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Adorable McDonald’s Hello Kitty Bucket sends TikTok wild but they’re not new

A video of a Hello Kitty Bucket at McDonald’s has gone viral on TikTok this week and everyone wants to know where to get one.

The epic food buckets launched in 2019 and they’re totally adorable! However, there are sadly no plans to bring them back.

Hello Kitty Bucket at McDonald's Singapore
@emma.es36 TikTok

McDonald’s Hello Kitty Bucket sends TikTok wild

The viral video was shared by an account called ‘Only Sanrio Content’ who shares all sorts of Hello Kitty merchandise.

It’s had more than 2.7 million views and shows a McDonald’s worker unwrapping the plastic box, which is shaped like the cat’s head.

The fast-food employee puts a drink and fries inside the bucket before clipping the handle together, which allows you to carry it.

In the comments, TikTok users are joking they are “moving to Japan” following rumors the buckets are available in the country.

Hello Kitty Buckets launched in Singapore

However, the Hello Kitty McDonald’s Buckets actually launched in November 2019 in Singapore and haven’t been available since.

They costed $7.90, could be purchased alongside any Extra Value Meal or Doubles Feast Meal and held your food instead of a paper bag.

The promotion followed 2018’s popular My Melody Carrier, a similar food bucket inspired by the cartoon character from the same franchise.

My Melody is a little rabbit girl created by Sanrio who is Hello Kitty’s best friend. She famously wears a bright pink hood.

People in the US are really jealous, with one person writing “every other country has the coolest stuff” and another adding: “These are never in the US.”

No plans to bring the Sanrio buckets back

Sadly, there are currently no plans to bring back the Hello Kitty Carriers in Singapore or elsewhere in the world.

You can often find people selling them on eBay, but original ones are now collectors items and don’t come cheap.

Copies of the buckets are also available on AliExpress. Plus, people in the US can get their hands on Halloween buckets this month.

The spooky buckets comes in four new designs this year, Monster, Skeleton, Mummy and Vampire, and are free when you order a Happy Meal.

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