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Destined With You Episode 10 Recap and Review: Shin-yu’s Curse Symptoms Returns Unexpectedly


Destined With You Episode 10 Recap and Review: The South Korean fantasy romance drama, (이 연애는 불가항력) stars SF9’s Rowoon and Jo Bo-ah in lead roles. The supporting cast also includes Ha Jun, and Yura. The JTBC series is directed by Nam Ki-hoon and written by Noh Ji-sul.

The series revolves around Lee Hong-jo (Jo Bo-ah), a civil servant and Jang Shin-yu (Rowoon), a lawyer who come face to face under unexpected circumstances. Hong-jo is revealed as the owner of an old wooden box that has been sealed over 300 years ago which contains a forbidden book that has a connection to Shin-yu. He is suffering from a mysterious illness and its cure lies in the book. Soon, they both realise that the key to saving Shin-yu from the curse is in the hands of Hong-jo. Amid the same, a romance blossoms between the two.

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As for the cast, Jo Bo-ah recently starred in 2023’s Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 as Nam Ji-ah whereas Rowoon starred in 2022’s Tomorrow. Also, Ha Jun starred in Missing: The Other Side Season 2 as Shin Joon-ho and Yura previously played the role of Chae Yoo-jin in Forecasting Love and WeatherDestined With You airs on JTBC at the 10.30 PM slot on Wednesday-Thursday.

– Destined With You Episode 10 Review Contains Spoilers –

Destined With You Episode 10 Recap

Shin-yu and Hong-jo’s hug at the festival gets interrupted by a child. The two have an awkward conversation which turns into a cute lovey-dovey encounter. Both of them depart and they make sure they’ll be pure for each other to start things fresh. Shin-yu visits the Shaman the same night and tells her about him remembering his past life and the connection he had with Hong-jo.

When he asks why Hong-jo doesn’t remember it, the Shaman says that everything plays according to Karma. After the conversation, he goes to Nayeon’s house and calls her to end things. However, Nayeon is at a restaurant with her side man whom she uses to overcome the loneliness that Shin-yu makes her feel. She tells the guy that she will never end things with Shin-yu to which he says that girls like her shouldn’t be running behind.

The next morning, Shin-yu and Nayeon meet up in the car where he again tries to end things. But Nayeon simply doesn’t bother about it. At their office when Shin-yu, Jae-kyung, and Shin-yu’s assistant have lunch, Nayeon purposely joins them to make Hong-jo upset. She makes everyone believe they’re still in a relationship. Shin-yu then confronts it with Nayeon who once again doesn’t let him have his way out.

Destined With You Episode 10 Review Still 1
A still from the series “Destined With You”

Later that evening, Nayeon calls Hong-jo and they meet up. She tells Hong-jo certain unnecessary details about Shin-yu and her, to make Hong-jo jealous. Nayeon gets drunk and she purposely makes Hong-jo call Shin-yu so he can take her back to her place. Hong-jo calls Shin-yu who is with his friend, Wook. Over there he opens up about Hong-jo to him. Just then, he receives a call from Hong-jo and goes to the spot they’re at.

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Hong-jo feels hurt because he came to get Nayeon since she was wishing he wouldn’t. Hong-jo argues with Shin-yu to stop with all the mixed signals as she’s feeling bad for Nayeon. At Hong-jo’s house, she mistakes Jae-kyung for the stalker and uses the mace, hurting his eyes. Then she gives him the medical aid and he takes the opportunity to ask her out for a gathering.

The following day, Shin-yu catches Hong-jo getting down from Jae-kyung’s car. He immediately calls her to his office where they again quarrel about their relationship. When Shin-yu leans in for a kiss, his assistant comes and they somehow manage the scenario. That evening, Jae-kyung and Hong-jo go for a ride. They stop by the Han River and order chicken. Jae-kyung confesses his feelings for Hong-jo and she becomes perplexed.

Destined With You Episode 10 Review Still 2
A still from the series “Destined With You”

Then we see Nayeon taking Hong-jo’s gloves to the garden owner. He then prepares a terrible curse on Shin-yu and Hong-jo by pouring his blood on their clothes and burying them in a flower pot. The next day at the office Nayeon asks her father who is the mayor to transfer Hong-jo to another office.

Jae-kyung becomes furious after hearing the news and fights with Shin-yu. Shin-yu simply drags Hong-jo in public, showing everyone that there is something going on between them. They both go to the beach where Shin-yu opens up about the promise he made to Nayeon. Nayeon requested him to not show it like they’d broken up because she didn’t want to feel embarrassed at the office. Shin-yu once again confesses his feelings for Hong-jo and asks about her thoughts.

Hong-jo says that though she feels weird she senses that she’s been caring for him for a long time. Shin-yu and Hong-jo share a hug and then kiss each other. When Hong-jo caresses his cheeks for another kiss, he senses the cursed woman’s hands and pulls away from Hong-jo frightening her.

Destined With You Episode 10 Review Still 4
A still from the series “Destined With You”

Destined With You Episode 10 Review

Their past lives weren’t shown in this episode rather we learned about the main villain, the garden owner. He indeed drank the love potion that Hong-jo made (that’s what he said) but seeing him prepare spells shows that he also remembers his past life. He probably would have cursed them two back in their past life and is repeating it once again to get Hong-jo.

It’s so sad to see the character of Jae-kyung falling for Hong-jo because obviously, he isn’t going to get her. Hopefully, the second lead syndrome won’t affect us too much. The chemistry between Hong-jo and Shin-yu is giving off good but truth be told, when she is with Jae-kyung the vibe is even brighter.

I wish, in the next few episodes, Rowoon and Jo Bo-ah’s intense chemistry will be shown. The creators have provided generous kiss scenes but they’re just not giving the chills, not for me. Kdramas are always noted for that one kiss the viewers wait for days but in this series, it’s quite quickly shown so the impact kind of is less. There’s always a way out and let’s wait for the best.

Destined With You Episode 10 Review Still 3
A still from the series “Destined With You”

Destined With You airs on JTBC and is also streaming on Netflix. Share your thoughts about the drama in the comment section below.

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