8 Monsters We Hope To See In The Monsterverse’s New Godzilla Show, Monarch


  • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters in the latest installment in the Monsterverse franchise, featuring more of Godzilla and exploring the history of the Titans.
  • New monsters will be created specifically for the show, but familiar monsters from Toho’s past and the Monsterverse could also make an appearance.
  • The show has the potential to introduce creatures like the Warbats, Megalon, Rock Critters, Behemoth, MUTOs, Gigan, Anguirus, and Destoroyah, offering exciting battles and character development.



Apple TV+’s Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is the latest installment in the Monsterverse franchise, and it begs the question as to which of the franchise’s iconic monsters will make an appearance in it. The first TV show in the Monsterverse is confirmed to feature more of Godzilla, with its story taking place in two different time periods, including before Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The Monarch show’s place in the Monsterverse timeline and the Monarch focus give it a unique ability to fully explore the history of the Titans in this universe. This could include introducing new monsters from previous Toho works or familiar creatures from the Monsterverse.

In addition to knowing that audiences will be treated to more of Godzilla, speculation about what new monsters appear in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters has continued. It is confirmed that there will be new Titans created specifically for the show, but that does not rule out the possibility of familiar monsters from Toho’s past and the Monsterverse also factoring into the series. It has the potential to bring back monsters that have either fought the king of the monsters or helped him out. Whether from Toho or the Monsterverse, there are a handful of familiar and new titans that can appear in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

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8 Warbats

Winged Creatures From Hell

A Warbat roaring as it prepares for a fight

Debuting in Godzilla vs. Kong, the Warbats are a species of serpentine-like creature who terrorize the skies with their razor-sharp fangs and fourteen-foot wing spans. These massive predators were seen giving Kong a run for his money in Godzilla vs. Kong as they coordinated complex aerial attacks that nearly incapacitated the powerful Kong. According to Monarch, Warbats are classified as destroyers and are in the same category as King Ghidorah, Rodan, and Mechagodzilla in terms of aggressiveness.

Seeing these winged creatures from hell in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters would be great, as the show seems to be placing a greater emphasis on fully realized human characters. As beloved as the franchise is, human characters in Godzilla movies have largely been viewed as a nuisance. If the show were to introduce its cast to the Warbats, they could prove to be a great threat to them as opposed to being used to fight Titans that are much stronger.

7 Megalon

Has Made One Film Appearance

Megalon posing with his pincers

Despite making one film appearance in the Toho series of Godzilla movies, Megalon has developed quite a following due to its bizarre design, and the fight he put up against Godzilla in Godzilla vs. Megalon. Because of his hardy fight against the king of the monsters, Megalon has made multiple appearances in extended media such as video games, manga, and graphic novels, thus qualifying him for a mainstream comeback. Megalon’s popularity would make it interesting to see how he’d handle himself in combat against the Monsterverse’s titans, either in one-on-one combat or teaming up with his former rival.

6 Rock Critters

Arch Nemeses of Doug

The Rock Critters first appeared in the Hollow Earth in Godzilla vs. Kong. They are crustacean-like creatures who often keep to themselves. Constantly seen going to war with the gigantic reptilian Titan, Doug, the Rock Critters are known for their tenacity and ability to overwhelm even the greatest of foes, despite their relatively small size. As seen in Godzilla vs. Kong, the Rock Critters are pretty crafty opponents as their rocky structures help them blend in with the Hollow Earth’s terrain, thus making for lethal sneak attacks.

Also classified as destroyer-types, the Rock Critters utilize their speed and numbers to swiftly overtake any areas they’re capable of inhabiting. Fast and dangerous, the Rock Critters should make an appearance in the new show because they’d present a serious threat to the new characters, all while setting up a possible venture to Hollow Earth. This would require Monarch: Legacy of Monsters changing the established canon with humans going to the subterranean location well before Godzilla vs. Kong or revealing that the Rock Critters can travel beyond their Hollow Earth home.

5 Behemoth

One Of Godzilla’s Greatest Allies

Behemoth walking through the city exposing its tusks

Behemoth is a Titan who was awakened by King Ghidorah’s call in 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters. It was originally classified as an adversary thanks to being under King Ghidorah’s control. However, after Godzilla defeated his classic foe, King Ghidorah’s influence was lifted from Behemoth, and the gigantic creature submitted to Godzilla as the new alpha Titan. Despite his intimidating presence, the mammalian Titan is classified as a protector similar to Godzilla, Kong, Mothra, and Methuselah.

Behemoth should make an appearance in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters because it would be nice to have a balance of destroyer and protector titans who are new to the franchise. While Godzilla is certain to make a return, Behemoth’s return in the series would be a chance to provide more backstory for the gigantic creature, revealing what it was up to in the Monsterverse before Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Behemoth’s restoration ability could also help reverse some of the collateral damage from the fights between the more aggressive Titans.

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Versatile Creatures In Godzilla

The Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms (MUTOs) debuted in 2014’s Godzilla. Despite their spider-like appearance, MUTOs are considered mammals because of their flesh, bone, and muscle composition. The MUTOs are seen as some of the most versatile Titans in Godzilla as they use echolocation, flight, and incredible speed to traverse Earth. Moreover, their incredible strength, durability, and the female’s ability to lay hundreds of eggs at a time made them near-unstoppable.

Known for their aggressive personalities, MUTOs invaded Earth with the intention of reproducing as much as possible and taking over the planet. While the Monsterverse promises to show the Godzilla and MUTOs fight Godzilla hid, it would be interesting to see if newer versions of the deadly creatures are featured in some capacity. Hopefully, after seeing the greater details of their fight, the MUTOs will make a comeback in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters along with Godzilla.

3 Gigan

One Of Godzilla’s Toughest Opponents

Gigan stomping through the city

Often considered one of Godzilla’s most brutal fights, Gigan left a strong impression on audiences when he debuted in 1972’s Godzilla vs. Gigan. Known for his intimidating design consisting of a blood-red visor-like eye, metallic teeth, and sharp blades for arms, Gigan has been one of the most dangerous kaiju the franchise has ever seen for over fifty years. The monster is unique for a Godzilla villain due to Gigan’s classification as a bloodthirsty foe, something not even attributed to King Ghidorah or Mechagodzilla.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about a possible Gigan appearance in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is what the show would do with the legendary kaiju’s powers and abilities. Over time, Gigan has appeared more cyborg-like in appearance, and this upgraded form has made him faster and stronger than he was during the Showa era. Gigan’s return to the big screen with his first Monsterverse appearance would be a great opportunity to force Godzilla to team up with other creatures to defeat him.

2 Anguirus

First Monster To Go Toe-To-Toe With Godzilla

Debuting in the 1955 Toho Godzilla movie, Godzilla Raids Again, Anguirus is a massive Ankylosaurus-like kaiju who is notable for being Godzilla’s first opponent. Making multiple appearances throughout various Godzilla media, Anguirus developed a strong following because of his unique design and rivalry with Godzilla. Even though the kaiju has been reimagined as one of Godzilla’s closest allies, their first few fights set the bar for future monster battles.

Despite his smaller size, Anguirus is seen on multiple occasions giving Godzilla a run for his money in combat. Armed with a spiky back and tail, vicious fangs and claws, and the ability to spew poisonous fluids from its body, Anguirus can easily hang with just about any monster – new or old. He would be a welcome addition to Monarch: Legacy of Monsters‘ roster. Durable, intelligent, and equipped with an array of special moves, Anguirus should be a front-runner for one of the show’s returning monsters.

Episodes of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters stream on Apple TV+ every Friday starting on November 17.

1 Destoroyah

One Of The Most Ruthless Kaiju

Destoroyah flying into battle

Destoroyah is Godzilla’s final opponent in the Hesei series and the physical incarnation of the oxygen destroyer used to kill the original Godzilla. He is easily one of the king of the monsters’ most memorable villains. Standing at around 120 meters tall and boasting spikes all around its body, Destoroyah is perhaps the most threatening-looking creature in Godzilla lore. Moreover, his ability to absorb DNA, endure nearly any attack, and use his deadly oxygen beam make him a near-unstoppable force.

Destoroyah appearing in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is an opportunity to bring the character’s wild and unpredictable personality to the franchise and see what happens. Considering how hard it is to defeat Destoroyah, it’s possible that he could be set up as the overarching mega threat that Monarch and Godzilla, with the help of other Titans, have to work together to defeat. This would make him arguably the most important of the monsters in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters and prove to be an exciting reveal whenever it happens.

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