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Asian Doll fans can’t decide if her body has been ‘photoshopped’ with BBL surgery


Rapper Asian Doll’s old picture in a bikini has resurfaced on X (formerly called Twitter) in the wake of her new song’s release. The viral picture has given rise to Photoshop and BBL rumors about the star’s body.

Asian Doll is best known for her rap songs like Pull Up, Fell In Love, Poppin’, and more. The 26-year-old songstress also released another track named Mama Freestyle recently. Following her new music‘s release, fans began talking about Asian Doll’s body. Moreover, an old resurfaced picture of the star has also given rise to BBL, plastic surgery, and Photoshop rumors on X (formerly known as Twitter).

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Asian Doll’s bikini pic resurfaces

Asian Doll’s old beach bikini pictures have resurfaced on Twitter after a fan shared them asking if the photos looked edited to other users.

In the snaps, the No Exposing rapper is seen in a stunning two-piece bikini. She strikes various poses as she shows off her assets in the silver-studded and black outline bikini set.

However, despite her beauty, the picture caused many fans to speculate about how her body looked different. Some speculated the picture could be edited or photoshopped while others thought otherwise.

Fans comment on Asian Doll’s body

“I don’t like Asian doll body,” a fan straight up said in a tweet.

“Asian doll is so pretty but I don’t like that body for her wow,” a second fan commented.

“Asian doll needs to sue whoever did her body,” a third person commented.

Some even compared the rapper’s appearance to TikTok star Shamar Mcco’s.

However, a few fans rushed to the musician’s defense claiming her viral picture was actually photoshopped.

“Yall still running with that photoshopped pic?” an annoyed fan expressed.

“You know it’s fake, you just want attention,” a frustrated fan told the person who posted the picture.

“It’s edited even if it wasn’t wats the point of bringing it unprovoked you b**ches ain’t get enough attention at home the way y’all fish for cool points on this app leave her alone,” a third fan said.

Like many other female rappers, Asian Doll has also been the subject of BBL rumors in the past. However, the musician has never openly commented on any plastic surgery rumors.

Rapper’s new song features Rob49, Skilla Baby and Tay B

Asian Doll’s new song Mama Freestyle’s music video was released a few days ago. The action-packed music video sees the rapper showing off her wealth and stunning figure in skimpy outfits.

The song caused many fans to say that the rapper is an “underrated artist.”

A few also expressed how she needs to get more credit. “Give this lady the credit she deserves!” one listener expressed.

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