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Bodies ending explained – Netflix series reveals the killer but teases season 2 at the same time

HITC works to solve the ending of Bodies and get who the killer is explained as audiences also enquire as to whether the 2023 Netflix series is renewed for season 2. The new series uniquely presents the murder-mystery formula, shuffling between multiple time periods and introducing sci-fi elements.

Bodies is a British crime thriller with a twist and hit Netflix on Thursday, October 19th 2023 from creator Paul Tomalin, although it’s based on Si Spencer and Dean Ormston’s DC graphic novel of the same name. It stars Shira Haas as DC Maplewood, Stephen Graham as Elias Mannix, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd as DS Whiteman, Kyle Soller as DI Hillinghead, and Amaka Okafor as DS Hasan, following detectives attempting to solve the same murder in different time periods. Now, let’s get the Bodies ending explained and address who the killer is.

Stephen Graham as Elias Mannix wearing black in hospital room in Bodies
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Bodies Netflix ending explained

Diving in, Hasan and Defoe hatch a plan to stop Mannix and Maplewood invests too, going back to 1890. However, she finds that the technology that allows the use of her legs isn’t working at this time and she winds up in jail after arriving in the year nude.

It’s here that she sees Hillinghead, who has confessed to the killing of Defoe, and he himself is about to be murdered by Harker/Mannix’s associates. She begins to relay information about the future in an attempt to save him, and Hillinghead confronts Mannix with what he’s been told.

Hillinghead is murdered all the same, but he’s messed with Mannix’s confidence, spurring a confession to Polly and messing with their relationship. However, she tells him to keep his plan on track. Near the end of his life, he records a message instructing how to bomb London but records another that he asks Whiteman to give to Hasan in 2023.

Whiteman confirms he’ll pass it on and kills him before he too is killed, but by Hayden.

Defoe and Hasan make a discovery in 2053: Maplewood’s and Whiteman’s names have replaced Hillinghead’s on the wall. This encourages her to go to the bar, and it’s the day of the bombing. Mannix’s record is found and it asks a young Elias to ditch the plan.

Hasan goes to Sarah Mannix’s in hopes of Elias having the chance to reconnect with his mother. She also calls her past self to play Elias the record, teaching him that he must sacrifice himself to save many lives, which he does.

Elias’ move not to blow up the bomb has crucial repercussions, saving the detectives.

In the end, we see them living out their times, with an important detail missing… there’s no dead body to be unearthed on Longharvest Lane. And yet, the kicker comes when Hasan hails a cab and the driver is none other than Maplewood.

Who is the killer in Bodies?

The killer is actually Maplewood.

She was shown the time-travel device and told of Mannix’s evil plan to detonate a bomb in 2023. When Mannix arrives to use the Throat to go back to 1890, she shoots Defoe when he attempts to pursue him.

As he’s about to travel in time, this results in him being found dead in different time periods.

Bodies creator set up season 2 ‘just in case’

“The characters were brought to an end,” Bodies creator Paul began to tell Cosmopolitan. “But that being said, if it’s a ridiculous hit and people are storming Netflix [for more], we left that ellipsis just in case, with a very exciting idea that does justice to the set up and develops it further.’

He added that “What we knew was it would be a disservice to our audience, if they were going to invest eight hours of their time, not to solve this.”

It’s been billed as a mini-series and isn’t renewed for season 2, but as Paul says, there’s potential to expand.

Bodies is now streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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