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Aubreigh Wyatt Doll Video Goes Viral

Aubreigh Wyatt Doll Video: Introducing an Understanding of Bullying and Mental Health Consciousness


Nowadays, narratives are able to clasp people from different countries and spark a dialogue that lings in the hearts of communities for a long time. One such case is that of Aubreigh Wyatt, a 13-year-old student coming from Ocean Springs, Mississippi whose death incident sent a wave of viral focus drawing issues of bullying and mental health awareness.

Aubreigh Wyatt Doll Video Goes Viral

Aubri Wyatt was an embodiment of so much more than just a name; she was the embodiment of a vivacious young girl filled with dreams and aspirations, much like any other teenage girl. She was young and beautiful but her life begrudged by the reality of bullying. It is a clear indication of how dangerous the result of continuous sexual harassment can be and, therefore, a wake-up call for the whole society to take actions.

In Aubreigh’s mourning, her mother, Heather Wyatt, emerged as a prominent fighter for bullying and mental health eradication campaigns. Through her amazing perseverance in paying her last tribute to her daughter by actively support these campaigns, Heather has been a role model example to many who are keeping the fight against bullying.