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Alix Earle gets real about Drake’s birthday party by revealing a ‘little secret’


Alix Earle let her fans in on a “little secret” on the first episode of her latest podcast, Hot Mess as she spoke about the paparazzi pictures of her from Drake’s birthday party in 2022.

The TikTok star launched her new podcast on September 21 and the first episode, Just Friends?, saw her address an array of topics pertaining to her personal life including her “boyfriend“, navigating public controversy, and the “most embarrassing” experience when she went to attend Drake‘s party among many other things.

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Alix Earle ‘gets real’ about Drake’s birthday party

Until the first episode of Hot Mess, Alix’s fans were under the impression that she was among the attendees of Drake’s birthday party in 2022. The influencer revealed a “little secret” that’s taken many by surprise.

Apparently, she and her friends got invited to Drake’s party in Miami last year. Before heading to the big event, Alix even made a GRWM (Get Ready With Me) video on TikTok and remained nonchalant about being among the biggest names in the industry.

As usual, the paparazzi pictures from the singer‘s birthday party made it to the papers and Alix was among several celebrities who were featured in articles and stories related to the star-studded event.

Clad in a chic orange suit dress Alix posed stylishly for the pictures and fans assumed she was a part of the actual celebration until she said she wasn’t!

The truth about the paparazzi pictures

The story goes, that Alix and her friend were invited to the party by one of the guys the latter knew. However, when they reached the party venue, the guy who was supposed to bring them to the party started to ignore them.

Alix was determined to get in and be a part of Drake’s birthday celebrations, so she and her friend waited for nearly three hours all dolled up, hoping the bouncer would let them in once it was less crowded.

Much to Alix’s dismay, she and her friend were never let into the party. She ended up with bruises on her feet from standing for long hours and by the time they hoped to get in, the party was almost over. She said it was the “most embarrassing experience.”

When Alix made up her mind to head back, she was spotted by a paparazzi and he could tell she was TikTok famous. So he asked her if he could click her pictures that eventually made it into the stories about Drake’s birthday.

And that’s how Alix virtually became a part of the celebrity’s big event, though she never really attended it!

TikTok users are in love with Hot Mess podcast

The first episode of Hot Mess has opened to rave reviews from Alix’s fans and they have flooded the comments section with the sweetest of compliments for their favorite TikTok star.

The 48-minute-long segment has much more to offer as she and her college BFFs “reminisce about their early, awkward days and recount some hilarious stories.”

One thrilled fan said: “‘Rescue the Nudes’ was the most entertaining piece of cinema I’ve seen in a long time. I was screaming alongside y’all! obsessed with the podcast! Congrats, Alix!”

“Love this so much! Not me running to go back on her TikTok to see all the GRWM from these days,” said another.

“Love this so much!!! It really does feel like a morning debrief,” said another.

“Absolutely loved this episode!!! Can’t wait to watch every week!,” said a third fan.

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