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AI earns Twitter’s approval with ‘wild’ images of Steve Harvey as a hardcore rocker

Steve Harvey is known as the beloved presenter of Family Feud but AI photos have placed the host into unimaginable scenarios.

The advantages of artificial intelligence are aplenty; from reducing human error to enhancing productivity, workers and businesses alike have benefitted from the technological advancement.

However, the spooky accuracy of AI has resulted in false media releases, including a very realistic recording of Joe Rogan’s podcast, and even a Drake song.

Steve Harvey is the latest celebrity victim of the trend but it has won over the internet amid concerns over AI systems.

Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

AI photos presents Steve Harvey like you’ve never seen before

Fans have only ever seen Steve Harvey dressed to the nines for his countless hosting gigs, including Family Feud and Miss Universe, so they’re dying to witness him in the most unlikely scenarios.

Want to see the 66-year-old screaming at a jar of pickles? Look no further.

Where can we buy the T-shirt? #HardcoreHarvey

Running away from monsters is a popular choice:

We can see these scenarios happening during Halloween:

Who hurt you, Harvey?

Steve Harvey has been compared to Mr Potato Head for several years now – and they’re finally going head-to-head:

Twitter is begging for a Steve Harvey exhibition

The consensus on social media is that the Steve Harvey images are a productive use of artificial intelligence.

“AI Steve Harvey done had me cracking up for about a week. Idk if it’s the suit or what but it’s so f****** funny,” a user laughed.

“Need more Steve Harvey AI photos. I need a whole book,” a second person added. “An art exhibit with food served and Solange playing actually.” So, a Kim Kardashian selfie book but a Steve AI version?

Another person similarly agreed that an exhibition would be “a fascinating and creative concept.”

Harvey has not addressed the deepfake photos.

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