10 Most Important Eragon Characters That Disney’s Reboot Can’t Afford To Fail


  • Disney’s Eragon reboot should prioritize character development to redeem the poor characterization seen in the 2006 movie and do justice to the complex characters from the book series.
  • Key characters, such as Eragon, Brom, Arya, and Murtagh, require special care and accurate portrayal to maintain the authenticity and depth of their stories.
  • The success of Disney’s Eragon reboot hinges on the portrayal of important characters like King Galbatorix, Nasuada, Orik, Angela, Roran, and Saphira, who play integral roles in the story and contribute to the overall appeal of the series.



Disney’s Eragon reboot must be extremely careful with several characters the show cannot afford to fail. Disney’s reboot of Eragon will seek to redeem the failed 2006 movie’s attempt to adapt Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle. Paolini’s story follows a young farmer named Eragon, who finds a dragon egg in the forest while out hunting. When the egg hatches, Eragon becomes the first dragon rider in decades and finds himself thrust into the battle to defeat the evil King Galbatorix and restore peace to Alagaësia.

Of course, one of the things Disney’s Eragon reboot needs to nail to save the franchise is the characters. The 2006 Eragon movie had plenty of flaws, with one of its biggest being the poor characterization of its central players. Paolini’s novels are brimming with complex characters who deserve far better than they got in the movie. Of these characters, there are quite a few that the Disney reboot needs to take special care to get right.

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10 Eragon

The Inheritance Cycle’s Main Protagonist

First and foremost, if the Eragon TV show can redeem the 2006 movie, it will have to do right by the titular character. As for what’s needed for that to happen, he needs to be likable and impressive, but also have his fair share of flaws. It’s essential that all of Eragon’s layers from the book series, such as his stubborn attitude, are woven into the show so that he doesn’t become a one-dimensional hero. As the main protagonist, he will have the most screen time of any character, and his arc needs to be both entertaining and meaningful throughout the series.

9 Brom Holcombsson

Eragon’s Mentor And The Founder Of The Varden

Brom in Eragon.

One of the main reasons Eragon was a box office disaster is that Brom and Eragon did not build a relationship close to the one they have in the book series. With that in mind, it’s also extremely important that Brom be characterized correctly. Brom is one of the most nuanced characters in the book series, and he is shrouded in mystery for the majority of the series. Even after his death, Eragon is constantly finding out things about his mentor that he never knew. It’s important for the Eragon reboot to convey Brom’s intelligence and skills, but also the pain he feels from his past.

8 Arya Dröttning

Daughter Of The Queen Of The Elves

Arya is the daughter of the elven Queen Islanzadí, and she is a companion to Eragon through most of his trials and tribulations. She is one of the most important characters in the series, as well as Eragon’s love interest throughout the books. She is a complex character with a difficult past that includes the loss of her father and estrangement from her mother. She is also fierce in battle and extremely intelligent. Most of her best traits are not conveyed in the 2006 Eragon movie, hence why the reboot mustn’t repeat this mistake.

7 Murtagh Morzansson

Eragon’s Companion And Half-Brother

Eragon and Murtagh on mountain in Eragon

Murtagh’s complicated past needs to be properly explained in Disney’s reboot. The son of Morzan, one of Galbatorix’s most powerful servants, Murtagh is raised in Galbatorix’s capitol after the deaths of his parents. He manages to escape for a time, but he is eventually recaptured by the king and forced to become one of Eragon’s most formidable enemies. His redemption is one of the best stories the series has to offer.

6 King Galbatorix

The Dragon Rider King Of Alagaësia

Galbatorix in Eragon.

As the main antagonist from the Eragon books, King Galbatorix is integral to any plans Disney may have for the reboot. His character is severely butchered in the 2006 movie, which makes it even more important to do him justice this time around. Galbatorix has a rich backstory, and while he seems like a purely evil villain for most of the series, it turns out that there’s so much more to him than what meets the eye. Every fantasy show needs a satisfying antagonist, and it’s hard to imagine Disney’s Eragon reboot being successful if Galbatorix is not an engaging villain.

5 Nasuada

Daughter Of Ajihad And Future Leader Of The Varden

Nasuada in Eragon.

Nasuada is the daughter of Ajihad, the leader of the Varden in the first Eragon book, and she becomes the leader of the rebellion against Galbatorix after the death of her father. She is one of the strongest and most intelligent characters in the series, and she will need to be portrayed carefully in Disney’s Eragon TV show. Nasuada will need much more development than she got in the Eragon movie because she becomes an extremely important character in the second book. Without her, the Varden’s efforts to overthrow Galbatorix could never have succeeded.

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4 Orik

Future King Of The Dwarves

Farthern Dur in Eragon.

Orik is one of Eragon’s most formidable allies in the fight against Galbatorix and one of the most lovable characters in the books. The Eragon reboot needs to get him right, largely because of the massive amount of screentime he’ll likely get. He accompanies Eragon on some of his biggest journeys, and he is critical to Eragon’s relationship with the dwarf clans, which makes it a shame that he was omitted from the 2006 movie.

3 Angela The Herbalist

A Mysterious Fortune Teller And Warrior

Angela in Eragon.

Angela the Herbalist is one of the most intriguing characters in the Eragon series, and if the show can make a good approximation of her book character, she could be one of the most beloved characters in the reboot. Angela has an incredible range of skills that include magic, fighting, healing, and many other useful abilities. She is also one of the smartest characters in the books, and she seems to pop up wherever something interesting is happening. Getting her character right can take Disney’s Eragon reboot a long way.

2 Roran Garrowsson

Eragon’s Cousin

Eragon and Roran in Eragon.

Roran is Eragon’s cousin, and in many ways, they are closer to brothers than cousins. Eragon and Roran grow up together, living on a farm with Roran’s father, Garrow. After Eragon leaves Carvahall, Roran helps rally the village and leads them hundreds of miles south to join the Varden and help in the fight against Galbatorix. Roran is a dangerous fighter, and his romance with Katrina is the best in the series. Disney’s reboot must be careful to characterize him properly and loyally adapt his entire character arc, as it’s one of the best in the series.

1 Saphira Brightscales

Eragon’s Dragon

One of the most difficult challenges facing Disney’s Eragon reboot is the characterization of Eragon’s dragon, Saphira. Saphira communicates with people through telepathy, which can be difficult to convey in a TV format. She is a proud and often stubborn character, but she is also clever and wiser than her years. Saphira helps Eragon with every decision he makes, and her involvement in Disney’s Eragon reboot needs to be on the same level as it is in the books.

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    Eragon is a TV series adaptation of the book series “The Inheritance Cycle” written by Christopher Paolini. Eragon centers around a young farm boy who discovered a dragon he shares a special bond with. With this dragon and the help of his friends and family, Eragon will face off with an empire and face off with beings and sorcerers of powers untold. The TV series will have no direct connection to the 2006 film, Eragon.Little is known about the Disney+ series other than Eragon is a complete reboot co-written by the original writer, Christopher Paolini himself. No director has been named yet, nor has a release date been given. However the show has begun development in 2022 and aims to cover all four books in the original series.


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