‘Black Triangle UFO’ seen spinning in the night sky as unexplainable sighting stirs reactions

Spectators claim they spotted a ‘Black Triangle UFO’ as the alleged sighting fuels speculations about extraterrestrial lives.

Mankind is more intrigued than ever about the possibility of extraterrestrial lives amid ongoing discussions about unexplainable aerial phenomena. Rumors that stem from unverified reports have alleged sightings of supposed UAPs around the world and now, another clip that’s making the rounds on social media claims to depict a UFO in the night sky forming a ‘Black triangle’.

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‘Black Triangle UFO’ seen spinning in the night sky

The so-called ‘Black Triangle UFO’ is the latest alleged sighting to have caught the attention of UFO enthusiasts and even critics as they try to break down the video.

Multiple versions of the supposed sighting are found on TikTok and X/Twitter as they all show an unidentified object in the night sky spinning at a slow speed outlined by bright three lights. All clips alleging the unidentified object feature a bright object glowing in between the lights forming a perfect triangle.

The origin of the much-discussed video isn’t clear, while one user on Twitter has claimed that the alleged UFO was spotted over New York.

But another TikTok user noted the rare sighting occurred when they were driving on rural roads. It is possible that the supposed sighting could have been captured from different places, but there’s no evidence to prove the footage is real.

Unverified video stirs reactions

A significant number of social media users who’ve stumbled upon the so-called Black Triangle UFO have refused to believe it’s real, while a few others have offered reasonable explanations such as the lights belonging to military jets.

“There’s an old Air Force base that is still used for training landings in the area. You can hear the hum of the plane. This could easily be military,” said one.

Another suggested: “This could be a homemade drone.”

“I believe 100% in life outside earth. But these ships are man-made IMHO. Have never seen a triangle doing anti-ballistic movement,” wrote another.

More reports on UAPs and ‘aliens’

Social media users are bombarded with rumors and speculations about aliens as reports about alleged UFO and UAP sightings are on the rise.  If you are curious to learn more about it, take a look at the compilation made below.

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