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Coffee Mate announce Mean Girls Creamer – on Wednesdays, we drink pink

Nestle and Coffee Mate have announced the must-have gift for all coffee-loving Mean Girls fans out there with a limited edition pink creamer.

It’s early October and that can only mean one thing – that the iconic cult comedy classic Mean Girls has been on everybody’s minds. As you probably already know, October 3rd has become the unofficial national holiday for the army of Mean Girls fans dotted around the world who pay tribute to Lindsey Lohan’s iconic delivery year after year. And one company marked the occasion with an eyebrow-raising coffee invention that sounds like it was made for Gretchen and the gang.

How fetch! Nestle announces pink Mean Girls Coffee Creamer

Everybody knows that the cool girls at North Shore High School wear pink on Wednesdays, but it was never made clear whether the pink dress code extended to the color of their coffee too.

To celebrate the impending 20th anniversary of the movie‘s release, Nestle has confirmed that a limited edition of its Coffee Mate label will the see creamer turn fully pink, ensuring that your hot drinks will look more fetch than ever before.

Opting for a pink cake frosting favor, the creamer certainly sounds as though it has been made with those who have something of a sweet tooth in mind.

When can I buy the Mean Girls Creamer?

Unfortunately, while the Coffee Mate announcement came this week, fans still have a while to wait for the release of the Mean Girls Creamer.

As the movie was released in 2004, Nestle is waiting until we hit the year 2024 to drop the creamer so that it will coincide with Mean Girls’ 20th anniversary.

The nationwide release will come in January 2024, though a specific date has not been given, and will be available at grocery stores and mass retailers.

Priced at $4.69 for a 32 oz. bottle, the Mean Girls Creamer isn’t exactly cheap, but you can’t put a price on pink.

The sweet pink drink made quite the storm on Facebook, as Nestle’s announcement racked up thousands of reactions and comments within hours.

“I’m getting some as soon as I see it!” Wrote one excited would-be customer. “I will be on the lookout for this!” Added another.

Referencing the decision to release the news on October 3, one user wrote: “Well done Coffee mate, well done.”

The food and drink giants also confirmed that there are not currently plans to release a sugar-free edition of the Mean Girls Creamer, but assured its followers that there was no Red 40 dye used in the making of the product.

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