Chrisean Rock says she is getting pregnant again in 6 weeks


Chrisean Rock says she is getting pregnant again in 6 weeks.

Chrisean Rock has been under fire as of late after a fan spotted her at Walmart with her newborn son. They managed to sneak a video of the reality star, which has now sparked a great deal of debate. In the clip, the infant is seen strapped into a baby carrier on his mother’s chest. Social media users were quick to note how he doesn’t look properly supported by the device, and appears to be hanging in an uncomfortable and potentially unsafe position.

The two co-parents recently resolved their pre-birth issues and Chrisean has agreed to change the child’s name from “Chrisean Jr.” to “Jonathan Jr.” — Blueface’s government name … creating tension with his relationship with Jaidyn Alexis as a result.

There’s still time for parenting classes!!! Countless viewers are now expressing concern for the newborn, and accusing the 23-year-old of being an unfit mother. “This looks really bad,” one Instagram commenter writes. “The baby has no support and is supposed to be more secure.” While some are going in on Chrisean, others are coming to the new mother’s defense. “You can support instead of criticizing,” a commenter notes.

Though it’s clear that adapting to motherhood can be challenging, it doesn’t look like social media users will be letting this one slide. Unfortunately, this also isn’t the first time Chrisean’s been accused of making the wrong move since her son’s arrival. She’s been facing some criticism for choosing to take the newborn out in public so early in his life, especially since his celebrity parent is sure to draw attention. Chrisean’s also raised some eyebrows by featuring Chrisean Jr. in music videos, bringing him along to the studio with her, and more.

Many fans cited the dangers of having the infant’s neck unsupported and also accused her of being too distracted to properly tend to the baby as she also walked her dog on its leash inside the store.


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