Angelica Ross’ transgender journey – first Broadway role to American Horror Story Drama


Angelica Ross’ transgender experience took the star on a journey from non-acceptance to eventually becoming the founder and CEO of a firm helping to employ transgender people and later becoming a leading actress.

The American actress and businesswoman became the first transgender performer to lead a Broadway role and starred in American Horror Story, which recently led to alleged drama.

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Angelica Ross’ transgender journey explained

Angelica Ross is an American actress, businesswoman, and transgender rights advocate.

As a self-taught computer programmer, she went on to become the founder and CEO of TransTech Social Enterprises, a firm that helps employ transgender people in the tech industry.

Born on 28 November 1980 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the star is currently aged 42 years old and she sure has been on a journey which led to self-discovery and acceptance.

During an interview with Self, Angelica Ross explained that growing up in Racine, Wisconsin, she always knew she was different, but never had a word for it, indicating:

“I sang in the church choir, played piano and acted in local theater. At home, I’d drape blankets over my shoulders as if I was wearing haute couture gowns.”

By eighth grade, the kids in school referred to Angelica as “too feminine” and they later experienced many confusing and concerning feelings before realizing that they were gay at age 17.

Ross later graduated from high school a year early and moved to Rochester, New York to start a new life where they waited tables and started doing drag in local clubs.

During their work at the club, Ross met a transsexual named Miss Armani who made them realize they could change their body:

“I had no idea I could actually change my body to match how I felt on the inside. It was a revelation, but not necessarily one I was ready to have.”

Ross later became a company founder and CEO

In an attempt to avoid accepting themselves, Angelica Ross then joined the U.S. Navy in order to qualify for the G.I. Bill. After six months of service, she requested and received an “uncharacterized” discharge under the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy.

Soon after returning to the United States, the star began their transition and changed their name to Angelica, got a “Whitney Houston-style weave” in their hair, and would buy “black-market hormones” from friends.

After later being fired from jobs due to discrimination in the workplace, Angelica Ross then moved to Florida, and dabbled in working for an adult website in return for cash for hormones and implants before realizing they had more to offer:

“I ended up redesigning the entire website and eventually teaching myself code and graphic design. With my technological skills, I realized I didn’t have to sell my body.”

Years later, that experience eventually led Ross to found TransTech Social Enterprises, a web development training academy and graphic design firm, which offers apprenticeships to trans people with drive but no skills.

Through their journey, Ross came to the revelation:

“I’ve realized that pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.”

First transgender Broadway performer to American Horror Story drama

Angelica Ross is now an actress and producer, known for American Horror Story (2011), Pose (2018) and Claws (2017).

In 2022, Angelica Ross starred as Roxie Hart in the long-running musical “Chicago” and in doing so, she became the first openly transgender woman to star on Broadway, as per Axio reports on the show’s producers.’

In her final weeks as a headliner on Broadway, NBC News reported that Angelica Ross said she hopes audiences can see that trans identity goes beyond struggle and that there can be times of great light, too.

Angelica Ross appeared in the ninth and 10th seasons of thriller series American Horror Story.

The transgender actress recently accused her co-star Emma Roberts for making a transphobic remark to her on set.

In 2019, the two actors appeared together in several episodes of the long-running anthology’s ninth season.

During a recent Instagram Live, Ross is seen telling her followers about a time that Roberts allegedly misgendered her on set:

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