Awareness on Prime Video: Release Date, Trailer, Cast and More About the Sci-Fi Thriller

Sci-fi thrillers make for a captivating genre that seamlessly meld the imaginative wonders of science fiction with the heart-pounding suspense of a thriller. Adding to this lineup is the upcoming movie Awareness, set to hit screens on Prime Video. Sci-fi thrillers provoke introspection while delivering an adrenaline-pumping experience. It’s a genre that challenges our perceptions of reality and the limits of human potential, making it an exhilarating and thought-provoking journey for the genre’s enthusiasts and also those who are intrigued by suspenseful storytelling.

The originally made Spanish film is set to be released in English, Filipino and more, along with subtitles for international audiences. In addition to that, Hindi, English, Portuguese and more dubbed audios will also be available to make it more accessible to a wide variety of viewers. If you enjoy watching Sci-fi thriller movies and want to know what the upcoming one is all about, we have it all covered for you.

Awareness Synopsis/Plot

The plot revolves around a teenager named Ian, who lives on the outskirts with his father and has the ability to create visual illusions that he uses to sustain himself through minor scams. One day when one of his plans fails, his power becomes public. This intriguing scenario unfolds as two rival factions become drawn to Ian, each eager to exploit his extraordinary abilities.

In the trailer, we see Ian trying to run away as their rival is attempting to catch him and take him to the laboratory. His father is trying to make him understand that his power has its limits and Ian does not have much control over it. Eventually, he gets caught by one of the rivals who has been searching for him for years. This mysterious woman wants to insert a formula into his blood which will either eventually activate or deactivate his power. Ian is faced with a choice between sides, precipitating a conflict where he must unearth the truth about his own abilities and his enigmatic past.

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Awareness Cast

The movie stars Carlos Scholz, Pedro Alonso, Victor Cerezuela, Carlos Cortes Ciudad, Maria Pedraza, Lela Loren and others. The series is directed and written by Daniel Benmayor along with Ivan Ledesma.

Awareness Release Date and Trailer

The upcoming Spanish movie will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on, October 11 (Wednesday), 2023. The film premiered at the 26th Málaga Film Festival in March 16, 2023, and received positive feedback from both critics and audiences.

Watch Awareness Trailer Below

YouTube video

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