‘AITA for going on vacation without my husband’ post leaves Reddit furious


A post called ‘AITA for going on vacation without my husband’ has gone viral on Reddit and left everyone really angry.

It’s from the popular ‘AITA’ thread which means ‘Am I the a**hole?’ and sees people asking if they did wrong in certain situations.

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‘AITA for going on vacation without my husband’

The Reddit post begins with a 29-year-old woman explaining that she and her 32-year-old husband planned a week-long vacation to New Orleans.

Back in March, she told him she was happy to plan most of the holiday including places to go and activities. All he had to do was make sure he took the week off work and buy the plane tickets. Sounds easy, right?

Well, every few weeks she kept checking in with him to see if he had asked for it off and booked the seats, but he said he was waiting for prices to go down. She had already booked the hotel and made reservations.

“Three weeks ago, I reminded him again and he said he had got off of work for the days but had forgotten to get the tickets. He looked online and the tickets were close to $1500/ticket. He said he was going to wait some more to see if they would go down,” she wrote.

Wife goes on holiday alone

The woman asked him again last week and he still he hadn’t booked them as the prices were too high. He then said he wasn’t willing to spend that much and asked how much money she would lose if she cancelled the whole thing.

“I told him I was not willing to cancel everything because I spent so much time planning it. We argued and we didn’t come to a conclusion,” she wrote in the Reddit post.

After all the aggravation, the wife ended up buying one ticket for herself and flew out to New Orleans on her own. He “acted all surprised” that she didn’t want to stay home with him.

“I am in New Orleans now and he is blowing up my phone saying that I am an AH for still going without him,” she said.

He’s trying to get a ticket and fly out, but she told him that if he comes, he has to get his own hotel room because this is now her “vacation away from him”.

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Reddit is furious

People on Reddit are in firm agreement that she’s NTA (not the a**hole) and are slamming the husband’s ‘incompetence’.

One person wrote: “NTA. I don’t know wtf your husband’s deal is but he acted like a real a**hole. I don’t know if he deliberately sabotaged the trip or just didn’t care enough to follow through on his tiny piece of things, but you were absolutely right to not let him ruin the trip for you.”

“NTA. He literally had two tasks and plenty of time to complete them, plus reminders. I’d honestly be irritated that he dropped the ball and then didn’t own up to it by buying the tickets at the high price. Consider that a procrastination tax and a lesson,” said another.

A third person added: “NTA. That was weaponized incompetence trying to manipulate you into canceling the vacation because he didn’t want to go. Good on you for going anyway and not playing his passive-aggressive bulls**t game.”

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