8 Best Weapons For Beginners in Modern Warfare 3

With a combination of weapons from MW2 and a host of new ones, there are many options when narrowing down the best weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Although it is always preferable to go with something that feels good and fits your playstyle, that still doesn’t stop anyone from running the current meta. After all, if you’re just starting, you will want nothing less than the best weapons to compete with.



Whether you’re playing the Zombies mode in Modern Warfare 3 or just multiplayer, the recipe for the best guns in Call of Duty remains the same: quick ads, high fire rate, and maximum damage. What’s more, the health pool has increased from 100 to 150 points. As a result, reaping the damage of every shot is more important than ever in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

If you’re starting out in Modern Warfare 3, you should be aware of the fastest ways to earn XP. The quicker you do, the sooner you can unlock the weapons in this list.

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8 Lockwood 300

One-shot Players Into Oblivion

These are the best weapons for beginners in Modern Warfare 3.

It’s clear that SMGs and assault rifles are dominating the current meta in MW3. However, certain battle rifles, marksman rifles, and shotguns continue to shine in their own right. The Lockwood 300, for example, is an old fan favorite that is at the top of the latter early in the MW3 multiplayer.

A big reason for the Lockwood 300’s success is the Maelstrom Dual Trigger, a weapon attachment that allows you to fire two shots at once. And, go figure, players love the fact that with this mod, you can one-shot players who are full-health. Not to mention launching them back through the doorway they came through.

7 Rival-9

A Cool New SMG Perfect for Close-Quarters-Combat

SMGs are one of the best weapons for Modern Warfare 3 beginners because their low recoil and high fire rate combine to melt players in CQC combat, which is how most gunfights go down. And if you want to be on the winning side of those engagements, the Rival-9 is a new gun exclusive to MW3 that’s dominating in that regard.

Currently, the Rival-9 has one of the highest fire rates of any SMG in the game. As a result, this SMG is ideal for smaller maps; just be prepared to reload after each kill. That is until you unlock upgrades, this weapon’s potential significantly increases.

6 Longbow

Time For Some Quickscopes

These are the best weapons for beginners in Modern Warfare 3.

While it looks more like an assault or battle rifle, the Longbow is a sniper rifle. Furthermore, it is bolt-action, not semi-auto. Sure, it is unconventional in terms of style, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that this is one of the best weapons for beginners in Modern Warfare 3 looking to snipe or quick scope.

The Katt-AMR is another option for the best sniper in the game.

5 Striker

A Fan-Favorite Early Game SMG

These are the best weapons for beginners in Modern Warfare 3.

If you’re not a fan of the Rival-9, the Striker is a dominant weapon from MW2 that still reigns supreme in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. Despite being nerfed following the Modern Warfare 3 beta, the striker continues to shred at close and medium range, doubling as an assault rifle. Best of all, you can unlock the Striker as early as rank four, and this weapon only gets more fun the more attachments you put on it.

4 MTZ-556

Low Recoil & Fire Rate AR

The MTZ-556 comes in just short of a podium finish. This pick, however, is interchangeable with SVA 545; it all depends on your playstyle. The MTZ-556 is unlocked after the SVA 545, and many players switch over when the time comes. This is partly to test and level new guns, but it’s also because the MTZ-556 can be too good to put down. It has quick ADS speed and manageable recoil, making it fun to use, which typically results in better performance.

There is still the argument that the best MTZ-556 loadout lacks the damage and range of the other two assault rifles higher on this list. But that largely depends on playstyle, game mode, and map. Regardless, it’s unquestionably one of the best weapons for beginners in Modern Warfare 3.

3 SVA 545

High Damage & Range AR

These are the best weapons for beginners in Modern Warfare 3.

The SVA 545 is the first assault rifle you unlock in Modern Warfare 3. Because it’s quite powerful, many players use it until they unlock higher-level rifles like the MCW. Nonetheless, if you can manage the recoil, which gets easier with more attachments, this assault rifle is worth it for the damage output.

Your other option is the MTZ-556, which functions opposite to the SVA 545. So, which one to run is largely determined by your playstyle, game mode, and map. But one thing is certain: you should have a loadout for each weapon.

2 Bas-B

Most Voted To Get Nerfed

These are the best weapons for beginners in Modern Warfare 3.

The BAS-B is a new battle rifle introduced in Modern Warfare 3. It can be used in semi-auto and full-auto mode, effectively covering you at both medium and long ranges. As a result, there are numerous ways to build and use this weapon.

Furthermore, because it is designed to primarily be a powerful long-ranged rifle, a good full-auto build can easily exploit its damage – exactly why this weapon has taken over the meta. Regardless of how you build it, the BAS-B snuck in as one of the best weapons in MW3 for a good reason: its versatility and range are hard to beat.


An All-Around Beast

The MCW slides in as the best weapon for beginners of Modern Warfare 3. That’s because it’s the most even-keel assault rifle in the game. Ironically enough, it resembles the ACR from the original Modern Warfare, which also excelled in every category. That’s why once you unlock and find the best MCW loadout, it’s hard to ditch it for any other weapon in the game. Unfortunately, however, you don’t open the MCW until rank 44. But that gives you more reason to grind Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

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