Akame Network Quests Guide (Item Locations & Rewards)

Network quests given by the character Akame in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name make up the bulk of the game’s side content, giving you optional missions at different locations to earn some rewards. From finding certain items to meeting new faces, these quests show the human depth behind the cities you explore as Kazama Kiryu. Be prepared for plenty of fights and strange encounters.



There are 24 total Akame Network Quests, each rewarding Kiryu with Yen when completed to earn money fast in Like a Dragon Gaiden. You also receive Network Points, which may be used to upgrade Kiryu’s various combat abilities. Some of the Substories you come across will take no time at all, while others have multiple steps you have to take to conclude the events surrounding them.

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Emergency Request!

Kei presenting a drink in Like a Dragon Gaiden

  • Rewards – 100,000 Yen and 1,000 Network Points

One of the first Akame Quests you get is unavoidable through the main story of Like a Dragon Gaiden and becomes available once you reach Network Level 3. The “Emergency Request!” comes from an anonymous tip asking you to investigate the Cabaret Club in Shofukucho. This place can be found north of Ashitaba Park, in a building marked with “Club Heavenly” on the front.

You need to spend 10,000 Yen to get into this club, then pick one of two Cabaret women to go on a date with. This leads to a mini-game where you talk with either Kaname or Kei in Like a Dragon Gaiden, giving responses to several questions. All you have to do is complete the date regardless of whether you do well, then return to Akame to receive your rewards, even though the whole quest was a big practical joke.

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Vanquish the Red Peacocks

Like a Dragon Gaiden Red Peacock Gang from

  • Rewards – 300,000 Yen and 3,000 Network Points

After the last request, Akame will give Kiryu a number of new tasks, including one about a hostile gang called the Red Peacocks hiding out in West Shofukucho. This quest is fairly simple, you travel to where the gang is using as a base and defeat them in a fight. This will unlock three other locations across the city where the Peacocks can be found in groups, which you must confront in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

Each Red Peacock group may be found in different sections of Shofukucho, in the North, East, and South sections in places similar to where you found them at first.

Beating up all the Red Peacock groups in Shofukucho leads to a boss battle against their leader, Guren, who has a staggering three health bars. Use moves from Kiryu’s Yakuza and Agent fighting style in Like a Dragon Gaiden to take out Guren and his minions. You will be able to return to Akame and claim your rewards after winning this intense fight.

Final Showdown: Red Peacocks

Like a Dragon Gaiden

  • Rewards – 300,000 Yen and 3,000 Network Points

Once you finish the first Red Peacocks Request, you won’t see them again until Chapter 3 of Like a Dragon Gaiden‘s story, where they will challenge Kiryu to one last fight. Right outside, where you meet with Akame, Guren again waits to battle with a huge group of thugs at his side. Beat the Peacocks for the last time, and you will receive rewards and Guren as an ally in Coliseum Arena team battles.

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Investigation Request

Like a Dragon Gaiden Woman from

  • Rewards – 300,000 Yen and 3,000 Network Points

For this quest, you have to follow the patriarch of the Namioka crime family in South Shofukucho while a familiar figure keeps getting in your way. While it’s always nice to see an old friend, they stall Kiryu three times as you try to pursue the patriarch from Sotenbori Theatre to a club in East Shofukucho. This mission is pretty straightforward: keep finding your target to get your rewards.

Film Assistant Needed

Like a Dragon Gaiden Bloody Mirror From

  • Rewards – 300,000 Yen and 3,000 Network Points

This substory has you travel to the Smile Burger fast food place and meet with a blue-haired filmmaker named Kitayama. He wants help ghost hunting with Kiryu in an upstairs apartment, leading to you trying to find evidence of spirits. However, not all is as it seems, with the events here leading to a boss fight against Kitayama, who you must beat to finish the quest in Like a Dragon Gaiden.​​​​​​​

The Ghost of Sotenbori

Like a Dragon Gaiden Self-Proclaimed Ryuji Goda from

  • Rewards – 500,000 Yen and 8,000 Network Points

Unlocked in Like a Dragon Gaiden‘s third chapter, this quest asks you to track down the ghost of one of Kiryu’s old adversaries that has apparently sprung up on East Sotenbori Street. Ryuji Goda is being impersonated by a thug leader here, who you will have to teach a lesson. Another impostor spotted at South Shofukucho will also have to be defeated to reveal that Goda has a large club of underworld admirers at a Go-Ryu Hideout.

Go to Ashitaba Park to find the Hideout full of Goda admirers, with a self-proclaimed patriarch of the Go-Ryu trying to restart the legend of the Yakuza 2 antagonist. Fight the patriarch and the thugs to dash their hopes of controlling the criminal underworld for good.

Seeking Advice

Like a Dragon Gaiden Kusano and ChatDDT AI from

  • Rewards – 500,000 Yen and 8,000 Network Points

This Akame quest involves a client in East Shofukucho in the Smile Burger restaurant looking for some dating advice. The young man, Kusano, has been following the “wisdom” of an AI app he follows with reckless abandon in Like a Dragon Gaiden. Kiryu needs to save the kid from the app’s awful suggestions, which include jumping off Iwao Bridge and starting a street fight in Sotenbori.

The AI has even more terrible ideas for Kusano to follow after you follow him after the street fight on another bridge close to the Sotenbori Footpath. Kusano inevitably uses horrible AI-generated pick-up lines on a confused girl before the AI tells him that attacking Kiryu would be an excellent course of action. Simply defeat Kusano in a shamefully easy fight and watch as Kiryu gives him some real advice to finish the mission.

A Simple Heavy-Lifting Job

Like a Dragon Gaiden Defeating Yakuza in

  • Rewards – 500,000 Yen and 8,000 Network Points

This mission sees you meet with Matsumura, a client found in the Wild Jackson Sotenbori restaurant in West Shofukucho who wants Kiryu to become a director for an orphanage. While a great idea on the surface, Akame has some doubts. Visit a Rough Sleepersouth of the Sotenbori Footpath River after talking to the orphanage owner at Ashitaba Park to reveal an insidious plot in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

According to the Sleeper, Matsumura uses orphanages to force children to work under him in a sickening exploitation. Go to Kiss Shot Billards, a bar in South Shofukucho, and battle two Yakuza guards as the deceptive mastermind escapes. Pursue Matsumura and defeat him in a fight against him and his minions to complete the quest for your rewards.

End the Destruction

Like a Dragon Gaiden Kaito from

  • Rewards – 1,000,000 Yen and 15,000 Network Points

Connecting to the Rough Sleeper from the last mission, Akame warns Kiryu that someone is hunting the homeless population around Shofukucho for this mission in Like a Dragon Gaiden. This leads you to Central Shofukucho toward a construction site and meet Kaito, a familiar face to those who’ve played the Judgment spin-off games from the series. When you meet, you will immediately have to beat the man in a fight.

A quick misunderstanding leads to a fun team-up with Kaito as you track leads on the Homeless Hunters through West Shofukucho and a bar in New Momoko. After a series of fights against possible suspects, you have to fight Kaito again in a particularly tough boss fight. It’s then revealed that Kaito’s client works with the Hunters and has kidnapped Kaito’s partner at a Hideout on Bishamon Bridge.

During this mission, you have the choice to work separately from Kaito, but this should only be done if you are confident in your ability to fight groups of enemies on your own.

Take down the gang responsible for attacking the homeless to earn Kaito’s respect and save his partner, Toru Higashi. From now on, both of these allies will join your team in the Coliseum Arena in Team Hell Rumble fights alongside other recruited fighters in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

Recruit Homeless Yamanaka

Like a Dragon Gaiden

  • Reward – 4,000 Network Points

Speaking of allies for the Coliseum, some Akame Requests involve challenging, tough fighters around the city before recruiting them as warriors for your team. One such mission is with Homeless Yamanaka, who can be found at Ashitaba Park. Simply beat Yamanaka in a fight to have him join your roster and end the side quest in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

The Strongest Convenience Store Clerk

Like a Dragon Gaiden

  • Reward – 4,000 Network Points

This quest takes you to a Poppo convenience store in West Shofukucho, where a strong fighter for the Coliseum can be found. The mild-mannered worker is working absurd hours from an abusive manager, who challenges Kiryu to a fight when he questions the treatment of his employee. Defeat the manager to free the overworked clerk from such a nightmare of a boss.

It turns out the clerk, Ryusei Tobashira, grew strong from their back-breaking work, learning how to be a tough fighter. He asks Kiryu to spar with him and prove his strength, leading to a battle where you must defeat the clerk. Victory leads to Tobashira joining your team in Like a Dragon Gaiden as a fighter you can call upon at any time in the Arena’s team battles.

Gotta Catch ’em Balls!

Like a Dragon Gaiden Making a Wish from

  • Reward – Depends on Kiryu’s Answer

This Request is by far the most complicated of Akame’s quests, tasking Kiryu to find seven golden balls scattered around the city. Some of these can only be uncovered once Chapter 4 unlocks in Like a Dragon Gaiden, but thankfully, this is a Request you can keep active as you search for these collectibles. Once you have every ball, meet with the client Shen in an alley located in East Sotenbori.

Shen will give you a wish from four different dialogue options, which determines your reward for completing the Request. Choose wisely to receive a number of items or money that could greatly help you throughout the rest of Like a Dragon Gaiden.

Wish Choices


“I Wish for a Peaceful Life”

Shen does not give a reward for this option, instead directing you back to the other choices.

“I Wish for Eternal Life”

You receive 100 Nourishment of the Sea King health items.

“I Wish for Endless Riches”

Shen gives you 1,000,000 Yen.

“I Wish for Sexy Panties”

You receive the Shen-san Panties item, which sells for 1,500,000 Yen at the nearby Pawn Shop.

Liberate the Hammer Man

Like a Dragon Gaiden Nunokawa NPC from

  • Reward – 4,000 Network Points

Like Homeless Yamanaka and Ryusei Tobashira, this quest is tied to recruiting another fighter for the Coliseum in Like a Dragon Gaiden. This time, you are sent to help Nunokawa, a construction worker in deep debt to his foreman. Even if you pay the fee of 1,000,000 Yen, Nunokawa’s boss will decide the debt is steeper, revealing his true intentions to never let the worker go.

You will have to fight Nunokawa as his boss calls him to beat up Kiryu after you figure out the foreman’s true nature. Defeat Nunokawa to anger his boss Nagashima into a boss battle where you actually fight with the construction worker in Like a Dragon Gaiden. Beat up Nagashima to free Nunokawa for good, as the fighter agrees to join you in the Coliseum as an incredibly strong warrior with a big hammer.

Save the Pro Wrestler

Like a Dragon Gaiden Excellent Sujiya from

  • Reward – 4,000 Network Points

Another Coliseum fighter Request originates at the Iwao Bridge, where a wrestler named Excellent Sujiya asks you to hand out some pamphlets to potential fans. Go to every NPC marked on your map and hand them a flier before returning to Sujiya. From here, the wrestler will challenge Kiryu to a fight, so defeat the fighter to complete the mission and recruit him to your team in Like a Dragon Gaiden.​​​​​​​

The Struggling Host

Like a Dragon Gaiden Renji NPC from

  • Reward – 4,000 Network Points

Akame has once again found a potential ally for the growing Joryu clan in the form of a host in Osaka named Renji. Travel to East Shofukucho to meet this struggling host who needs feedback from five customers to see what he’s doing wrong in his profession. Follow markers on your map in Like a Dragon Gaiden until you eventually run into Itsuki, a rival host that’s been sabotaging Renji this whole time.

As you expose Itsuki, he will challenge Kiryu to a fight, so beat the rival host in a 1v1 brawl. Then, return to Renji and tell him the truth about his situation in Like a Dragon Gaiden. This will begin another fight where you must defeat Renji to complete the mission and add him to your team’s roster.​​​​​​​

The Golden Samurai

Like a Dragon Gaiden

  • Rewards – 500,000 Yen and 8,000 Network Points

This Request refers to a wandering vigilante that spawns randomly as a boss you have to take down in the streets of Sotenbori and Shofukucho. This warrior wields a sharp sword that can cause bleeding damage and has four massive health bars that can be difficult to remove. Once you find and beat this golden warrior, return to Akame for your rewards in Like a Dragon Gaiden.​​​​​​​

The Gold Samurai shows up on your map as a purple icon wandering the streets, giving you a target the moment he spawns in any location.

The Golden Scourge

Like a Dragon Gaiden The Gold Samurai from

  • Rewards – 1,000,000 Yen and 15,000 Network Points

This mission is the same as “The Golden Samurai, with the titular warrior again showing up randomly across the city. This time, the Samurai have more health, making them even more dangerous to fight in Like a Dragon Gaiden. Beat the warrior again to complete this mission and earn even better rewards than last time.

The Golden Gauntlet Throwdown

Like a Dragon Gaiden The Golden Samurai from

  • Rewards – 2,000,000 Yen and 30,000 Network Points

The Golden Samurai returns again in this mission, this time for a final fight atop a building southwest of Shofukucho. The warrior’s armor is tougher than ever, so you will need to use large items from around the area to break through their defenses. Put this feudal menace in their place for the last time to complete the mission for some of the best Akame Request rewards in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

The Cat-Lovin’ Rapper

Like a Dragon Gaiden Katsuwo from

  • Reward – 4,000 Network Points

The final Coliseum fighter Request involves Katsuwo, a supposed cat lover and rapper around Osaka. This person can be found in East Shofukucho and initially refuses to join Kiryu in a surprising fight where you have to beat the fighter. Katsuwo reveals after the brawl that they are concerned that the gang threatening their beloved cats will harm the felines if you leave for the Joryu clan in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

To ease his worries, you must defeat three groups of thugs that like to pick on cats around the Iwao Bridge, West Shufokucho, and South Shufokucho areas. Returning to Katsuwo sees a confrontation with a rival rapper, who recruited the gang members you’ve been fighting to attack cats around the city. Defeat the rival rapper to earn Katsuwo’s trust fully as he officially agrees to join your team.

Vanquish the White Knights

Like a Dragon Gaiden Gang Member from

  • Rewards – 500,000 Yen and 8,000 Network Points

Once you eliminate the Red Peacocks group, another gang called the White Knights takes their place as the next group of thugs to take down. Start with a collection of dine-and-dashers at the Sotenbori Footpath before your map exposes three other hideouts spread around Osaka. Then, take out their leader, who shows up in East Sotenbori in another fight to complete the mission in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

Final Showdown: The White Knights

Like a Dragon Gaiden Shironita Gang Leader from

  • Rewards – 500,000 Yen and 8,000 Network Points

Just like the Red Peacocks from before, the White Knights won’t go down without one more fight. Meet a group organized by their leader, Shironita, on West Sotenbori Street and defeat every enemy to finally put this gang’s ambitions to rest in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

Vanquish the Black Swallowtails

Like a Dragon Gaiden Gang Members from

  • Rewards – 1,000,000 Yen and 15,000 Network Points

The final gang that tries to take over the city are the Black Swallowtails, who you can at first hanging near the Wild Jackson Sotenbori in West Shofukucho. These criminals are the toughest you’ve faced so far and have groups in three other locations marked on your map. A match against their leader occurs on the second floor of Yotsudera Kaikan in South Shofukucho as an endpoint to the quest.​​​​​​​

Final Showdown: The Black Swallowtails

Like a Dragon Gaiden Full Gang Battle from

  • Rewards – 1,000,000 Yen and 15,000 Network Points

As expected, the Black Swallowtails have another challenge for Kiryu at the Iwao Bridge in East Shofukucho. Their leader, Kuroyanagi, has brought dangerous allies who wield swords and guns. Defeat the gang to finally free the city from thugs, and you will shockingly gain Kuroyanagi as a recruited fighter for the Coliseum Arena in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

This fight features members from the Red Peacocks, White Knights, and Black Swallowtails at the same time. Watch out for every trick you’ve seen in the previous Akame Network quests.

Operation Family Welfare

Like a Dragon Gaiden Four Kings from

  • Rewards – 2,000,000 Yen and 30,000 Network Points

The last Akame Network Request only occurs when you reach Chapter 4 in Like a Dragon Gaiden and defeat the Four Kings in the Coliseum mini-game. The assignment involves tracking down who stole Mizorogi’s tech, which leads you to a hideout in the city. The fight here is straightforward; just beat the group of thieves to claim your reward and finish the mission.

The Yen you collect from tackling every Akame Network quest in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name takes you to many locations and gives you the rewards needed to buy several upgrades for Kiryu.

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