Apple Watch face not changing with swipe after watchOS 10 update? Here’s what you need to know


It seems that Apple Watch face is no longer changing with the swipe action for many users after the watchOS 10 update.

Prior to the watchOS 10 update, switching watch faces on Apple Watch just needed swiping from the edge of the screen. However, now the update requires users to press and hold the watch face to access and see other faces.


While this change may seem like a minor adjustment, it has sparked confusion among some Apple Watch users. This, along with the fact that the update has also removed some favorites dock is quite frustrating.

Apple Watch face not changing with swipe after watchOS 10 update

This modification came to light when users tried changing their Apple Watch face with a swipe gesture. But, the action couldn’t be performed following the watchOS 10 update (1,2,3).


The fact I can’t swipe to change my watch face in #watchOS10 is wild…

Can’t change face since updating to watchos10

Users had become accustomed to the straightforward method of swiping. But with the update, Apple has introduced a press and hold mechanism for this function, resembling the approach used in WearOS watches.

Apple’s decision to modify the watch face change mechanism stems from a desire to prevent accidental changes. By introducing the new mechanism, it aimed to provide a more controlled process for changing watch faces.

But it has sadly disrupted the familiar user experience for some.

Bro this is absolutely BS! Now there is not anymore a left / right swipe gesture and they removed the face swapping! FFs, I was using it frequenty!

Surprisingly, this issue was also present for users during beta phases. But the fact that it was an intended change, makes them some users disappointed.

Here’s how you can change watch face now

If you’re one of the users struggling with the new watch face change process, you can check out the following information to learn it better.


We understand that adapting to the new process may require some patience and practice. But with time, it can become as intuitive as the previous method.

Also remember that Apple continually refines its software based on user feedback. So your input can help shape future updates and improvements to the Apple Watch experience.

That said, we will keep tabs on the latest developments and update this article accordingly.

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Featured and inline image source: Apple

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