible #100, Dinosaurus is able to paralyze Mark, having discovered a specific frequency that immediately paralyzes Viltrumites rather than causing them pain. This sound immediately takes Viltrumites out of the fight for as long as it’s present, though thankfully Dinosaurus doesn’t share the details with others.

8 Young Viltrumites Lack The Invincibility of Their Elders

You can kill a Viltrumite, if you attack them before they reach adulthood

invincible and atom eve with their baby

Time is the enemy of all young Viltrumites like Invincible. One of the many perks of being a Viltrumite is that they age incredibly slowly once they reach adulthood, and they only grow stronger with time. Omni-Man’s old age proves that these aliens are a force to be reckoned with, but Mark Grayson isn’t so lucky. Mark is initially a relatively weak Viltrumite given his young age, and vulnerable to attacks that people like Thragg could shrug off. Given that Invincible is set in a world of multiple dimensions and super-science, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility to travel back in time and kill a Viltrumite when they’re at their most vulnerable, using weapons that simply wouldn’t work against them in their prime.

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7 Viltrumites Are Vulnerable to Heat (at Extreme Levels)

Mark proved Viltrumites can break down in intense solar-level heat in Invincible #140 (2017)

invincible vs thragg in the sun

Invincible exposed a major Viltrumite weakness when he was locked in battle with the strongest Viltrumite, Thragg. Viltrumite skin is very hard to penetrate due to its incredibly fast healing factor. However, the healing factor is broken down when exposed to intense heat. The heat from the sun or any form of boiling plasma can seriously damage a Viltrumite’s healing factor. During his final battle against Thragg in Invincible #140, Invincible fights the mad king inside the sun itself to weaken his healing factor and kill him. While it would take an incredible amount of energy, comparable heat could be used to weaken and eventually kill any Viltrumite.

6 Virtumites Can’t Defend Against An Enemy Once It’s Inside Them

Robot proved Viltrumites are only invulnerable on the outside in Invincible #108 (2014)

invincible robot bomb kill

Despite their all-but inpenetrable skin, Viltrumites are completely vulnerable when an enemy attacks the inside of their bodies. A deadly disease or even a shrinking, super-powered villain can easily destroy the insides of a Viltrumite. Indeed, not even Invincible can defend himself from a bomb inside his body. Viltrumites aren’t just more vulnerable from the inside – they’re capable of being killed with a single shot. In Invincible #108, Robot is able to kill an evil doppelganger of Invincible by firing a bomb down the imposter’s throat.

5 A Virus Can Weaken Viltrumites as Much as A Regular Human

The Scourge Virus was capable of wiping out the Viltrumites with traditional immunity-targeting illness

invincible scourge virus

Viltrumites, like humans, are not immune to disease, especially the Scourge Virus. The virus was created by the Coalition of Planets led by a rebel Viltrumite named Thaedus, who opposes the evil Thragg’s tyrannical rule. Thaedus, as a Viltrumite, contributed to the creation of an airborne disease as revenge against his own species subduing and destroying worlds. The Scourge Virus is the disease that virtually ended the Viltrumite empire by killing off nearly their entire population. The virus infects Viltrumites by attacking their immune systems, shutting down their strength and invulnerability. Though Invincible is able to barely survive the virus, this weakness is the ultimate reminder of how vulnerable a Viltrumite’s body is against a well-chosen weapon.

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4 The Rognarr Are Naturally Strong Enough to Wound Viltrumites

The super-gravity of their homeworld means Rognarr can tear Viltrumites apart in Invincible #35 (2006)

invincible rognarr

There are monsters that even the mighty conquerors of Viltrum fear. The Rognarr are a violent race of aliens that live to kill and devour all things in their path. The strongest Viltrumites have their work cut out for them whenever they encounter the Rognarr. Rognarr aliens have razor-sharp fangs and claws that can rip through any substance, including Viltrumite skin. Even as one of the most powerful Viltrumites, Thragg was completely helpless against the might of just one Rognarr. Their strength and ferocity have been well documented by Omni-Man as he classifies them as a force not to be trifled with.

3 The Poison of Klaxus Plants Erases Viltrumite Strength

Viltrumites have tried to exterminate the Klaxus due to its poison’s effects

invincible klaxus plant

There is a mysterious and deadly plant that can render a Viltrumite completely defenseless. The Klaxus plant is an alien life form that attacks its enemies with poison. When used against a Viltrumite like Omni-Man or Invincible, this poison can take away their superpowers. Without their abilities, any enemy can deliver a devastating final blow with only traditional weapons. Though the plant is very rare and hard to find, it grows with the barest of resources, and the Viltrumites have infected whole planets with voracious beetles to keep the Klaxus from falling into the wrong hands.

2 Space Racer’s Gun Works Against Everything (Even Viltrumites)

The ultimate weapon from the galaxy’s most celebrated hero can kill any Viltrumite

invincible space racer gun

Space Racer is a member of the Coalition of Planets who rides a hoverbike and has an intense hatred of Viltrumites. Space Racer’s exploits and deadly space gun have given him a reputation as one of the Viltrumites’ most feared enemies. Space Racer’s gun has the ability to cut through Viltrumite skin and even kill them before their healing factor can save them. Not only that, Space Racer’s gun can pierce any object or being in the universe. Even Omni-Man feared Space Racer, keeping a journal of his deadly encounters with the hero where Nolan repeatedly barely escapes with his life.

1 The Greatest Viltrumite Weakness: Love

Caring for his son almost gets Omni-Man killed by Thragg in Invincible #138 (2017)

invincible loves omni-man

Though Viltrumites are made of nearly indestructible material, love is an emotion that can destroy them mentally way better than any virus or physical weapon. Omni-Man believes in his cause to conquer Earth so ardently that he kills his friends, the Guardians of the Globe, and beats his own son, Invincible, to near death. But the one thing that makes Nolan doubt his evil mission is his love for his son as Invincible convinces him to put his family above the flawed Viltrumite society. Omni-Man’s love for his son doesn’t just remove him as a threat, but convinces him to switch sides, risking life and limb against Thragg.

Invincible is a loving homage to superhero stories, so it’s only fitting that the seemingly invulnerable alien heroes actually have rare weaknesses. Thankfully, Invincible is able to triumph by doing what his father initially refused to – welcoming non-Viltrumites as allies, and accepting their help in situations even his incredible might can’t handle alone.

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