Abigail Quist and Jefferson Quist dead and obituary, Whats happened


We are devastated by the loss of Jefferson Quist, a beloved member of the inn community in Oregon. Jefferson’s life was marked by his kind disposition and dedication to making each visitor feel like a member of the family. Jefferson Quist was an Oregonian by birth who had deep ties to the Pacific Northwest. He was born in 1950.

His dedication turned a humble Oregon inn into a haven for travelers from all around as he discovered a passion for hospitality at a young age. His inn rose to fame over the years as a refuge, known for its gorgeous setting, charming rustic appeal, and the kind innkeeper who made each guest feel at home.

Jefferson’s dedication to his visitors was solid and constant. He was incredibly good at remembering the names and backstories of everyone that crossed his inn’s thresholds, creating an environment of genuine connection. Many people have fond recollections of spending evenings by the fireplace, exchanging stories, making jokes, and enjoying the regional food that Jefferson took such satisfaction in serving.

His services, however, went beyond those of an innkeeper. Jefferson took an active role in his neighborhood, contributing to a number of philanthropic causes and fervently supporting the protection of Oregon’s stunning natural beauty. His commitment to sustainability set an example for many in the business, winning him respect outside the walls of his organization.

Jefferson Quist’s demise has left a sizable hole in the community of innkeepers as well as in the hearts of those who had the good fortune to know him. The innumerable lives he touched and the experiences he made for so many people will go on as his legacy.

Let us remember the kindness, warmth, and generosity that characterized not just his life but also the inn he valued as we bid adieu to this remarkable person. The inn will continue to run in remembrance of Jefferson Quist, upholding the customs and principles he cherished. Even though he may have left this world, his legacy will always remain a part of Oregon’s lengthy innkeeping tradition.


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