10 Most Bizarre Things The Fast & Furious TV Show Added To The Franchise (Including Ghosts)


  • Fast & Furious: Spy Racers introduces surreal technology and inventions that defy science, such as the Skeleton Key that grants its wearer god-like powers and control over electricity.
  • The series takes the Fast and Furious universe underwater with cars that can transform into submarines, adding another level of absurdity to the franchise’s gravity-defying stunts.
  • Spy Racers incorporates elements of fantasy, like invisibility cloaks and superpowered gloves, showcasing how the Fast and Furious franchise has evolved into a mix of action, science fiction, and superhero-like abilities.



Fast & Furious Spy Racers has done more than its fair share of helping morph the Fast & Furious franchise into something that’s so much more than a film series about street racing and over-the-top stunts. Just when it seemed like the sequences couldn’t get any more bizarre than a car being launched from space, the Fast & Furious universe waded deeper into silly territory with the creation of the Netflix children’s series Fast & Furious: Spy Racers. The family-friendly action series is Fast & Furious‘ whacky take on family and espionage, featuring some of the most outlandish stunts and plotlines the franchise has ever seen.

Fast & Furious Spy Racers premiered on Netflix on December 26, 2019. During its six seasons, Spy Racers took the concept of espionage and ran with it, introducing mind-boggling tech and weaponry to the Fast & Furious universe. Although it has yet to be confirmed exactly where it fits into the franchise, Spy Racers is considered canon thanks to the involvement of The Agency and Dom Torretto. Since the series directly ties into the franchise, all of the inventions and science that appear in Spy Racers now technically exist in the Fast and Furious universe, leaving the door open for some captivating crossovers in the future.

At the time of writing, Spy Racers season 7 has not been confirmed.

10 Fast And Furious Now Has The Skeleton Key

A helmet that gives the wielder godlike powers

Shashi Dhar looks menacing with Skeleton Key

Although Spy Racers tries to say its surreal technology and inventions are grounded in science, its tech often adopts fantastical qualities; season 1’s Skeleton Key is a prime example of this. Created by the parents of big bad Shashi Dhar, the Skeleton Key is a specialized mask that gives its wielder god-like powers, allowing them to control electricity at will. Just by putting it on, the wearer can command the power of electricity anywhere within its radius.

This invention falling into the hands of a terrorist in the live-action Fast and Furious universe could mean doom for the main characters. Since there are no outlined rules to command it or limits to its power, the weapon can be used by anyone for seemingly anything. In Spy Racers, the Skeleton Key has been used to command armies, disable drones, steal money from casinos, and fly private jets to island getaways. As if the idea of a character in Fast and Furious wearing a mask and transforming into Electro isn’t comical enough, the mask also comes with mood-changing properties, changing displays according to the wearer’s energy.

9 Fast And Furious Cars Can Drive Underwater

Thanks to new upgrades, cars can drive underwater

Fast and Furious is no stranger to gravity-defying stunts. Torretto and his crew have driven cars through all sorts of conditions and atmospheres, including zero gravity. At this point, the drivers in Fast and Furious have already conquered the lands and skies, so it was only a matter of time until they branched out to sea, too. And now, thanks to these underwater upgrades in Spy Racer season 5, not even water would stop Dom Torretto from living his life “a quarter mile at a time.

In season 5, the Agency grants the Torretto crew new “underwater upgrades” that allow the cars to transform into submarines. Everything from Layla’s Astanna Hotto to the crew’s hefty spy HQ was given upgrades, allowing them to make an aquatic escape just in the nick of time. Watching cars float and drift through the ocean, cutting through the water with their new state-of-the-art technology, is laughable. At this point in the series, with all the surreal upgrades and prototypes, the Fast & Furious cars are practically Transformers. The way they morph and adapt at will, defying the laws of mechanics and engineering, is truly awe-inspiring.

8 The Fast And Furious Now Has The Power Of Invisibility

Gadgets that turn people and cars invisible with the push of a button

Helicopter flying over an invisible truck

Just when it seemed like the science and upgrades in Fast & Furious couldn’t get any more unbelievable, Spy Racers introduced a magical element that proved this theory wrong. In season 1, the power of invisibility was introduced to the Fast & Furious universe when tech whiz Frostee is shown playing with a cloak that makes him disappear. However, Frostee assures the crew that the disappearing act is not magic but an illusion that uses light to play tricks on the eye and hide the wearer in plain sight.

Since its introduction in season 1, the power of invisibility has expanded tenfold from a small cloak to a power-up that’s activated at the push of a button. Since becoming button-activated, the power of invisibility has grown to include multiple people and cars, too. Now with the push of a button, an entire agency HQ can drive through the streets undetected, adding a whole new layer of security to its espionage.

7 Spy Racers Introduces Fast And Furious VR Goggles

A video game that allows players to shoot and collect coins while they drag race

Fast and Furious is known for breaking up its heavy themes and exhilarating action with periods of bonding time among its crew. After all, very few things matter to Dom Torretto more than family. This VR game introduced in season 5 certainly expands on the idea of bonding time, thanks to its thrilling, interactive gameplay.

Spy Racers season 5 opens with the Torretto crew playing a VR game in the streets of a deserted metropolis. The game’s objective is to shoot virtual bad guys and collect coins, with the grand prize going to the driver who captures the main boss, Bunzilla. The VR game doubles as a team-building exercise, helping the team build on their communication and problem-solving skills. The notion of Dom and his family incorporating a street racing VR game into their traditional linkups seems hilariously random, and is further off course from the original formula than the superhero-like action and science fiction tropes seen in the later Fast & Furious films.

6 The Fast and Furious Now Has Shock Gloves

Gloves with the power of electricity

Tony Torretto admires his shock gloves

Introduced in season 2, the Shock Gloves are a pair of tricked-out multipurpose gloves that double as tools and weapons. Using the power of electricity, the Shock Gloves omit bursts of shock waves that deliver powerful blows meant to stun and slow down enemies. Additionally, the gloves have electromagnetic properties that allow users to stick to metal surfaces, making them perfect for high-flying chases and pursuits. The inclusion of Shock Gloves in one of Fast & Furious’ high-flying action sequences would add an electrifying element that would kick the intensity of its chase scenes up a notch.

5 Spy Racers Introduce The Drone Suit

A drone-powered backpack that takes flight

Frostee flies in drone suit

Frostee’s Drone Suit is a gravity-defying, superpowered backpack that uses the power of drones to help the wearer fly. It has come in handy during moments of crisis, allowing Frostee to evade danger and assist his crew from a distance. With the creation of the Drone Suit, Torretto and his crew no longer have to be bothered with driving out of planes or making life-threatening leaps between glass buildings. With the push of a button, they can use the powers of drones to take to the skies, covering high ground and avoiding bullets with ease.

4 The Fast And Furious Now Has Animal Sidekicks

Furry friends that help with takedowns

Cisco smiling at his pet monkey Donut

The Fast & Furious crew has received assistance from all sorts of allies throughout the years, some of whom have since been adopted into their extended family. However, an animal sidekick has yet to be introduced; or at least that was the case before Spy Racers. Fast & Furious: Spy Racers gives the franchise its first introduction to animal sidekicks, featuring adorable furry friends who travel with the crew on missions and come to their rescue in times of crisis.

The first appearance of an animal sidekick was in season 2, with the introduction of the adorable squirrel monkey Donut. Known for wreaking havoc and foiling plans, Donut accompanies Cisco on his missions throughout Rio. The next was a dog named Roscoe who was adopted by Ms. Nowhere in season 4. Not only is Roscoe a loyal watchdog, but he famously runs to The Agency’s rescue during a crucial moment in the show’s finale.

3 The Fast And Furious Now Has Ghost Hunting Gear

Devices that can be used to capture ghosts

Commander White and Frostee at Agency

While the Torretto crew helps The Agency investigate a mysterious thief who disappeared without a trace, Frostee casually jokes that the thief must have been a ghost. The Agency’s Commander takes this bit and runs with it, mentioning that if the thief was a ghost, the Agency could use their ghost-hunting devices to track them down. Before being silenced by Ms. Nowhere for oversharing, Commander White confirms that The Agency has ghost-hunting equipment in storage. The existence of ectoplasm emission readers and corporeal replicators leaves the door open for Fast & Furious characters to be brought back as spirits, adding a bizarre, supernatural element to its world.

2 Spy Racers Introduces Wrestling

A new style of combat

Spy Racers season 4 introduces wrestling to the Fast & Furious universe, an ode to the season’s Mexican setting. The wrestling sequences occur a few times throughout the season, most notably during a confrontation between Cisco and his uncle Tuco. When Cisco suspects his uncle of betraying his crew, instead of approaching him normally, he poses as a wrestler and takes him down in the ring. During the sequence, Cisco and his uncle explore a full range of wrestling techniques, and exchange blows through a series of grapples, holds, and acrobatics that bring a new light-hearted take on Fast & Furious‘ heart-pounding action scenes.

1 The Fast And Furious Now Has Parachutes For Cars

So drivers can skydive in their cars

Cars sky diving with parachutes

Taking a page out of F7 and 9, Spy Racers expands on the idea of flying cars in a never-before-seen way. Since death-defying drops in cars started to become a habit in the Fast & Furious universe, Spy Racers decided to make soaring through the skies normal by introducing parachutes for cars. Introduced in season two, the Agency’s outrageous invention allows drivers to skydive out of planes without leaving the comforts of their own four doors.

The parachute is deployed from the roof, pushing the hardware off into the air, and slowing down the pace of soaring vehicles until they float safely to the ground. This invention in Fast & Furious Spy Racers not only defies the laws of gravity and physics, but it seems to have no limit to its dimensions or weight capacities. From Cisco’s Rally Baja Crawler to Echo’s Hyperfin, every car in the series that uses the parachute levitates through the air at the same rate in the same controlled way. The odds of this happening are extremely unrealistic, which perfectly fits the style and tone of the Fast & Furious franchise.


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