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AI Drake ‘the type of guy to start floating towards the pie when he smells it’ meme is hilarious

Drake is now ‘the type of guy to start floating towards the pie when he smells it’ in the new AI version of the old meme centering around the rapper.

Drake is in the news a lot after releasing For All the Dogs. He has been making headlines for the songs it features and also some unique merch such as the 2024 calendar and planner it has inspired. An AI-generated image of the rapper in the new social media meme has nothing to do with the album. Yet, it’s gathered a lot of attention for its funny representation of Drake.

Drake's Till Death Do Us Part Rap Battle Event
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Drake ‘the type of guy to start floating towards the pie when he smells it’

The new Drake meme created with the use of Artificial Intelligence is the latest addition to a long list of funny images found on the Internet over the years, joking about the rapper’s personality traits.

There have been memes about Drake depicting the singer following a scent trail with his eyes closed while afloat. However, the new AI-generated image of the rapper is way more realistic, appealing to fans much more strongly than the previous ones.

The new viral image of Drake also features a near-accurate representation of the rapper’s signature hairdo, which makes it all the more realistic.

It isn’t clear who is responsible for creating the hilarious meme, but it has gathered a lot of attention quickly.

Trend inspired by memes on the rapper is far from new

There are several funny versions of Drake ‘the type of fella’ or ‘the type of guy’ memes created by fans over the years. Here are a few of them for you to look up.

We’re convinced it’s only a matter of time before AI-generated images of all of the above and more go viral on social media.

AI image of Drake leaves fans in splits

Fans have shared hilarious reactions to the AI image of Drake smelling a pie.

One wrote: “Every time I think of her all of my worries disappear and I just smile and smile and smile and float like Drake smelling pie.”

“I just saw one of Drake floating towards pie and it’s hilarious,” wrote another.

A third one said: “Drake really does seem like a guy that would catch a waft of something that smells delicious, start to float and follow the scent, and then glide back to the pie it came from.”

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