35 Gossip Girl Quotes That Will Stick With Us Forever


  • The best Gossip Girl quotes are as entertaining as the teen drama itself, with funny, smart, and dramatic lines that stick in the mind.
  • The relationship dynamics between characters like Blair and Chuck are complex and filled with scheming, making for compelling and fan-favorite moments.
  • The characters in Gossip Girl often prioritize ambition, making things happen for themselves, and seeking relationships that they believe are a good fit, rather than waiting for destiny to intervene.



Gossip Girl is one of the most rewatchable teen dramas in recent memory with some snappy Gossip Girl quotes that certainly stick in the mind. Thankfully, streaming services have made rewatches possible and fans can easily binge all of their favorite episodes. Now is a great time to relive all the best Upper East Side moments with both the original Gossip Girl and the rebooted series available to stream on Max. The original series, inspired by a series of novels, follows a group of teenagers who live a privileged and dramatic life on the Upper East Side, but have their every move watched and blogged about by the mysterious Gossip Girl.

The best Gossip Girl quotes are as funny, smart, and dramatic as the tone of the series. From the Gossip Girl sign-off to funny Gossip Girl quotes about Blair scheming or Dan being the one behind all the messages, there are definitely countless quotes that are entertaining and fan-favorites.

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“Looks Like Blair And Chuck Showed Up With Quite An Appetite — For Destruction That Is.”

Gossip Girl – Season 1, Episode 2 “The Wild Brunch”

Blair and Chuck sitting at brunch with Nate in Gossip Girl season 1

While there are many fabulous events on Gossip Girl, season 1’s brunch is one of the best since it’s when Serena and Blair’s tricky friendship shows its real complexities. Now that they’re part of the same friend circle again after so much time apart, it’s not easy for either of them. Blair also has to deal with hiding her feelings for Chuck. While many of Gossip Girl’s quotes are fun, this is one of the most compelling since it explains exactly who Chuck and Blair are: schemers who always come out on top.

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“I Tried To Warn You. There’s A Price To Pay. I Always Knew A Girl Like You Couldn’t Afford It.”

Blair – Season 1, Episode 16 “All About My Brother”

Chuck and Blair are looking at Jenny in Gossip Girl

In the first season of Gossip Girl, Jenny Humphrey manages to make an enemy of Blair Waldorf. Jenny initially idolizes Blair for her sense of style and the respect she commands from other students. Blair, however, points out early on that she doesn’t believe Jenny has what it takes to be the Queen Bee, and when Jenny eventually agrees, Blair gives this memorable Gossip Girl quote.

While Blair’s line is more of a dig at the Humphreys not having as much money as the families that make up Blair’s inner circle of friends, it’s also in response to Jenny’s admission that she’s done things completely out of character for herself. Blair might look like she has everything together at all times, but her image is carefully cultivated and maintained, and as a result, not many people know the real Blair. That’s the price she pays.

“You Can’t Be Worse Than The Guys I Do Know.”

Serena – Season 1, Episode 1 “Pilot”

Long before Dan is revealed to be Gossip Girl, he’s just a classmate wanting Serena’s attention. When he decides to get up the courage to ask Serena out, and she surprises him by agreeing, he voices his additional surprise that she would be willing to go out with someone she doesn’t even know. Serena responds, “You can’t be worse than the guys I do know.”

Serena’s line is a little prophetic. After all, most of the guys that Serena knows are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to get what they want. They don’t care about who gets hurt along the way. While Dan takes on some of those traits as he becomes more embedded in her Upper East Side friend group, he’s not any better or any worse than most of the other guys she dates throughout the series – other than the reveal that he’s really Gossip Girl in the end.

“You Two Have Some Strange Force Field Effect On Each Other. Physicists Should Study It.”

Dan – Season 5, Episode 19 “It Girl, Interrupted”

Blair and Dan standing together in Gossip Girl

Though Dan and Blair become close for a while, the two ultimately decide to go their separate ways, and they end up with their previous partners – Serena and Chuck. Dan, however, isn’t oblivious to the pull between Blair and Chuck, and though he doesn’t exactly like Chuck, he has a lot of respect for Blair. When she and Chuck find themselves drawn to one another again in season five, he tells Blair this particular Gossip Girl quote.

This quote in particular resonates with fans because a lot of them weren’t expecting to be so drawn into the Blair and Chuck dynamic in the series. Their relationship is, arguably, a toxic one as they both use one another and treat other people horribly in their attempt to be loyal to one another. They do, however, both learn from their mistakes with one another and grow into better people by the end of the series as a result of their pull toward each other.

“Destiny Is For Losers. It’s Just A Stupid Excuse To Wait For Things To Happen Instead Of Making Them Happen.”

Blair – Season 3, Episode 19 “Dr. Estrangeloved”

Though Blair and her friends are born into a life of privilege that opens a lot of doors for them, Blair is not the type of person to just wait around for things to be handed to her. Instead, she is a big proponent of making things happen for herself. In some cases, that might just mean ordering her minions to do things for her, and in others, that might mean going after an internship that she thinks will open even more doors for her.

It also means that Blair doesn’t wait for her handsome prince to come to her. While she thinks there’s an element of living out a fairy tale when she meets Prince Louis, Blair doesn’t just wait for someone she thinks is worthy to find her. She seeks out relationships, both romantic and platonic, with those she believes are a good fit. Sometimes, she’s right, but other times, her instincts are wrong. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t keep trying.

“For People Like Us, A College Degree Is Just An Accessory.”

Chuck – Season 3, Episode 2 “The Freshman”

Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl

As is true with any television series aimed at teenagers, the senior year of high school for the Gossip Girl teens puts a large focus on getting into a good university to pursue higher education. Characters like Dan and Blair have lofty goals, while Serena and Nate struggle with figuring out what they want and what’s expected of them, but Chuck has his own ideas about going to college.

Chuck embraces his life of privilege more than most. He understands that the wealth and connections of his family are going to open doors to him that might not be open to him, even with a college degree. He doesn’t see the need for a college degree when he’s already been in the middle of the family business since his teen years. Chuck is open about not wanting to go to college, unlike the rest of his friends.

“Phone Stealing? That Is The ‘Training Bra’ Of Treachery.”

Georgina – Season 6, Episode 1 “The Revengers”

Georgina looking haughty in Gossip Girl.

Serena, Blair, and Chuck might enjoy a good scheme, but Georgina is the queen of schemes and treachery. While she spends most of her time making moves against Serena and Blair, there are times that she teams up with them. That’s especially true in the final season of the show when this group of schemers decides that they need to stick together and focus their energies on keeping others from being able to take them down.

When Georgina is asked to do something like steal someone else’s phone, she treats it as though it’s nothing. Georgina has, after all, done much more impressive feats in the show, so stealing someone’s phone isn’t something she would consider a big deal.

“You Can’t Make People Love You, But You Can Make Them Fear You.”

Blair – Season 2, Episode 25 “The Goodbye Gossip Girl”

Blair and Serena looking surprised in Gossip Girl

Some of the most memorable Gossip Girl quotes have less to do with individual characters and more to do with life among the elite. That’s true of this one from Blair. Her close friends will love her, not fear her. Those she doesn’t allow to get close, however, are not people she tries to win over. Blair isn’t interested in being the most-liked or winning a popularity contest. She wants respect.

For Blair, that means utilizing intimidation to keep those of a lower social standing in school, or on the party circuit, in line. She becomes very good at staring people down, criticizing their clothes, or making sure that her allies don’t allow her enemies into her spaces. That’s why she offers up this line when questioned about popularity.

“If You Can’t Do The Right Thing, Then I Can’t Respect You.”

Nate – Season 2, Episode 11 “The Magnificent Archibalds”

Nate Archibald has a stronger moral compass than most of the other Gossip Girl characters. He’s the only one of his friend group to never turn in a tip to Gossip Girl about one of the others. He’s also the one least likely to break the law, and that’s the point he makes with this particular quote aimed at his father.

After his father steals money from the company he works for, he goes on the run and tries to get the family to go with him. Though they refuse, when Nate’s father resurfaces and tries again, Nate explains that his father needs to take responsibility for his actions. Facing the consequences will go a long way toward earning Nate’s respect. It’s one of the consistencies of his character, as Nate also encourages his friends to own up to their actions.

“What Is Thanksgiving Without A Side Of Drama? And Pie. Apple Or Pumpkin?”

Serena – Season 6, Episode 8 “It’s Really Complicated”

Blair, Lily and Dorota standing at the Thanksgiving table on Gossip Girl

The best TV Thanksgiving episodes always provide some laughs and some drama, too, and this exact blend comes to fruition for Serena when she celebrates the holiday in season 6. She and Dan want to host everyone, and while they’re excited to feel grown up, there is so much chaos that they definitely wish that they hadn’t offered.

Serena’s quote is a humorous take on how it’s sometimes just not possible to have a nice, calm holiday. She is especially hurt when some of Dan’s writing about her goes public, and she realizes that she might not be able to trust him.

“Lipstick Lasts Longer, But Gloss Is More Fun.”

Serena – Season 4, Episode 21 “Shattered Bass”

Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl

While the majority of the memorable Gossip Girl quotes are of the salacious or inspirational variety, this one speaks to a different aspect of the show – the fashion and makeup of it all. The characters are known for being trendsetters among their peers, so when Serena is asked about her lipstick or lip gloss preference, Blake Lively gives a perfect delivery of the line.

More than speaking to how much Serena’s sense of style is revered by other characters though, it also speaks to Serena’s reputation as a party girl. Though she has her serious storylines and moments in the show (the lipstick), she also embraces the party lifestyle she has access to (the gloss). Serena, like many of the main characters, goes back and forth between wild child ways and being the only adult in the room.

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“You Can Tell Jesus That The B**ch Is Back.”

Georgina – Season 2, Episode 24 “Valley Girls”

There is a brief time in Gossip Girl when Georgina isn’t actively an antagonist, because she puts her energy into religious faith instead of scheming. While it’s admirable for someone to actively have religious faith, Georgina gives it all up the moment she’s ready to embrace her chaotic and mischievous ways.

This is one of Georgina’s more outlandish and iconic Gossip Girl quotes, and she delivers it to Blair. Her words make it clear to Blair that the Georgina she knows is back and fully operational. The quote also cemented Georgina as one of the most entertaining antagonists of Gossip Girl.

“I’m In Love With You. I’ve Tried To Kill It, To Run Away From It, But I Can’t…”

Blair – Season 5, Episode 24 “The Return of the Ring”

Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl

For so many seasons, Gossip Girl hints at Blair and Chuck finally admitting that they love each other. Their romance has many false starts, and they are on-again, off-again for much of the series. In season 5, Blair shares how she feels, once and for all.

Blair’s words are important and explain that while she attempted to forget about Chuck and move on from him, she never could. While they both make mistakes, it’s tough to deny the power of their feelings for each other. The Chuck and Blair episodes make for some of the most drama-filled episodes of the series, but the most entertaining as well.

“I Know More Than Anyone What It’s Like To Want To Reinvent Yourself.”

Serena – Season 4, Episode 2 “Double Identity”

Blake Lively as Serena in Gossip Girl

When Serena returns to New York City from boarding school in the show’s pilot, she is dealing with secrets and strong emotions and wondering if her friendship with Blair will ever be the same again. A few seasons later, she talks about wanting to change who she is.

Like the other characters in the series, Serena changes as she gets older and realizes who she wants to be. She’s able to see where she has gone wrong and what she can improve on, and her words reflect how honest she is.

“Dan’s A Writer?”

Blair – Season 3, Episode 2 “The Freshman”

Blair outside looking serious in Gossip Girl

While Dan is a published author and also revealed as Gossip Girl by the series finale, he explores his love of writing a few seasons earlier. In season 3, Blair says this seemingly ordinary quote. It’s hilarious since she and her friends have no idea that Dan is the one who has been spying on them and sharing secrets.

Even though it can be tough to see Dan as the logical choice for Gossip Girl, Blair’s comment is still a memorable one. Some viewers can go back and see some clues to Dan’s identity, which makes it seem like Blair, who is definitely smart and savvy, should have realized what was going on.

“We’re The Non-Judging Breakfast Club.”

Blair – Season 1, Episode 17 “Woman On The Verge”

Chuck and Nate watch Blair talk to Serena in Gossip Girl

Blair, Serena, Chuck, and Nate have been through a lot together. No matter how much drama unfolds, the group still rebuilds and maintains their relationships with one another. One of the ways they attempt to do that is by meeting for a meal as the “non-judgmental breakfast club.”

Blair is the one who appears most committed to keeping the foursome together in a space where there’s no outside pressure from Gossip Girl to tear them apart. Of course, as much as Blair wants to believe they don’t judge one another, she’s often the most guilty of looking down on her friends.

“Not Everyone Wants To Be Blair Waldorf.”

Serena – Season 2, Episode 6 “New Haven Can Wait”

Serena talks to Blair in Gossip Girl

Serena and Blair can be unflinchingly protective of one another, but they also know exactly what to say and do to hit the other where it hurts. There’s no one who knows them better. Serena knows that Blair always wants to be the most powerful person in her social circle, that she wants to be admired and leave a legacy behind her. Telling Blair that not everyone wants to be her is a surefire way to provoke her. After all, in Blair’s eyes, she’s cultivated an image that everyone should want to live up to.

Of course, when Serena tells Blair this in reference to not everyone in Blair’s social circle wanting to go to Yale like she does, Blair has an equally iconic Gossip Girl response: “Not everyone can be.”

“Hey, Way To Be Forgotten!”

Dan – Season 1, Episode 1 “Pilot”

The Humphrey family isn’t initially in the thick of the biggest scandals in Gossip Girl‘s world. That changes when Dan starts spending more time with Serena, and Jenny decides she wants to be at the top of the social food chain. Through it all though, Dan is probably the one person who doesn’t forget what the family used to be.

Dan doesn’t pass up a chance to tease his father about his old rock band. When the band ranks among some of the best “forgotten” musicians, Dan takes the opportunity to congratulate his dad in a way that might not be seen as positive by other people in their new social circle, but makes for one of the most memorable Gossip Girl quotes from him.

“We Make Our Own Fairy Tales.”

Blair – Season 4, Episode 1 “Belle Du Jour”

Blair stands in front of the stairs in Gossip Girl

Though Blair might be someone who loves the idea of a handsome prince sweeping a woman off her feet, she doesn’t sit around and wait for things to happen to her. She is one of the hardest-working characters in the show, despite the wealth and privilege her family affords her.

That might mean working to keep a tight hold on her social standing or planning an elaborate party when the series starts. Still, she also becomes someone who strives to do well in an internship at a prestigious magazine, find ways to make her friends happy, and keep the one relationship she’s wanted for years.

“I’d Ask How You Are, But I Really Don’t Care.”

Serena – Season 4, Episode 22 “The Wrong Goodbye”

Serena and Georgina stare at each other in Gossip Girl.

Though Serena can be completely polite and charming at society functions, if she doesn’t like someone, everyone around her will know it. She’ll maintain a smile and polite tone while eviscerating them with a single sentence.

That’s often what happens when she and Georgina interact. When Georgina breezes back into town with a scandal ready to pop, some of Serena’s first words to her are that she doesn’t care about her. It’s harsh, but par for the course as the two can’t get along for more than a few minutes. Even when they team up to take someone else down, they have to watch their own backs.

“Gossip Girl Here, Your One And Only Source Into The Scandalous Lives Of Manhattan’s Elite.”

Gossip Girl – Repeated Line

The Gossip Girl TV series title card features the name of the show over the city skyline

This is easily one of the most popular Gossip Girl quotes of all time. This line is simply unforgettable as it’s famously heard in the intro of every episode, starting from the very beginning of the show.

Kristen Bell did not disappoint as the voice of Gossip Girl. Bell consistently delivered a sassy and mysterious voiceover performance episode after episode. Of course, fans now know that Dan Humphrey is the character behind these famous quotes, but trying to guess who was behind the voice was part of the show’s fun.

“Don’t Let People Tell You Who You Are. You Tell Them.”

Serena – Season 1, Episode 14 “The Blair B***h Project”

Serena talks with Blair in Gossip Girl

One of Gossip Girl‘s running themes is how much outside perceptions can create an image for someone. Gossip Girl’s blog — and blasts — have the ability to make even the smallest detail about someone seem scandalous. Serena, as the perennial target of the blog and the true Gossip Girl main character, knows that better than anyone.

Serena might not always be the most squeaky clean person in the room, and she might have plenty of skeletons in her closet, but she is always authentically herself. Whether people love her or hate her, that’s certainly a point in her favor, and something she tries to impart to her friends as well.

“People Like Me Don’t Write Books. They’re Written About.”

Chuck – Season 5, Episode 1 “Yes, Then Zero”

Chuck makes this statement when it’s suggested he could write a book about all the events and upheavals in his life. Unsurprisingly, he isn’t entirely amused by that idea.

Dan, however, has no qualms about using the experiences of his wealthy friends and acquaintances to inspire his writing. Dan uses his experience with the friends (and enemies) he makes on the Upper East Side to write a book, basing all of his characters on people he knows. If only Chuck knew exactly what Dan had planned.

“Nothing Like A Scorned Lover To Scorch The Earth. I Can Hardly Wait.”

Georgina – Season 5, Episode 24 “The Return Of The Ring”

Dan and Georgina sit together in the back of a car in Gossip Girl

Georgina is a character the audience loves to hate. She certainly has her share of shocking quotable lines, but this perfectly encapsulates her attitude toward stirring up trouble. It’s also indicative of why so many fans thought she would turn out to be Gossip Girl.

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When Dan finds himself on the outside of his previous social circle looking in, and in a prestigious writing program, he turns to Georgina for help. That help involves her recounting scandalous stories and details about his friends to help him prepare for writing his book. Of course, Dan’s motivation for asking for her help, as is often the case, is a bad breakup.

“I’m Not A Stop Along The Way. I’m A Destination.”

Blair – Season 1, Episode 5 “Dare Devil”

Blair dances with Louis in Gossip Girl

Blair goes through a lot over the course of Gossip Girl. She opens the show recovering from an eating disorder, has her heart broken over and over again, and finds herself betrayed by people at every turn. Despite everything that she goes through, Blair Waldorf always knows her worth.

Blair is someone who dreams big and makes plans to turn those dreams into reality. She doesn’t have time for someone who doesn’t understand that, someone who isn’t in a relationship with her for the long haul.

“Even If It’s The Biggest Kamikaze Disaster Of My Life, It’s My Disaster.”

Dan – Season 5, Episode 10 “Riding In Town Cars With Boys”

Gossip Girl is full of tumultuous relationships. The two most notorious “break up to make up” couples are Dan and Serena and Chuck and Blair. Despite that, there is a brief time in the series in which Dan and Blair grow closer, and after Dan confesses that his feelings might be more than friendly, the two try their hand at romance. It doesn’t last, but it does breathe new life into the show.

The relationship almost doesn’t happen as Serena tries to convince Dan that it would be a mistake. Dan knows that might be true, but he’s willing to own that mistake just for the potential good it could bring into his life, which is why he gives this response to his ex. As it turns out, Dan and Blair are great together, but they both feel the pull of Serena and Chuck too strongly to make their relationship work long term.

“I Didn’t Come Back For You.”

Serena – Season 1, Episode 1 “Pilot”

Serena breaks up with Nate in Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl fans everywhere can hear Serena saying this line to Nate in the first episode. When the drama premiered in 2007, fans quickly learned that Serena and Nate had a bit of an illicit past which ultimately caused Serena’s famous move to boarding school.

Serena was obviously guilt-ridden upon her return, but Nate couldn’t let go of the past, which prompted Serena to say this well-known line. She knew she had made a mistake by getting together with her best friend’s boyfriend and needed to make sure Nate knew it as well. Though the two would try to date again later, they always seemed to work better as friends.

“Some Might Call This A Fustercluck. But On The Upper East Side, We Call It Sunday Afternoon.”

Gossip Girl – Season 1, Episode 2 “The Wild Brunch

Blair holding a mimosa in Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is the queen of one-liners. Gossip Girl voiced this line in season 1’s “The Wild Brunch” when Serena and Dan were coerced into Sunday brunch by Serena’s mother, Lily. At this point in the series, Chuck and Blair weren’t exactly Serena and Dan’s biggest fans. Between this drama and Blair’s situation with Nate, this Sunday brunch truly did turn into a “fustercluck.”

Fans can always rely on Gossip Girl to provide the wittiest lines for any occasion and this particular quote will be remembered for years to come. That’s especially true since the line really encapsulates the drama of the series. In any other situation, the drama of the show might be ridiculous, but in the world of Gossip Girl, it’s an everyday thing.

“Three Words. Eight Letters. Say It And I’m Yours.”

Blair – Season 2, Episode 1 “Summer Kind Of Wonderful”

Chuck and Blair do the worst things on Gossip Girl, and they are easily the most controversial couple in the series. Their chemistry is undeniable but they’ve each taken turns being awful to one another and at the end of the day, their roller-coaster relationship has always been slightly toxic.

For example, Chuck often struggles to be transparent with Blair about his feelings for her. In the season 2 premiere, Blair says this beloved quote to Chuck hoping he will profess his love for her, and it immediately became one of the most iconic Gossip Girl quotes.

“If You’re Going To Be Sad, You Might As Well Be Sad In Paris.”

Blair – Season 3, Episode 11 “The Treasure of Serena Madre”

Blair and Serena walk together in Paris in Gossip Girl.

Spoken like a true Waldorf. Blair makes this fair point hoping to convince Serena to accompany her to Paris for the summer. Luckily, Serena obliged and fans were treated to a couple of Paris-based episodes where Blair and Serena ultimately found Chuck hiding out in France. There’s definitely no shortage of drama in Gossip Girl and there’s also no shortage of luxurious trips either.

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In every season of the series, fans watch their favorite characters jet all over the world. From New York to Paris to St. Barts, these teens are clearly well-traveled.

“We’re Sisters. You’re My Family. What Is You Is Me. There’s Nothing You Could Ever Say That Would Make Me Let Go.”

Blair – Season 1, Episode 16 “All About My Brother”

Serena and Blair hugging and crying in Gossip Girl

The friendship between Blair and Serena is one of the best parts of the show. While Serena and Blair aren’t always great friends in the traditional sense, they’re always there for each other when it truly matters. It’s made obvious time and time again that this pair considers one another to be family.

Even though Serena has backstabbed Blair numerous times, which are some of the worst Gossip Girl betrayals, and Blair has devised several plans to tear down Serena, they still love each other at the end of the day.

“The Next Time You Forget You’re Blair Waldorf, Remember I’m Chuck Bass. And I Love You.”

Chuck – Season 3, Episode 4 “Dan De Fleurette”

Chuck and Blai talking while Blair holds flowers in Gossip Girl

While it’s true that Chuck and Blair’s relationship had its ups and downs, it’s obvious how much Chuck cares for Blair. As fans know, Chuck loves to say his famous line “I’m Chuck Bass.” This is basically his way of letting people know just how confident and cocky he truly is.

When Blair begins to doubt herself in season 3, Chuck consoles her by reminding her who she truly is and how much he loves her.

“You Are No One Until You’re Talked About.”

Dan – Season 6, Episode 10 “New York, I Love You XOXO”

Dan sitting on a bench in Gossip Girl

This famous line is part of Dan’s explanation as to why he was Gossip Girl all along. As an outsider and intelligent character, Dan saw how popularity worked in the Upper East Side, and he decided to write himself into his friends’ lives by creating Gossip Girl.

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Of course, the gang is furious when they find out the truth about Dan in the final episode of the series. However, they all quickly forgive him — including Serena, who later goes on to marry him. While Dan’s decisions as Gossip Girl might not always make sense to the audience in hindsight, his motivation does.

“We Always Knew It Was One Of Us.”

Chuck – Season 6, Episode 10 “New York, I Love You XOXO”

Chuck In Gossip Girl

The gang was clearly caught off guard after it was revealed that Dan was Gossip Girl. Unsurprisingly, Chuck kept his cool and said this iconic Gossip Girl quote: “We always knew it was one of us.”

Even though nobody wanted to believe that Gossip Girl was among them all along, anything else just wouldn’t make sense. Gossip Girl knew too much inside information for it to be anyone outside their immediate social circle. In the finale, it’s revealed that the show’s main characters had some suspicions all along, but never about Dan.

“You Know You Love Me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.”

Gossip Girl – Repeated Line

Kristen Bell winks at the camera in the Gossip Girl finale

Gossip Girl fans definitely have this line memorized. Gossip Girl says this quote whenever signing off, usually after successfully wreaking havoc in the main characters’ lives.

Gossip Girl’s catchphrase completely sums up her personality — cheeky but self-aware. For as much as she’s put the rich Upper East Side teens in the hot seat, they hang on to every word because even if Gossip Girl is airing their dirty laundry, it’s better than not being talked about it all. The main characters do, indeed, love Gossip Girl. Kristen Bell, who voices Gossip Girl for the entire run of the series, even makes a cameo appearance in the finale reading some of the character’s most iconic lines as herself reading audition sides, making for one last tongue-in-cheek Gossip Girl line.

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