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Big Brother Live Feed Viewers Want Cameron Hardin Evicted (He’s A Threat)


  • Cameron’s gameplay on Big Brother 25 is impressive but isn’t always clean, with viewers of the live feeds seeing a different, sometimes inappropriate side of him.
  • Cameron has been using emotionally manipulative tactics in the game, particularly during his Head of Household reign, which have left his fellow houseguests feeling wronged.
  • Cameron’s behavior has caused discomfort among evicted houseguests, who have called him out for his inappropriate comments and racially insensitive behavior. His jealousy over a showmance has also been off-putting.



Big Brother 25 viewers have been enjoying watching Cameron Hardin take on the competition, but those who are watching him on the BB live feeds have a different take on the competitor’s sometimes inappropriate behavior. Cameron, who has been in the Big Brother house for over 60 days and spent the majority of his time on the nomination block, has faced challenges during his time on the series. A stay-at-home dad, Cameron has been away from his daughter for over 2 months and fought hard to stay in the BB house, even being brought back after a unanimous eviction. Cameron’s gameplay has been impressive, but it isn’t always clean.

On the weekly episodes, Cameron is being edited to seem like a game player who doesn’t let things get too personal, but for viewers who are indulging in the Big Brother 24-hour live feeds, Cameron takes on an entirely different personality. Cameron, who presents as a care-free, fun guy that just wants to play Big Brother, has been saying some alarming things to his fellow houseguests, which have confounded live feed viewers. Though he appears as a master manipulator on Big Brother‘s TV aired episodes, Cameron has made it clear that he’s more of a villain than most viewers imagined.

Cameron Hardin Has Used Confusing Emotionally Manipulative Tactics

Cameron Harding Big Brother wearing brown shirt smiling

While Big Brother is a game that requires manipulation the majority of the time, Cameron is taking his emotionally manipulative tactics to another level. During his second Head Of Household reign, Cameron’s targets included Survivor legend Cirie Fields’ closest allies, Izzy Gleicher and Felicia Cannon. He felt that he could take Cirie’s power away from her in the game by getting rid of one of her closest allies, targeting Izzy over Felicia, though he didn’t much care who went home. Cameron’s targets were clear for him, but the emotionally manipulative tactics he used throughout his HOH reign to get Izzy out of the house were exhausting to watch.

Prior to the nomination ceremony, Cameron decided to pull fellow BB 25 houseguests Blue Kim and Jag Bains up to the HOH room and lie, explaining he’d be nominating them. He was choosing to scare the houseguests in order to get as much information out of them as possible, knowing they were closer to the epicenter of the Cirie/Izzy/Felicia alliance than he was. After intimidating his potential nominees, he seemed almost gleeful in his reaction, loving the fact that he was able to twist them around emotionally as much as he had. This isn’t the only instance of Cameron’s troubling manipulation tactics, which leave his fellow houseguests feeling wronged.

Cameron Has Nearly Broken The BB Code Of Conduct

Big Brother 25's Cameron Hardin

After BB 25 houseguest Luke Valentine was ejected early in the game for breaking the show’s code of conduct, the houseguests have been tremendously careful about what they’ve said in the BB house. Cameron, who has spent the majority of the season on his own, has made some close-call remarks during the game that many feel could’ve been pushing the code of conduct. Though his alliance with BB 25 evicted houseguest Red Utley deteriorated after they were put on the nomination block together, both made some ugly remarks about the female houseguests during their time together in the game. After Red’s eviction, some wondered if Cameron would calm down.

During his time in the BB house, Cameron has been overtly sexual about several of his younger female houseguests, including BB 25’s Reilly Smedley and America Lopez. Reilly was evicted during the second week of the summer and was friendly with Cameron during her time in the house. Though he’s mentioned that he felt akin to her because she reminded him of her daughter, Cameron has made remarks about Reilly that are uncomfortable knowing he views her in that light. His comments about America have been explicit and overtly sexual, to the point that some houseguests choose not to leave the pair alone in a room together for America’s safety.

Kirsten Elwin from Big Brother in a blue dress and smilng against a gray background

While the majority of the houseguests left in the Big Brother 25 house have tried to make themselves as comfortable with Cameron as possible, the houseguests who have been evicted from the game have spoken out about his behavior. Kirsten Elwin, the first evicted houseguest of the season, has been able to watch the entirety of the season and comment on the houseguests behavior as she’s followed along. Having never been a fan of Cameron due to his abrasive personality, Kirsten hasn’t been kind about his inappropriate comments and has even found herself calling him out on social media for the things he’s said in the Big Brother house.

Kirsten has spoken out about the way Cameron speaks to America, unhappy with the fact that he continues to make explicitly sexual remarks to her even though she’s both unresponsive and in a showmance with another houseguest. She’s also called out the way that Cameron has acted towards the houseguests of color, as his behavior is riddled with microaggressions and his vernacular leaves much to be desired. In a recent post, Kirsten called Cameron out for calling her “cotton”, appalled at the connotation of the word being used about a woman of color. Kirsten rightfully put Cameron on blast, calling for BB to do something about the racially insensitive behavior.

Cameron’s Jealousy Over Cory & America’s Showmance Has Been Off-Putting

America Lopez Cory Wurtenberger Big Brother 25

Cameron has been making remarks to America throughout Big Brother 25, despite the fact that she’s been in a showmance with Cory Wurtenberger for weeks. Though it wasn’t clear where America and Cory stood to some of the other houseguests early on in their relationship, it has become obvious. Cameron, who says he feels like Cory is his brother, was clearly put-off by the fact that America was interested in Cory rather than him, as Cameron and America had been playfully flirty early in the game. While America has engaged in the behavior, Cameron has taken it further than expected, making overtly sexual comments that America is openly uncomfortable with.

Cameron’s jealousy has been obvious as he continually stared the pair down any time they were in communal areas or interrupted them when they were spending time one-on-one. He’s told both Cory and America to distance from one another, angry when they refuse to do so, and has even targeted Cory in the game in jealousy. Though Cory has always supported Cameron in the house, he’s chosen to take a path of destruction against Cory while talking poorly about America behind her back. The aggression in his gameplay is new towards the pair, and only happened after America stopped openly flirting with Cameron to make herself and Cory’s relationship obvious.

Cameron Has Said He Isn’t Committed To Winning The Game

Cameron was evicted unanimously during Big Brother 25 week 7, but his eviction was overturned by a twist in the game that allowed him to come back into the house and compete for his BB life. Cameron, who is a competitive threat in the game, won the competition against Jared Fields and got to come back into the house, but in the time between his eviction and re-entry to the game, it was clear that Cameron was angling for his spot. During his pitch to his fellow Big Brother houseguests to keep him around, Cameron used a bargaining tool that seemed off-putting to houseguests, and irked live feed viewers.

Cameron was hoping for just one more week of safety so he could make it to the jury house. The competitors who make it to the jury phase of the competition are paid handsomely for their time. Cameron, who left his daughter to come on Big Brother, explained to anyone who would listen that he didn’t need to win the game, he simply wanted to make it to jury in order to make the most money he could. While it’s understandable, Cameron rubbed his fellow houseguests the wrong way saying he didn’t need to win the game, as the people left in the house are interested in playing to win.

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