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80’s Themed Events, Discotheque Has it’s Latest Extravaganza at One Hotel 

Jennifer Frommer, founder of Discotheque and SVP of branding at Columbia Records cohosted a 80’s themed blowout rooftop party at One Hotel (Harriett’s Rooftop) in New York. The event was co-hosted with Joseph Bonvoulior, founder of ALTI Financial.  

The star-studded guest list included Meredith O’Connor, who Jennifer Frommer is a longtime collaborator of.  

Jennifer Frommer with Joseph Bonvoulior Entertainment by DJ Dhundee and  

Meredith O’Connor Ishmael 

Photos from the Lunar New Year Gala at Lincoln Center with the NY Philharmonic Orchestra on February 20th, 2024

Celebrities attended the coveted Lunar New Year Gala celebrating the year of the Dragon that was hosted by the NY Philharmonic Orchestra at Lincoln Center. Some of the guests included Maya Musk, Meredith O’Connor, Diana Wang and more. See photos below-  

Meredith O’Connor and boyfriend Evan Janssen’s arrival Photographer: Julie Skarratt 

Maye Musk        

and Diana Wang courtesy 

of Maye Musk’s IG stories


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