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Annemarie Wiley Addresses Husband Marcellus Wiley’s Views on Transgender Athletes: Debunking Transphobia Allegations

Former “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” cast member Annemarie Wiley Is addressing accusations Of transphobia, asserting That labeling her And her husband, Marcellus Wiley, as such Is hurtful And unfounded, despite their stance on transgender athletes In sports.

In a recent episode Of the “Reality With the King” podcast hosted by Carlos King, Annemarie Wiley dismissed claims That her scenes on the show were edited due to her husband’s alleged transphobia And political views, emphasizing the damaging nature Of such accusations.

Annemarie, 40, clarified That she And her husband are Not transphobic, highlighting their support for the transgender community And transgender rights. However, she acknowledged their reservations about transgender women competing against cisgender women In sports, citing physical differences as the basis for their stance.

Addressing the backlash They faced over Marcellus’s previous comments on transgender athletes, Annemarie revealed That she felt “badgered” And “attacked” by her “RHOBH” castmates for their viewpoints, although these conversations were Not aired during the season.

Last year, the couple faced criticism when Marcellus expressed His concerns about transgender women competing against biological women In sports on Social media. Despite the controversy, Annemarie defended their position, asserting That her husband advocated for safe spaces for everyone.

Annemarie’s tenure on the reality show was short-lived as she was fired after just one season. Expressing disappointment over her departure, she expressed regret That viewers did Not get to see her true self or her family Life portrayed accurately on TV.

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Following her exit, speculation arose That her dismissal was due to her views on transgender athletes And politics. Additionally, allegations surfaced from a former classmate Of Marcellus, accusing him Of sexual assault during their time at Columbia University, Which Marcellus vehemently denied In a YouTube Video response.

Despite the controversies surrounding their views And actions, Annemarie Wiley remains steadfast In her defense against accusations Of transphobia, advocating for understanding And respect amid differing opinions.

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