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Bryan Danielson Calls Out Elon Musk, Labeling Him “Cosmically Impotent” and Stating He “Can’t Blow Up the Moon”

Bryan Danielson is gaining a lot of attention online after calling out Elon Musk. The AEW wrestler, known for his unforgettable matches in WWE and his intense fighting skills, has gone viral ever since he talked about the Tesla, SpaceX, and X (formerly Twitter) owner.

Bryan Danielson is gaining loads of attention as he called out Elon Musk online. The AEW wrestler is going viral now, who is known for his unforgettable matches in WWE. He is known for his intense matches and deadly fighting skills.

Bryan Danielson Calls Out Elon Musk

Brian Danielson aka American Dragon voiced his reaction to Elon’s new moon plan in a little too violent way.

As we all know Elon Musk is planning to take Earth’s inhabitants to the moon (is Interstellar finally coming true?), however, Bryan isn’t a big fan of Elon as per his recent statements at the Nikkie & Brie show.

He called out, Elon Musk saying that he is cosmically impotent and won’t be able to blow up the moon.

Bryan Danielson also added that Twitter upsets him more than TikTok.

His exact words were,

“I’m going to challenge Elon Musk on Twitter and tell him he can’t blow up the moon and that he’s cosmically impotent. Elon Musk, you’re cosmically impotent, you can’t blow up the moon.”

Netizens on social media promoted the idea of them fighting off, and the winner of the match will get control over Twitter.

The concept of businessmen fighting is not very uncommon.

There has been news of Mark Zuckerberg fighting Elon Musk in the past as well.

But as time went by, the news fizzled out really and nobody ever talked about it then.

Elon Musk recently took control of Twitter and named it X, he then launched his bulletproof Tesla cyber truck, which Adin Ross shot bullets at, and now he is on his way to creating his version of an email and so on.

Netizens are way too invested in this drama now.

Elon has not replied to anything on the internet drama as of yet.


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