Bucchigiri Episode 5 Review: No Turning Back

Bucchigiri Episode 5 Review: Another fun episode has dropped from this unusual but entertaining anime. Read ahead to find out more.

Bucchigiri Episode 5 Overview

Bucchigiri?! is a new anime series and an original anime from MAPPA, the studio behind popular shows like Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen. It’s set to premiere this January, so it’s just around the corner!

The series is described as a return to the delinquent/Yanki genre of anime, which was popular in the late 90s and early 2000s with shows like Cromartie High School and Great Teacher Onizuka.

Bucchigiri Episode 5 Review No Turning Back

Under the direction of Hiroko Utsumi and the story of Taku Kishimoto, the series also consists of the musical composition of Michiru Ōshima, while character designs are by Takahiro Kagami.

The opening theme, “Sesame” by Kroi, sets the tone, and the ending theme will be Love je t’aime (らぶじゅてーむ)” by Mahiru Coda (甲田まひる).

I have tried my best to keep the review as spoiler-free as possible, but there are certain elements that I had to mention to give proper feedback.

– Bucchigiri Episode 5 Review Contains Minor Spoilers –

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Bucchigiri Episode 5 Review No Turning Back

This episode starts with Matakara rushing towards the Ng Boys’ hideout and discovering that they have been preparing their weapons made out of pipes that they plan to use against Minato Kai and Siguma. Matakara is ready to stop them, but that is when he discovers his supposed friend Arajin with the Emperor of Ng Boys. Apparently, our hero tried to defeat Emperor but got beaten and taken to his base with a promise. Emperor will help him lose his virginity to the female members of his gang. And hearing this, our boy readily forgets all about his goal to stop the war and sides with Emperor.

 Here, Senya suspects that Emperor must have an Honki person within himself, whom he knows as well. I think this Ichiya, the new Honki person, might be Senya’s rival, and we might see them fight later on. Senya also looked pretty concerned with Emperor and even told Arajin not to disclose anything about him visiting the Honki temple.

In this episode, we also get some background as to why Arajin ignores Matakara and tries to stay away from him. I appreciate this part, as now I understand his baseless hate towards his friend. Our hero has always been a wimp who also left his friend when he was getting thrashed by some older boys when they were very young. Since then, he has tried to avoid Matakara, which stems from his guilt of running away.

But Arajin really does like Mahoro. When a situation came where he sensed that Mahoro might be in danger, his compatibility with Senya became the best ever, and he could properly use Senya’s powers to maximum effect. However, one thing is certain, nobody, not even the actual truth, can stop the fight between Ken and Marito.

Bucchigiri Episode 5 Review No Turning Back

This episode had much more elements and information than the previous episodes, which made this better. We also got information as to why Emperor is so hellbent on putting Minato Kai against Siguma. Plus, it was refreshing to see Arajin finally do something out of the feeling of protection rather than his wish to lose his virginity.


This anime does have flaws, but at the end of the day, it is entertaining. The story still feels messy and random but, it has enough fun elements to keep you watching. Other than that, watch this for the cool fights, as the makers really did get that part right.

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