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Bachelor In Paradise Season 9: Every Potential Spoiler Revealed So Far

WARNING!!!!! This article contains SPOILERS!!!!




  • Bachelor in Paradise season 9 had a shorter filming period of two and a half weeks, giving the contestants less time to get to know each other before potentially getting engaged.
  • The majority of the cast members on Bachelor in Paradise season 9 are from the recent seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.
  • Aven and Kylee are the first confirmed couple of Bachelor in Paradise season 9.

Bachelor in Paradise season 9 filmed in Mexico ahead of its September 28 premiere on ABC, and there are already plenty of spoilers, courtesy of a the trailer and Reality Steve. Bachelor in Paradise season 9 welcomes back host Jesse Palmer and bartender Wells Adams. They’ll offer advice and guidance to the singles as they navigate the complicated relationships on the beaches of Mexico. The contestant group is generally made up mostly of cast-offs from the most recent The Bachelor and The Bachelorette seasons.

Bachelor in Paradise season 9 didn’t premiere until September 28, but filming wrapped at the end of June. During The Bachelorette season 20 finale, a new trailer was revealed that gave many spoilers for the show. In addition, Bachelor blogger Reality Steve is one of the most reliable sources for spoilers about the shows. He’s committed to sharing spoilers when he’s certain that they’re true, so his intel’s usually very reliable. Still, it’s possible that some of these spoilers could change as more information becomes available.

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Bachelor In Paradise Season 9 Films For Only Two & A Half Weeks

On the June 14 episode of his podcast, Reality Steve revealed that Bachelor in Paradise season 9 filmed for two and a half weeks, from June 6 to June 23 or 24. He pointed out that this was a bit shorter than the three-week timelines of other seasons. Reality Steve emphasized that this means that the couples who haven’t met before have just two and a half weeks to get to know each other before getting engaged. And that’s if they meet on day one!

Bachelor In Paradise Season 9 Cast Members

Rachel Recchia from The Bachelorette smiling outside

The Bachelor in Paradise season 9 trailer revealed many cast members who will appear on the beach during season 9. Of course, many more could be added as the season progresses. It’s also unclear who is part of the initial cast, and who will appear later in the season. Since Bachelor in Paradise has a revolving door of contestants, anything’s possible.

Viewers can expect to see a group from Zach Shallcross’ Bachelor season that includes Kat Izzo, Jess Girod, Mercedes Northup, Cat Carter, Greer Blitzer, Brooklyn Willie, Genevie Mayo, Olivia Lewis, and Kylee Russell. From Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette season, Brayden Bowers, Aaron Bryant, John Buresh, John Henry Spurlock, Aaron Schwartzman, Michael Barbour, Sean McLaughlin, and Peter Cappio have been confirmed. Like last year, Bachelor in Paradise was filmed before The Bachelorette aired, so the other contestants won’t have seen Charity’s men on TV before meeting them in Mexico.

In addition to these latest Bachelor Nation stars, some past fan favorites will look for love on Bachelor in Paradise season 9 as well. Blake Moynes, who got engaged to Katie Thurston on her season (after also appearing on Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams’ season) will appear. In addition, Jordan Vandergriff, Aven Jones, and Tyler Norris, from Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey’s season, and will search for love. Tyler also appeared on Bachelor in Paradise season 8. Eliza Isichei will also return after appearing on season 8. Will Urena from Michelle Young’s season and Samantha Jeffries from Clayton Echard’s season also went to Mexico.

Rachel will also try her luck on Bachelor in Paradise season 9. She’s not the only former Bachelorette to make an appearance. Katie Thurston, Hannah Brown, and Charity Lawson will also come to the beaches of Mexico, but most likely only to hand out date cards. In addition, in the Bachelor in Paradise season 9 cast announcement video, Tanner Courtad from Charity’s season is seen. In the coming attractions for episode 5, Davia Bunch from Zach’s season and Sam Picco from Bachelor in Paradise Canada, joined the cast.

Bachelor Nation Members Who Won’t Appear On Bachelor In Paradise Season 9

Gabby Windey smiling for a photo in The Bachelor season 26.

Reality Steve mentioned several Bachelor Nation members who were rumored to be participating in Bachelor in Paradise season 9. However, he’s since been able to confirm that they won’t be heading to the beach. They include former lead Gabby Windey, Zach’s runner-up Gabi Elnicki, and The Bachelor season 15 lead Peter Weber. In addition, The Bachelor season 26 star Clayton Echard shared on Instagram that he won’t be appearing on Bachelor in Paradise season 9 either.

What Was Revealed In The Bachelor In Paradise Season 9 Trailer?

The Bachelor in Paradise season 9 trailer that debuted during The Bachelorette season 20 finale had some major spoilers. It began with Kat and John Henry making out on the beach, and getting hit by a wave. It also teased a second chance for Rachel and Jordan, after she infamously eliminated him on her first one-on-one date of her season. Katie, Hannah, and Charity arrived in Mexico, but they’re most likely not there to date. However, exes Blake and Katie reunited for the first time since their breakup.

Samantha had a “serious medical emergency,” as she hadn’t gone to the bathroom in nine days. A medic informed her that she might have to “deliver a poo baby.” Aven and Kylee’s romance was shown, while Brayden seemed to date both Rachel and Kat. Aaron B. told Eliza that he was falling in love with her. Aaron S. and Peter continued their feud from The Bachelorette “The Men Tell All” episode. Wells introduced something called the Paradise Truth Box, which was predicted to “destroy some couples.” Finally, Jesse asked who will decide to get married in Paradise, and then a wedding was shown.

Which Bachelor In Paradise Couple Gets Married During Season 9?

Kenny Braasch Mari Pepin

In his August 23 column, Reality Steve revealed that the couple who tied the knot was Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch, who got engaged during the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise season 7. At the end of the trailer, Jesse, who officiated the wedding, pronounces them husband and wife, while they exchange rings. Reality Steve said that he’d heard that Mari and Kenny had gone to Mexico in June, but he assumed that they went to hand out a date card. Instead, they got married.

Reality Steve explained that this wedding was probably a favor to production, since Mari and Kenny plan to get married in November 2023 in Puerto Rico, where Mari is originally from. They will then have another wedding in Chicago, Kenny’s hometown, in early 2024. Mari and Kenny have spent the past two years since they got engaged in Paradise updating their fans about their relationship through their social media accounts. They also present Wedding Wednesday videos, in which they discuss wedding planning, including tips from their own experiences and fans.

Which Bachelor In Paradise Romance Was Confirmed On The Bachelorette “The Men Tell All” Episode?

Kat Izzo Brayden Bowers Bachelor in Paradise Season 9

On The Bachelorette season 20 “The Men Tell All” episode, host Jesse Palmer confirmed that Brayden will appear on Bachelor in Paradise season 9. He shared a clip of Brayden hanging out with Kat Izzo from Zach Shallcross’ Bachelor season. Both Kat and Brayden were considered villains on their seasons, although they were also fan favorites. In the teaser, Kat told Brayden that she liked his earrings, and he told her that she was the only person who did.

In her confessional, Kat said that she was taken by surprise by Brayden. She explained, “It’s not just that he’s hot. I mean, he has depth. And that’s honesty few and far between to even find these days in men. He’s like a Golden Retriever. And I love it.” Kat told Brayden that he was funny, and they kissed. Brayden told the cameras, “She’s a great kisser. Kat Izzo is a great kisser. 10/10. Recommend.” Brayden seemed embarrassed as he watched the clip, which could be because her fiancé was sitting in the row above him.

Who Was Eliminated At The First Bachelor In Paradise Rose Ceremony?

Montage of Bachelor In Paradise's Greer Blitzer, Brooklyn Willie and Cat Carter

On June 14, Reality Steve delivered the first spoiler about Bachelor in Paradise eliminations. He said that at the first rose ceremony, the men gave out the roses to the women. He pointed out that this has happened in seven out of the nine seasons of the show. He didn’t know the details about who gave roses to whom, but he revealed that three women were eliminated. They were Greer Blitzer, Brooklyn Willie, and Cat Carter. All three women appeared in Zach’s Bachelor season earlier this year.

Although it’s possible that Greer, Brooklyn, and Cat didn’t receive roses from any of the men, there are other scenarios in which contestants leave the show. They could’ve rejected roses from certain men, or even self-eliminated after not making any strong connections. It’ll be interesting to see why these three popular contestants leave the beach so early in Bachelor in Paradise season 9.

Who Is The First Confirmed Bachelor In Paradise Season 9 Couple?

Aven Jones Kylee Russell Bachelor in Paradise

On the June 19 episode of his podcast, Reality Steve revealed that the first confirmed Bachelor in Paradise season 9 couple is Aven and Kylee. Aven was Rachel’s runner-up on The Bachelorette season 19, while Kylee competed for Zach’s affection on The Bachelor season 27. Aven and Kylee’s romance was teased during the Bachelor in Paradise trailer which aired during The Bachelorette season 20 finale.

Reality Steve shared that Aven and Kylee have been a couple since the show began filming, and they might be, “on track for an engagement.” In his July 18 column, Reality Steve revealed that, while they were spotted partying together in a group on boat in San Diego after filming wrapped, he hasn’t heard anything else about them.

Which Bachelor In Paradise Season 9 Couples Got Engaged?

Kat Izzo John Henry Spurlock Bachelor in Paradise

In his July 18 column, Reality Steve revealed that Kat and John Henry got engaged at the end of Bachelor in Paradise season 9. They were even spotted together after the show, behaving like a couple in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They were seen kissing in the Bachelor in Paradise season 9 trailer.

In addition, the third time’s the charm for Eliza, who’s engaged to Aaron B. after Bachelor in Paradise season 9. In his August 23 column, Reality Steve wrote that Eliza and Aaron B. were seen in the Vidanta hotel in Mexico post-filming, so it was assumed that they were a couple. He can now confirm that they got engaged on the beach as well. In the Bachelor in Paradise season 9 trailer, Aaron B. was shown telling Eliza that he was falling in love with her.

Which Bachelor In Paradise Contestants Self-Eliminated?

Rachel Recchia Blake Moynes Bachelor in Paradise side by side image

In his July 18 column, Reality Steve revealed that both Rachel and Blake self-eliminated from Bachelor in Paradise season 9. Rachel was dating Tanner, but ultimately decided to leave Mexico. She wasn’t eliminated at a rose ceremony. The same thing happened with Blake, who was involved with Jess. He also self-eliminated.

Katie Thurston Appears on Bachelor In Paradise Season 9

Katie Thurston on The Bachelor season 25 smiling white background

On Reality Steve’s June 26 podcast, he revealed that The Bachelorette season 17’s Katie Thurston went to Paradise – not as a contestant, but to deliver a date card. While she was there, she talked to her former fiancé, Blake. Reality Steve said that he thinks that they got the closure they needed. He guessed that this was a necessary conversation, and said that things went well. He pointed out that Katie’s been critical of the show because she didn’t have a good time, and felt betrayed by some people who worked on it. He thinks they were trying to extend an olive branch to Katie, and she took it.

As the Bachelor in Paradise continues, Reality Steve is sure to have all the spoilers about which of the contestants made connections, and hopefully fell in love. Love has already been on the air as Bachelor in Paradise season 9 has gotten underway, with several couples already making the connections that will lead to their lasting love and engagements. Hopefully, there will be even more surprises as the season continues.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.

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