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Character AI’s servers go down for hours leaving users fearful of permanent ‘shutdown’

Character AI ( recently went down and panicked users swarmed Twitter with their questions and frustrated comments. Some even wondered if Character AI was shutting down for good after a tweet alleged its last day was October 15th.

The Artificial Intelligence chatbot service is a hub for many internet users who love to spend hours creating their own AI characters and chatting with them. You can also have a conversation with pre-existing chatbots on the technology site. However, Character AI’s servers recently went down and soon the website’s users began losing their minds on Twitter.

Character AIs’ servers went down again on Oct 9th and 10th

AI model chatbot service recently faced a major server issue that caused their entire website to go down. Several users who were using the website saw it go down in real time.

Many posted screenshots saying that their wait time for the website to go back was going up rather than down. For some it was four hours and for others, it was even longer. The screenshots show a popup message from the website that says “Our servers are currently under a high load.”

The website seems to be back up again now. However in the midst of a sea of tweets complaining about the website going down, a few users also began spreading misinformation about Character AI “shutting down” permanently. A post shows a false account claiming to be Character AI tweeting that the website will be “permanently wiped from all platforms on October 15th” due to technical issues. However, it is important to note that no such official announcement has been made by the website owners and developers.

Frustrated users take to Twitter

Several Character AI users took to the site to share how they felt after the chatbot went down again after its previous server issues in January 2023.

Potential fixes for Character AI’s server issues

If Character AI’s servers are under a high load it’s best to refresh the page or exit the website for the time being to let it recover its functioning.

You can also try running the website in incognito mode.

The third option is to clear your cookies and cache. Finally, you can also try using a website after connecting to a VPN network.

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