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Dale Mooney video leaked on twitter, patriots fan fight video dies


Dale Mooney video leaked on twitter, patriots fan fight video dies 3

WBZ has acquired footage depicting the moments leading up to the death of a fan at Gillette Stadium during the Sunday night game between the Patriots and the Dolphins. The footage is considered too graphic to be shown, however, still images are able to provide an illustration of the events that transpired.

At the onset of the video, a supposed follower of the Patriots, Dale Mooney, is seen approaching a row. Due to the presence of other individuals obstructing the camera’s view, he momentarily disappears from sight.

Upon his reappearance, he is engaged in a physical altercation with another male. The altercation is so intense that three individuals can be observed making attempts to break them apart. Among the group of people is a security personnel, identifiable by their uniform.

In the video, the conflict between the two men persists for a duration of at least 13 seconds before one of them throws a hasty punch at Mooney. As a result of the blow, Mooney collapses and security personnel intervene to separate the two individuals.

In the video, Mooney is depicted as slouched in a chair, seemingly unresponsive. The footage concludes at this point. Mooney was immediately transported to a hospital in Attleboro, however, he was declared deceased. The individual who recorded the video has stated that it has been surrendered to law enforcement officials.

At present, there have been no arrests made. The Massachusetts State Police and Norfolk District Attorney are currently conducting an inquiry into the matter.



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