Debbie Johnson Is Looking For A Lawyer In Canada (Her Instagram Post About It Is Getting Backlash)

Debbie Johnson is ready to be with Tony in Canada forever. However, 90 Day Fiancé fans don’t think she should be asking for support on Instagram.


  • Debbie Johnson from 90 Day: The Single Life asks for a lawyer on social media to help with her permanent residency in Canada.
  • Fans have mixed reactions to Debbie’s request, with some sympathizing and others criticizing her for asking for a pro bono lawyer.
  • There are complications for Debbie and Tony getting married, including a potentially long wait for a spousal visa and concerns about losing Debbie’s U.S. pension.



Debbie Johnson from 90 Day: The Single Life has triggered many fans by asking for a lawyer on social media. The former Las Vegas resident wasn’t looking to fall in love when her son Colt Johnson debuted on 90 Day Fiancé. However, she changed her mind and decided to look for another man at 70 years old. Debbie tried her luck twice on the series. When she appeared on 90 Day: The Single Life season 2, she found Tony Starcevich and moved to Canada for him.

Debbie initially worried about Tony because of his odd interests and past. She feared he might have a dark side he had kept hidden from her. Fortunately, none of her suspicions ever came true. Tony proved to be a supportive partner for her and accompanied her on many new adventures. The couple traveled from Vancouver to Las Vegas and many other places over the months. They lived their lives to the fullest and celebrated numerous occasions. The duo even started a joint Cameo to interact with their followers and share their love with them.

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Why Debbie Is Looking For A Lawyer In Canada

Recently, Debbie took to her social media and revealed her next major step with Tony. She asked Vancouver fans to suggest an Immigration lawyer to help her make the move there. Debbie wrote (via 90dayfianceupdate), “I love it here & really want to get my Permanent Residency.” Debbie also shared some conditions and requirements with her followers. She wrote that the lawyer must not be “expensive.” She even wrote that she wouldn’t mind a Canadian lawyer.

Debbie’s Instagram Post Doesn’t Get Much Support

Debbie Johnson from 90 Day The Single Life taking a stern look at someone

Debbie’s request for a “pro bono” lawyer got a mixed reaction from social media users. Some related to her circumstances, while others called her out for being cheap. A social media user commented, “Why would any lawyer do it for free.” Another user pointed out how Debbie is wrong to ask for a lawyer for free and wrote, “Don’t they make $ from the show?” People claimed that no lawyer would want to help Debbie for free because everyone has to “make a living.” They think Debbie needs to hire a local lawyer instead of asking online.

Can Debbie & Tony Get Married?

Debbie and Tony from 90 Day: The Single Life seated together

Many social media users also told Debbie to marry Tony. However, there are a few complications in the process. Debbie wants permanent residency as soon as possible. Getting the spousal visa may take more than 12 months if she marries Tony. Since Debbie is in her 70s, the long timeline may be too much for her. There’s also a possibility that she doesn’t want to tie the knot because of her U.S. pension. Some viewers speculate that Debbie draws income from her late husband’s retirement pension. They feel the 90 Day: The Single Life alum doesn’t want to lose that paycheck.

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

Source: 90dayfianceupdate/Instagram


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