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‘AITA for evicting my long-standing tenants’ Reddit post has users in disbelief


An ‘AITA for evicting my long-standing tenants’ on Reddit has enraged users coming forward to support the OP, who they believe is being mistreated.

Reddit posts are often dramatic with the most unexpected plot twists and shocking updates. We have seen best friends being mean to each other, and relationships falling apart over the silliest of issues. And today, we are discussing the plight of a house owner who just wants to go back to living in her property.

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Reddit user asks ‘AITA for evicting my long-standing tenants’

The 38-year-old OP bought a house in Buckinghamshire when she was 23. However, the four-bedroom house in a semi-rural location was not much fun for a person in their 20s to live in.

Even though she didn’t have any issues with the house, she always imagined living there when she was in her 40s with her children.

So she placed the house on the rental market when she was 26 and happened to find a lovely family to rent the property to. The tenants were a couple in their mid to late 40s with just one child and no pets.

She moved to London after renting her house and eventually moved to Australia. Meanwhile, the tenants held respectable jobs and always paid rent on time. The estate agent only had good reports to share following the inspection of the property and none of the neighbors complained about the people occupying the OP’s house.

The house owner told to live in a rental property

The relationship between the OP and her tenants was cordial until she decided to move back to Buckinghamshire and live in her house.

The tenants had already lived in the OP’s house for fourteen years when the house owner was ready to settle in the house she bought after traveling the world for a couple of years.

She told her estate agent to break the contract with the tenants and have them vacate in three months, an extension of two months over the notice period as stated in the contract.

But, the tenants wanted to know from the estate agent if the OP was going to live alone in the big house. When the estate agent refused to answer the question, they contacted the OP directly to ask who would be occupying the house once they vacated. When the OP said she was planning on living there alone, the tenants began to criticize her for wanting the whole house to herself and “kicking them out” of their house for 15 years.

They even told OP to find a smaller place to rent, when she had already paid 90 percent of the mortgage on her property and didn’t want to pay to live elsewhere.

The tenants called her selfish for wanting to live close to the house she grew up in and told her to leave the house for them to buy it for the same amount she paid while purchasing it. The OP says its valuation is twice what it was when she bought it.

The OP wasn’t willing to put up with the demands of her tenants, so she told them to vacate within the given date or else she would sue them for refusing to move out.

But, her friends are now calling her TA for kicking her tenants out of the house that they lived in for years, even though it belongs to her.

Users are in disbelief

Reddit users are taken aback by the audacity of the rude tenants as they’ve come forward to show the OP support.

One user said: “No, it’s your right. It’s your owned house, you have free reign over anything you do.”

“Not in the least. It is your house and you have given them ample notice,” said another.

Another wrote: “They rented, not owned. OPs team will have done upkeep on the house. They have no say.”

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