DC’s Future Flash Unlocks the Final Speed Power Barry & Wally Couldn’t


  • Danica Williams is a remarkable future Flash who has the unprecedented ability to run on air molecules, setting her apart from other speedsters.
  • Her extraordinary skill elevates her to the pinnacle of the Flash hierarchy and reshapes the traditional benchmarks of speed and power.
  • While Danica currently holds the title of the fastest Flash, Wally West’s daughter Irey has the potential to surpass her, showcasing the ongoing evolution of speedster powers.



The future Flash, Danica Williams, has shattered expectations by harnessing the final speed power that has even eluded speedster legends Barry Allen and Wally West. This remarkable new power has placed her on the cusp of being anointed the fastest speedster in history. Yet, a challenger looms on the horizon, potentially poised to surpass Danica’s remarkable speeds.

In Justice League Beyond #25 by Derek Fridolfs, Marcus To, and Ian Herring, a remarkable discovery is unveiled by Danica Williams: she has the extraordinary ability to run on air, which is an unprecedented skill never witnessed in any previous Flash.

Flash Danica Walking on air

Her exceptional speed allows her to navigate through air before its molecules disintegrate, setting her apart from other renowned speedsters within the DC Universe, including the legendary figures Bart Allen, Wally West, and Barry Allen. While Barry exhibited the capacity to run on clouds, Danica’s unique skill of maneuvering through air on molecules alone represents a remarkable leap, elevating her to the pinnacle of the Flash hierarchy.

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The Flash of the Future Can Literally Run on Air

flash top speed wally west barry allen powers

Debuting in Justice League Beyond #19 by Fridolfs, Jorge Corona, and Nick Filardi, Danica Williams is the Flash “Beyond” of the mid-21st century. Given her powers after being specifically chosen by the Speed Force through the intervention of the past Flashes, Danica shares the same direct connection to this extraordinary source of speed as her predecessors. What sets her apart, however, is her exceptional achievement in unlocking the ultimate speed power: a monumental feat that eluded all other speedsters before her. Danica’s remarkable ability to access this final frontier within the Speed Force distinguishes her as a trailblazer in the realm of superpowers.

Danica Williams’ ascension to the zenith of the speedster pantheon through her extraordinary ability to run on air molecules stands as a significant turning point in the Flash legacy. This remarkable revelation both cements her status as a standout force within the Speed Force and heralds a new era in the hierarchy of super-speed abilities within the DC Universe. Her unique prowess sets her apart, reshaping the traditional benchmarks of speed and power, and marks a new standard among superheroes for what is possible in the realm of super speed. Before Danica, running on air had only been a theory; now, it is an obtainable reality.

Wally West’s Daughter May Take DC’s Fastest Speedster Title

Irey West Flash

However, the race for the title of the fastest being alive is in flux, with a new Speedster showing immense promise and potential. Irey “Thunderheart” West, daughter of Wally West, stands on the cusp of an unforeseen power upgrade in the pages of the ongoing The Flash title. Given Irey’s speedster lineage, it’s likely this new power will be linked to her speed. While this imminent power surge may not immediately propel her to Danica’s level, it does underscore the ongoing evolution of Irey’s powers. Hence, Irey might eventually exceed Danica, potentially claiming the title of the fastest Flash in the history of the DC Universe.

Justice League Beyond #25 is available now from DC Comics.


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