bunny☆kaisui Profile and Facts (Updated!)

bunny☆kaisui Profile and Facts

bunny☆kaisui is a J-Pop kaigai idol based in Barcelona, Spain. She was a member of SH1NY ST4RS from 2022-2023. – She released her debut EP bunny kaisui #1 -Haneda International Anime Music Festival Presents- on October 18, 2017.

Stage Name: bunny☆kaisui (バニー☆海水)
Birth Name: Gabriela
Birthday: December 15
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type:
MBTI Type:
Nationality: Argentinian-Spanish
Ko-Fi: bunny☆kaisui
Instagram: bunnykaisui
Facebook: bunnykaisuiofficial
Twitter: bunnykaisui
Twitch: bunnykaisui
TikTok: bunnykaisui
YouTube: bunnykaisui
SoundCloud: bunny☆kaisui

bunny☆kaisui Facts:
– She is from Argentina, but moved to Spain when she was 11.
– She is also known as Gaby.
– She was also a member of BiShoujo from 2006-2007, and a member of IDOL⋆ROMANCE from 2007-2015.
– She was one of the co-founders of IDOL⋆ROMANCE, which helped spread the idol and wota culture in Spain.
– She has been performing J-Pop and Anisong since 2006.
– Her member colours are blue and mint green.
– Her first solo live was in 2011, and her performances have been broadcasted by the music program J-MELO.
– She released her first single “Sore ga Zenbu, Yume ni Tsunagaru” on September 22, 2019.
– She has two cats named Brownie and Sacher.
– She won an award in 2012 for Best Singer.
– She enjoys collecting live DVDs and Blu-rays from her favourite J-Pop groups. She also attends concerts in Japan.
– She designs and makes her own outfits, which are inspired by Japanese fashion and costumes of her favourite groups and singers.
– She released her first physical CD in 2018, titled “Kaigai Singer ni yoru ANISON Cover “Ganisong!” bunny☆kaisui from Argentine #1″.
– At the 24th edition of Salón del Manga de Barcelona in 2018, she was able to perform as an opening act of the first edition of the IDOL CONTEST, where she is also a judge alongside former NMB48 Team M member Kamieda Emika.
– In 2019, she had the opportunity to perform as the opening act for AKB48.
– She likes the idol groups/soloists/franchises Girls²HappinessSUPER☆GiRLSUp Up Girls (Kakko Kari)Ogura YuiJDee’Z/JewelThe IDOLM@STERCheeky ParadeANGERME, E-girls and more.
– Her profession is computer science, specifically software and application programming.
– She has performed alongside other kaigai idols such as PhoebePAiDANon Sweet and Alexis.
– On her Ko-Fi, you can buy merch to support her. You can buy signed photo prints (€2), a signed cheki/polaroid (€5), a keychain (€6), a glitter sticker (€4) and a logo sticker (€2). Shipping is typically around €1-3, depending on where you live. Shipping fees are shown when you view the product.
– She loves crafting so much that she sends her creations to children’s craft TV programs.
– Since she’s a big fan of Sailor Moon, she made the first word of her stage name bunny because of Usagi. She used kaisui as the other part because one of its meanings is “seawater”, and she loves the element of water and the color blue.
– Her interests include josei idols (female idols), wotagei, anime, manga/comics/visual novels, anisong, otaku culture, dancing, singing, sewing, fashion, crafts, video games and software development.
– She has covered songs by artists such as Ho-Kago Tea Time, AKB48, Girls², ℃-uteTOKYO GIRLS’ STYLENogizaka46 and SING女团.
– Her #1 special memory related to the world of music going to many rock and heavy metal concerts with her parents.
– She started going to dance classes at the age of 2.

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