Bartender Glass Of God Episode 3 Review: Sasakura Gets Criticised 

Bartender Glass Of God Episode 3 Review: The third episode of this new anime is finally here. Let us look at how episode 3 fared. 

Bartender Glass Of God Episode 3 Overview

Bartender: Kami no Glass (バーテンダー 神のグラス) finally brings to life the beloved Japanese manga Bartender, written by the talented Araki Jou and illustrated by the skilled Kenji Nagatomo, in the form of a new anime series.

Bartender Glass Of God Episode 3 Review Sasakura Gets Criticised 

This anime is directed by Kuraya Ryouichi, who is well-known for his previous works such as Grand Blue, Ore Monogatari!!, The Irregular at Magic High School, and more. Aketagawa Jin is the Sound Director who has also worked on projects like No Game No Life, Dr Stone, and Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, among others.

Takaya Kawasaki lends her voice to the opening theme song, Stardust Memory, while Mone Kamishiraishi (上白石萌音) perform the ending theme song titled Spica (スピカ). The series has been officially licensed by Crunchyroll, and the series started on TV in Tokyo on April 4, 2024.

I have tried my best to keep the review as spoiler-free as possible, but there are certain elements that I had to mention to give proper feedback.

– Bartender Glass Of God Episode 3 Review Contains Minor Spoilers –

Bartender Glass Of God Episode 3 Review and Recap – An Experienced Bartender

Bartender Glass Of God Episode 3 Review Sasakura Gets Criticised 

In this episode, the manager of The Cardinal decides to hire a backup bartender as there is no surety that Sasakura will join Cardinal. They are concerned that Sasakura might not agree to their offer and leave them hanging. Plus, the Chairman is particularly obsessed with the counter bar as he must compete with the legendary bartender, Kuzuhara. He works at the infamous Bar K, which caters to the best of the best in the country. 

After this, we see Yukari attend a high-end party where Kuzuhara gets a prestigious award in Bartending and is hailed as Mr Perfect. He is a proud bartender who knows about the Chairman and his habit of being picky with his drinks and bartenders. But even he becomes surprised and kind of offended when he gets to know that a new bartender like Sasakura has managed to impress the manager. Kuzuhara then goes to meet and test Sasakura, and there, things get pretty interesting.

Bartender Glass Of God Episode 3 Review Sasakura Gets Criticised 

This is the first episode where we see someone who is as much, if not more talented, and experienced than our protagonist in the anime. Kuzuhara has been in this business for a long time, and it is only natural that he will feel restless that a younger not-so-experienced bartender, has an impact on the Chairman.   

Hence, it becomes important for him, as a senior, to set things straight with the newer rival. But this does more good than bad because if someone is imperfect, that means there is room for them to grow. However, it is true that a blatant and outright dismissal of efforts does hurt, even when you know about your mistakes. 

This was apparent with the new customer, whom Sasakura had to provide with some rather harsh words just to motivate. 

Bartender Glass Of God Episode 3 Review Sasakura Gets Criticised 

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Today’s episode was again an easygoing one, with some info on drinks that might be unknown to many of us. This anime definitely has its particular band of viewers who would love to know about the world of mixology. But again, if you are looking for excitement here, then that’s a wrong call on your part. This anime has an adult feel-good vibe that you occasionally crave in place of the usual stuff.

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