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Are Bachelor In Paradise Season 9’s Kylee Russell & Aven Jones Still Together? (SPOILERS)

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise season 9!




  • Bachelor in Paradise couple Aven Jones and Kylee Russell seem to be making a connection.
  • Kylee and Aven had a great connection on their date, showing good chemistry and sharing kisses. They may have found love on the show.
  • Kylee and Aven left Bachelor in Paradise as a couple, but not engaged. They are still together post-show.

Bachelor in Paradise season 9 couple Aven Jones and Kylee Russell finally met in person after flirting online, and sparks were flying, but is the couple still together after their time together in Mexico? When Kylee arrived on the beach, was hoping to meet Aven, who’d liked some of her pictures on Instagram and left a fire emoji on one. Although that was the extent of their interaction, she was very interested in meeting him. However, when she received the first date card of the season, Aven wasn’t in Paradise yet.I

Kylee asked Will Urena to join her for the first Bachelor in Paradise season 9 date, and they hit it off. However, when Aven arrived on the beach the next day, and asked Kylee on a date, she accepted. They had a wonderful time, so Kylee broke things off with a heartbroken Will. Kylee and Aven seem to be making a connection, leaving people wondering if they’re still together today.

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Who Is Kylee Russell?

Kylee is a 25-year-old postpartum nurse from Charlotte, North Carolina. She made her Bachelor Nation debut on Zach Shallcross’ Bachelor season. She and Zach didn’t really have much of a connection. Zach eliminated Kylee over Zoom when he had COVID-19.

Kylee was also known for her conflict with Anastasia Keramidas, which led to an important discussion about microaggressions toward women of color. While on a group date, Kylee tried to steal Zach away from Anastasia. When Anastasia refused, Kylee said, “I don’t like to fight but…” Anastasia told the others that Kylee was aggressive, and that she was scared of her. At “The Women Tell All” special, Genevie Mayo explained how this was an example of a microaggression because Kylee was not a threatening person. Anastasia apologized and said that it wasn’t her intention.

Who Is Aven Jones?

Aven Jones from The Bachelorette Smiling

Aven is a 29-year-old sales executive from Salem Massachusetts. He first appeared on Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey’s Bachelorette season. He shared a deep connection with Rachel, and was her runner-up. Rachel got engaged to Tino Franco during her finale, but they broke up shortly after when Tino kissed another woman during a rough patch in their relationship. At the “After the Final Rose” episode, Aven appeared during a confrontation between Rachel and Tino and asked her if she wanted to catch up. They left the stage together, but their relationship didn’t seem to progress.

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Kylee & Aven Are Still Together After Bachelor In Paradise Season 9

According to Reality Steve, Kylee and Aven left Bachelor in Paradise season 9 as a couple, but not engaged. On his August 14 Daily Roundup podcast, Reality Steve said that he doesn’t know what happened to them on the show, but clearly post-show, they’re together. He assumes that they left the show as a couple, but didn’t go to the Fantasy Suites, and he doesn’t think that they were there at the end. However, Reality Steve said that it’s very clear that they’re together post-show

On August 10, both Kylee and Aven posted from the Jason Aldean concert in Charlotte. The following Saturday afternoon, they posted Instagram stories within ten minutes of each other from the same exact section of the Carolina Panthers exhibition game. Charlotte is Kylee’s hometown. As of now, Reality Steve hasn’t announced that they’ve broken up, so they’re probably still together.

Although Kylee and Aven’s relationship began with Kylee having to break up with Will, they seem like had a great connection on their date. They had good chemistry and shared some kisses. Kylee has had her eye on Aven for awhile. She even told him on their date that she’d hoped that he’d be the Bachelor when she joined Zach’s season. Hopefully, Aven and Kylee found the love that they’ve been searching for on Bachelor in Paradise season 9.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.

Source: Daily Roundup


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