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Attack on Titan fans frustrated as final episode faces delay on Netflix and Amazon

Attack on Titan’s final anime episode will have a 12-hour delayed release on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but there’s a catch.

The final ever anime episode of the iconic Attack on Titan will mark the end of an era and with less than 30 days to go, fans are preparing for the series finale to ‘break the internet’ once again. Whilst the last episode of Attack on Titan will be available to stream one day after its launch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, there is a catch that fans overseas need to be aware of.

Armin looks down as smoke from the Founding Titan swirls around him
Attack on Titan/MAPPA/Anime Pony Canyon YouTube channel

Attack on Titan’s final episode will land on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

On the morning of October 10, the official Japanese website for the Attack on Titan anime adaptation confirmed that the final ever episode (season 4 part 4) will be made available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime just one day after its TV premiere.

The 90-minute-long last episode of the iconic anime will be released first on domestic television networks in Japan at midnight local time on Saturday, November 4.

As revealed in the new press statement, the finale will then be launched for OTT streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video 12 hours later; at 12 noon on Sunday, November 5.

The problem for fans around the world is that this digital premiere will only be accessible on the Asian versions of both streaming platforms, i.e., Attack on Titan season 4 part 4 is arriving on Netflix and Prime Video, but only in select Asian territories.

This is a frustratingly common occurrence in the modern anime industry, with major streaming platforms having specific distribution deals with production companies in Asia compared to those overseas.

Fans should be able to use a VPN to access Attack on Titan; however, by the time the new episode drops on either Netflix or Amazon, it will already be available elsewhere for a much cheaper price.

Internationally, the final episode of Attack on Titan will be released as a simulcast title on Crunchyroll, which is available to new customers through the following price plans:

Will Attack on Titan’s final episode be on Disney Plus or Hulu?

Unfortunately, the final ever episode of Attack on Titan will not be made available to stream via Disney Plus, either in those select Asian territories or internationally.

The good news is that the season 4 part 4 finale is expected to be released for OTT streaming on Hulu, which has all previous seasons of the anime in its content library.

Hulu offers several subscription options to new customers wishing to watch the Attack on Titan finale as soon as it becomes available:

Attack on Titan releases its last-ever anime episode on November 4, 2023.

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