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Benny The Butcher Discusses What Big Daddy Kane Cosign Means To Him

A few weeks ago during an interview on Drink Champs, Big Daddy Kane talked about some of his favorite rappers out right now. “J. Cole is my favorite MC of this era. Shoutout to Conway The Machine — I love him to death — Benny The Butcher,” the rap legend said. He’s not alone either as all three artists have received their fair share of critical acclaim. Now Benny himself dropped by the Dope As Usual podcast himself to express how the cosign made him feel.

“I’m still humble. I didn’t even know Kane knew who the f*ck I was, y’feel what I’m sayin? So it’s like, when he was doing his sh*t, he was considered that guy, so it’s like he’s comparing me to those guys — Conway is that guy for sure, J. Cole is definitely that guy, y’know what I’m sayin?,” Benny The Butcher responded. The cosign didn’t just serve as praise for Benny, it also let him know he really is one of the best. “To be compared with those guys — that let me know I’m a top lyricist when it comes from guys who were top lyricists,” he concluded.

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Benny The Butcher Knows He’s One Of The Top Lyricists

Benny The Butcher and J. Cole have actually crossed paths before. The two collaborated on the song “Johnny P’s Caddy” from Benny’s 2022 album Tana Talk 4. Earlier this year the song was certified gold and Benny celebrated by showing off his gold plaque in an Instagram post.

Benny The Butcher was supposed to release his new album back in August. It was delayed past its original release date but Benny has continued teasing particular tracks regardless. One song fans can’t wait to hear is a crossover between Benny and Lil Wayne that’s expected to appear on the album. What do you think of Benny The Butcher’s response to his cosign from Big Daddy Kane? Let us know in the comment section below.

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