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Creepy photo of husky smiling at door terrifies social media as ‘Smile Dog’ returns


An eerie photo of a husky smiling at the door has gone viral on social media as everyone is saying it’s ‘Smile Dog’.

‘Smile Dog’ is a demonic image of a Siberian husky with a menacing grin that’s been circling the internet for more than a decade.

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Eerie photo of husky smiling at door

The haunting image appeared on Twitter this week and shows a white and grey husky peering through a glass door.

Its piercing eyes are staring creepily and the dog has a huge grin on its face that is half visible through a wooden chair.

The husky is sitting in the backyard and looking into a house in the photo, which has been reposted numerous times.

It’s not clear who originally shared it, but the caption supposedly said: “Guys this dog showed up over an hour ago and it hasn’t moved or looked away.”

“My dogs would normally bark at anything that moves but they’re hiding in the room and cry if I try to bring them out,” it continues.

“I called animal control and they hung up once I described the dog what do I do?”

People are saying it’s ‘Smile Dog’

The picture has gone viral online as people are saying it’s ‘Smile Dog’, a supposedly haunted image dating back years.

Also known as smile.jpg, the picture is “creepypasta” – a term coined to describe all horror content posted online.

The photo is of a grey and white Siberian husky with a terrifying smile that shows all of its teeth, and it’s a popular internet meme.

As explained by Creepypasta Files, Smile Dog has a reputation for “driving those who view it insane” and visits people in dreams.

The demonic husky is said to force people into spreading his image all over the internet, otherwise he will kill them.

Image gives everyone ‘chills’

The photo of the husky smiling at the door is creeping everyone out on social media.

One person wrote “Bro that just gave me chills,” while another added: “He looks horrifying.”

Been watching TikTok’s of that smiling husky thing and now I can’t sleep,” a third person added.

Someone else said it’s the “return of Smile Dog” and another agreed: “Smile Dog rising from the grave.”

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