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‘Better than me I would’ve said we sold out’: Starbucks barista shares what they do when a customer they don’t like orders a loaf

A Starbucks barista who encountered a rude customer shared a very specific form of revenge, and some thought it was completely warranted.

The video, posted by TikTok user Kiid (@kiidoddity), got more than 970,000 views in just 21 hours on the platform.

In the short clip, a Starbucks worker’s hand hovers over wrapped slices of what looks to be the store’s Pumpkin & Pepita Loaf. The on-screen caption reads, “When they order a loaf but they were rude.”

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The hand hovers over the loaf slices for a moment, then moves over to the smallest one, grabs it, and gives it a slight shake before the video cuts out.

Commenters found the content relatable.

One remarked, “Better than me,” going on to share, “I would’ve said we sold out.”

Another fantasized, “Me peeling the icing off the lemon loaf.”

The lemon loaf figured into one other commenter’s vision of revenge. “LMAOOO ain’t this the damn truth,” that person said. “I would ‘accidentally’ put the lemon loaf icing down.”

Someone else seemed to understand what was in play, noting, “I would literally look through all the trays for THE smallest grilled cheese.”

One commenter shared, “i give them the one that’s been in the case all day.”

Another had a very specific form of revenge. “You gotta snap the straw in drive thru,” they wrote.

But one person presumed the inverse was also true. “Is this why they always ‘accidentally’ grab two bakery items for me?” they asked. “Or maybe cause I always tip 20 lol.”

Starbucks baristas have also been known to mete justice in other ways besides picking the smallest loaf slice. Take the Daily Dot’s account of one barista who claimed to “decaf” rude customers, giving them decaf versions of coffee drinks when they expected caffeine.

That barista boasted, “I worked at Starbucks for six years, and I decaffed hundreds of people. I decaffed you if you were a b*tch, I decaffed to you if you were rude, I decaffed you if … I don’t know, if you were an annoying f*cking person, you got decaf.”

She went on to enumerate, “If you were sh*tty to the person at the register, you got decaf. If you were sh*tty on the speakerbox, you got decaf. If you were even sh*tty to someone who worked at Starbucks who … I thought was annoying, I decaffed your a**.”

The Daily Dot contacted @kiidoddity via TikTok comment for more information.

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