10 One Piece Season 2 Villains, Ranked By How Strong They Will Be


  • One Piece
    season 2 will continue to feature a balance of intimidating and comedic villains, including the fan-favorite Baroque Works syndicate.

  • Characters like Mr. 9 and Gem/Mr. 5 possess unique powers and skills that make them formidable adversaries, despite their flaws and overconfidence.
  • Tashigi, a Marine officer, undergoes a significant character transformation in the new season, becoming a skilled swordfighter with great endurance and bravery.



Netflix’s One Piece offers a lot of promise for its upcoming season 2 in terms of new thrilling adventures and powerful villains. A live-action adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s long-running manga (and its companion anime series), One Piece delighted both diehard anime enthusiasts and new converts to the franchise with an acclaimed debut season. Chiefly covering the East Blue Saga, the series’ bumbling pirate captain hero, Monkey D Luffy, and his ragtag crew face off against a wide range of villains in One Piece season 1, such as the cunning pirate captain Kuro and sawshark fishman Arlong. At the same time, Luffy and his friends also cross paths with humorous antagonists like the clown pirate Buggy.

This balance of intimidating and comedic villains is bound to continue in One Piece season 2’s story, considering that it will presumably cover the fan-favorite Arabasta saga. Finally venturing into the mythical grand line, Luffy takes his ship to new lands. Each new country offers its own set of allies and enemies, but the recurring theme in each arc of this saga is the presence of the Baroque Works. A crime syndicate that functions like a secret society, the Baroque Works has tasked many of its numerically codenamed associates to wreak havoc. As a larger political conspiracy unfurls in the kingdom of Alabasta, these One Piece villains show their true power.

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10 Mr. 9 (Frontier Agent)

Powers/Skills: Metal bats, acrobatics

Mr. 9 smiling and holding a baseball bat in One Piece with a blue-haired standing character behind him

A Frontier Agent skilled in acrobatics, Mr. 9 impressively blends his agility with weapons like steel baseball bats. Capable of inflicting great damage with his two bats (sometimes with a steel rope inside the bats), Mr. 9 can also rely on firearms when required. He has also proven his capabilities with both a pistol and a bazooka, but the primary highlight of his skillset is his gymnastics expertise. He can easily dodge attacks and overpower enemies with quick jumps and cartwheels, even as these acrobatic maneuvers can make him clumsy at times. This is evident from how he lost his duels against both Mr. 5 and Zoro.

9 Gem/Mr. 5 (Officer Agent)

Powers/Skills: Bomu Bomu no Mi Devil Fruit powers, explosive properties

Gem starting a spark from his finger in One Piece

A lower-ranked officer of the Baroque Works, Gem’s Devil Fruit powers allow him to be immune to all explosions. This is mainly because he can trigger explosions from his own body. Interestingly, he can even transfer his explosive powers to bodily secretions, such as the snot of his nose. This explosive ability was granted to him by the Bomu Bomu no Mi. Despite this power, the agent known as Mr.5 doesn’t make the best use of the Devil Fruit and is too overconfident of his powers. This cockiness affects Gem’s hand-to-hand combat skills as he often makes fighting blunders against his enemies.

8 Wapol (Former King Of Drum Kingdom)

Powers/Skills: Cunning, Baku Baku no Mi Devil Fruit powers, cannons

While the gluttonous pirate Wapol lacks any combat skills, the Baku Baku no Mi Devil Fruit allows Wapol to swallow and consume virtually any form of matter. He can sometimes even eat up his own soldiers and combine them to form a super-soldier of sorts. The One Piece villain’s power is also evident from his shapeshifting skills, as he can transform his body parts into anything that he consumes within the last 24 hours. This is evident from how he can form cannons from his own body after ingesting an actual cannon. He is also a cunning leader, as is evident from his success at subjugating his own country.

7 Tashigi (Marine Officer)

Powers/Skills: Swordfighting, bravery

Tashigi holding a sword and looking behind at Zoro in One Piece

When it comes to the new One Piece season 2 characters worth expecting, Tashigi is a top pick simply because of her character transformation. A loyal Marine under Vice Admiral Smoker, Tashigi doesn’t boast any Devil Fruit powers, but she only goes on to increase her physical strength and durability. She’s a skilled swordfighter and possesses notable speed and agility in battle. In fact, her sword skills are so exceptional that later on, the One Piece villain even manages to deflect cannonballs with her katana. Despite not being as physically intimidating as some other One Piece villains, Tashigi boasts great endurance to pain as she withstood even Monet’s attempts at frostbiting her shoulder.

6 Bon Clay/Mr. 2 (Officer Agent)

Powers/Skills: Deception, superhuman physical skills, Mane Mane no Mi Devil Fruit powers, facial duplication

Bon Clay wearing a striped black shirt fighting in One Piece.

Bentham, aka Bon Clay, is initially introduced as a Baroque Works agent, even though he gives up his villainous ways in other One Piece arcs. With that being said, Clay boasts an interesting range of powers, including deception, trickery, extreme agility, and face-changing abilities. Eating Mane Mane no Mi Devil Fruit allowed Clay to become a master of deception, as the fruit granted him the power to turn into a lookalike of anyone whose face he touched with his right hand. He can also mimic the other person’s voice and physical mannerisms to perplex enemies. A stringent training routine in Okama Kenpo also allows him to be a gifted martial artist.

5 Nico Robin (Archaeologist)

Powers/Skills: Archaeology skills/knowledge, escaping, karate, Hana Hana no Mi Devil Fruit Powers

Before she became one of the Straw Hat Pirates, Nico Robin was a powerful villain in the Arabasta Saga. Eating the Hana Hana no Mi (Flower Flower) Devil Fruit, Nico possesses the ability to sprout multiple arms and legs and even create a clone out of flowers to deceive enemies. She can also create innumerable arms and combine them to form two gigantic arms. Another preferred move that showcases the extent of her power is the Slalom Vine, a propelling technique that allows Robin to use multiple limbs for a spinning vertical top-like effect in both land and midair. With such powers, Robin can take on multiple enemies at once.

Manga artist Eiichiro Oda used Uma Thurman’s Pulp Fiction heroine Mia Wallace as an inspiration for Nico Robin’s character design.

4 Galdino/Mr. 3 (Officer Agent)

Powers/Skills: Tactical intellect, Doru Doru no Mi Devil Fruit powers, wax manipulation

Mr. 3 smiling in One Piece with a forest behind him

Galdino, aka Mr. 3, has his fair share of chuckle-worthy moments, but that doesn’t undermine his mental and physical prowess as a One Piece villain. An officer agent under Baroque Works, Galdino possesses the ability to turn anything into solid wax (that’s harder than steel). He attained this power after eating the Doru Doru no Mi Devil Fruit and can manipulate his wax in any shape and form as desired. Even while attacking his animes, Galdino can easily fashion weapons out of his special wax (including a special mech suit). A master tactician, Galdino can also create conflict among enemies, as he did with the giants Dorry and Brogy.

3 Smoker (Marine Vice Admiral)

Powers/Skills: Brute force and strength, Moku Moku no Mi Devil Fruit powers, smoke manipulation

Smoker Smoking Two Cigars at once in One Piece Anime

One Piece season 1 ended with a mysterious figure smoking a cigar. This One Piece season 2 character is Smoker, the ruthless Marine who pursues Luffy and the Straw Hats throughout the Arabasta Saga. An expert strategist when it comes to hunting down pirates, Smoker boasts exceptional physical strength and brute force. His weapon of choice is the Nanashaku Jitte, a blade tipped with Seastone to immobilize other Devil Fruit users. Smoker also possesses the ability to turn himself into smoke thanks to the Moku Moku no Mi Devil Fruit. He can solidify smoke to hurt others and even fly by turning his lower torso into smoke.

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2 Daz Bonez/Mr. 1 (Bounty Hunter/Officer Agent)

Powers/Skills: Martial arts, physical strength, Supa Supa no Mi Devil Fruit powers, transform body into blades

Much like Smoke, Daz Bonez is an expert hand-to-hand combatant and possesses great endurance even when he’s not using his Devil Fruit Powers. When it comes to his superhuman abilities bestowed upon him by the Supa Supa no Mi Fruit, Bonez can turn any part of his body into extremely sharp weapons. This allows him to slash through any enemy and become immune to physical damage. Combined with his martial arts prowess, this potential One Piece season 2 villain’s razor-sharp body extensions turn him into a fear-inducing killing machine. Defeating Bonez in a swordfight can also be a Herculean task, given his blades lack any front or back sections.

1 Crocodile/Mr. 0 (Baroque Works Leader)

Skills: Suna Suna no Mi Devil Fruit Powers, sand transformation

Crocodile aka Mr. 0 smoking a cigar in One Piece

The terrifying leader of the Baroque Works is also the gang’s strongest member. As one of the most powerful villains of One Piece, Crocodile uses the Suna Suna no Mi Devil Fruit’s powers to transform his body into sand and reform his body at will, no matter how damaging the attack might be. He is practically invincible in desert environments. One touch from his hand can even dehydrate and mummify all life around him. He is bound to be the most challenging villain of One Piece season 2 with his expertise in creating chaos among countries, like his attempt to create time bombs and usurp royal power with Operation Utopia.

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