Bianca Censori’s Suspender Outfit Raises Concerns About Kanye’s Dominative Behaviour

Kanye West is currently married to Bianca Censori.

However, there are talks about the couple being a little too toxic for each other.

Kanye is being talked about that he is controlling Bianca, and fans are not happy about the same.

Bianca Censori’s Suspender Outfit

The issues are arising because of the way Bianca looks during her trips to Tokyo and Paris these days.

Recently In Paris, Bianca wore a bold outfit that was somewhat very different. She only opted for suspenders and no shirt.

Suspenders are something that help pants stay up while wearing an outfit, without the need for a belt. It gives the outfit a very rustic look; however, Bianca went all out, wearing only suspenders without a shirt underneath.

Bianca flashed her chest, and her nipples were the only things that were covered. Even though her outfit was great and stunning, people noticed that she was looking more tired than usual and very mellowed out.

In this outfit, Bianca showed off her perfect hourglass shape. She was photographed alongside Kanye and stunned in the outfit. Even though the outfit was risky and she risked a wardrobe malfunction, Bianca went all out and looked graceful.

Another time in Paris, Bianca wore a nude-colored bodysuit. Bianca looked stunning; however, she wasn’t looking happy or cheerful as she usually did.

Fans are very worried about Kanye even controlling Bianca, and maybe he’s the reason Bianca looks dull and not the same as she used to look anymore.

“What’s the matter with her? Real question,” a user wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Others chimed in, “Why does she allow anyone to denigrate her like this? It boggles the mind.”

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