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Below Deck: What Happened To Eddie Lucas & Why He’s Not Returning


  • Eddie Lucas, a former cast member of Below Deck, recently confirmed that he will not be returning for season 10 and was not even given a phone call informing him of his departure.
  • Eddie expressed frustration over the low pay that Below Deck cast members receive in comparison to other reality TV shows, particularly The Real Housewives.
  • Despite his frustrations with the show, Eddie is open to returning in the future and remains grateful for the support he has received from fans. He is currently working on tugboats and enjoying his life outside of the franchise.



Eddie Lucas has said his second goodbye to the Below Deck franchise after making his return three years ago. Five years after he first appeared as a deckhand, Eddie returned once again to the Caribbean. However, his reunion was short-lived as Eddie confirmed he wouldn’t join Captain Lee Rosbach for Below Deck season 10. As one of the most accomplished Below Deck cast members, there were questions about why Eddie decided to exit the franchise again, what he has been doing since, and if his leave this time would be permanent. In the wake of Below Deck season 11, it’s time to revisit Eddie.

Eddie starred on Below Deck from seasons 1 to 3, first as a deckhand, before he got promoted to a bosun. Below Deck season 3 strained his relationship with his then-girlfriend due to his affair with stewardess Rocky Dakota. After a whirlwind Below Deck season 3 romance, Eddie returned for Below Deck season 8 five seasons later, claiming to be much wiser and older than the last time he was on the show.

Eddie Lucas Blasted Below Deck After Departure

Eddie Lucas from Below Deck sitting on a couch in a green shirt smiling

According to The New York Post, Eddie admitted the reason for his absence was that he was not invited back for another season. Eddie further stated that he didn’t even receive a phone call from any of the show’s producers to notify him of this departure. He also took the opportunity to emphasize the poor pay he and the other Below Deck cast members received. “Below Deck — regardless of it being the most popular show on Bravo — we are the lowest-paid cast members.”

Eddie held nothing back as he compared their pay to that of The Real Housewives, saying, “While we do get paid better than a normal yachtie, of course, we are still not getting paid what people like the Housewives are making, which is a little frustrating, because they’re not really working — they’re just going out to dinner and fighting.

Eddie Lucas Could Return To Below Deck

Eddie Lucas from Below Deck

Although noticeably frustrated by the show’s antics, Eddie mentioned that he would be willing to return to Below Deck in the future. As for what he has been up to after leaving the Below Deck franchise, Eddie seems to be living his best life. He has continued working on tugboats in the Baltimore harbor and bought a new house. Eddie also has an adorable dog named Bert.

Although his role as a First Officer in the Below Deck franchise was cut short, Eddie isn’t letting that deter the momentum he has been building up. He seems very proud of what he has accomplished and is very thankful for all the fans and supporters he has gained through the Bravo series. Eddie may still be willing to return to the show but has no issues pursuing other avenues.

Below Deck is available for streaming on Peacock.

Sources: The New York Post


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