Adrishyam Episode 3 Review: Will Sayra’s Sacrifice Be Worth the Cause?

Adrishyam Episode 3 Review: The third episode of this series is also titled ‘Operation Sayra’. This indicates that the third episode is more like a follow-up to the last episodes, rather than being something different and new. For the series, the cast includes Divyanka Tripathi Dhahiya as Parvati Sehgal and Eijaz Khan as Ravi Verma, they are the two main leads. The runtime for this episode is around 51 minutes.

We also see Akshay Bhagat as Asha’s Grandfather, Shyam Kishore as Nola, Swaroopa Ghosh as Ronjeeta Ray, Satish Badal as Satish IB officer, Tarun Anand as Prashant Nadkarni, Mir Sarwar as Afroz, Amit Anand Raut as Salim, Sunit Razdan as Mirza, Piyush Singh as ATS Officer, Shriya Jha as Shilpa and Zara Khan as Khushi.

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Adrishyam Episode 3 Review

Adrishyam Episode 3 catapults viewers deeper into the heart of a gripping espionage thriller, where the stakes have never been higher and the danger more palpable. As Ravi and Parvathi race against time to uncover leads on the looming terrorist threat gripping the city, they find themselves facing obstacles at every turn. With the revelation of Sayra’s compromised position, their mission becomes exponentially more difficult, casting a shadow of doubt and uncertainty over their efforts.

Adding to the tension is the relentless pursuit of Nathkarni and his ruthless foot soldiers, who stop at nothing to sabotage Ravi’s attempts to gather crucial intelligence. Their menacing presence looms ominously, serving as a constant reminder of the perilous game being played on both sides of the conflict.

Amidst the chaos and danger, the episode delves into the personal struggles of the protagonists’ relationships also come to light. Ravi and Shilpa, whose marriage faces strain under the weight of their respective burdens. The portrayal of their emotional turmoil adds layers of complexity to their characters, humanizing them in the face of overwhelming adversity. As the narrative unfolds, viewers are treated to a rollercoaster of things happening, from heart-stopping suspense to poignant moments of introspection. Nonetheless, each scene is crafted with precision, drawing audiences deeper into the intricate web of intrigue and deceit that defines the world of Adrishyam is not exactly the focus of the show just yet.

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Adrishyam Episode 3: Final Thoughts

In Adrishyam Episode 3, the series finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with the challenge of maintaining momentum while advancing its narrative arc. Despite the high stakes and mounting tension, the episode falls short of delivering the pulse-pounding thrills and gripping suspense that viewers have come to expect from the series.

In the absence of compelling narrative twists and electrifying action sequences, Adrishyam Episode 3 ultimately falls short of its potential. As viewers, we find ourselves eagerly awaiting the moment when the series regains its footing and delivers the heart-stopping thrills and suspenseful twists that we know it is capable of. Until then, we remain hopeful that future episodes will reignite the spark that made Adrishyam such a captivating watch in the first place.

Despite these shortcomings, there are glimpses of potential scattered throughout Episode 3. The performances remain solid, with the cast delivering earnest portrayals of their characters, and the production values continue to impress.

You can watch Adrishyam Episode 3 now streaming on SonyLIV. The next set of episodes in the series will be available on the platform at 8 PM IST on the 19th of April 2024.

Meanwhile, let us know in the comments below what you think of this brand-new show!

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