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Destined With You Episode 9 Recap and Review: A Glimpse of Hong-jo and Shin-yu’s Past Love Life is Vividly Shown


Destined With You Episode 9 Recap and Review: The South Korean fantasy romance drama, (이 연애는 불가항력) stars SF9’s Rowoon and Jo Bo-ah in lead roles. The supporting cast also includes Ha Jun, and Yura. The JTBC series is directed by Nam Ki-hoon and written by Noh Ji-sul.

The series revolves around Lee Hong-jo (Jo Bo-ah), a civil servant and Jang Shin-yu (Rowoon), a lawyer who come face to face under unexpected circumstances. Hong-jo is revealed as the owner of an old wooden box that has been sealed over 300 years ago which contains a forbidden book that has a connection to Shin-yu. He is suffering from a mysterious illness and its cure lies in the book. Soon, they both realise that the key to saving Shin-yu from the curse is in the hands of Hong-jo. Amid the same, a romance blossoms between the two.

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As for the cast, Jo Bo-ah recently starred in 2023’s Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 as Nam Ji-ah whereas Rowoon starred in 2022’s Tomorrow. Also, Ha Jun starred in Missing: The Other Side Season 2 as Shin Joon-ho and Yura previously played the role of Chae Yoo-jin in Forecasting Love and WeatherDestined With You airs on JTBC at the 10.30 PM slot on Wednesday-Thursday.

– Destined With You Episode 9 Review Contains Spoilers –

Destined With You Episode 9 Recap

Hong-jo panics and starts running away from the stalker. Thankfully, Jae-kyung comes there and takes her home. The scene cuts to the hospital, where Shin-yu’s parents check up on him as he hasn’t yet opened his eyes. The cause behind his admission to the hospital is not shown. At Hong-jo’s place, Jae-kyung checks up on her but she doesn’t respond. After some more banging on the door, Hong-jo opens and she looks extremely tired. She loses control and faints. She requests Jae-kyung to buy her the necessary medications.

When he gives her the amenities and some sleeping pills for sound sleep, Hong-jo remembers Shin-yu’s statement where he said that Jae-kyung is also on his suspect list. Hong-jo asks Jae-kyung why he was at the place and he says he came to check up on the festival because it is part of his job. He then talks about the CCTV idea that Shin-yu requested, then proceeds to help Hong-jo. That night, Hong-jo has a nightmare of the cursed doll.

The next day at the office, Hong-jo starts texting Shin-yu but doesn’t get any response. She keeps worrying about him as she has no idea what has happened to him. Thankfully, Shin-yu opens his eyes and gets better. He immediately checks Hong-jo’s texts and they both meet up in front of the hospital. The two have a warm conversation and someone clicks a picture of the two holding hands. Moreover, Hong-jo decides to take back the spell box to work on spells.

Destined With You Episode 9 Review Still 1
A still from the series “Destined With You”

Nayeon then gets the picture of Shin-yu and Hong-jo from a number. She calls the person and asks him to not send any more pictures. Back at the hospital, Nayeon joins Shin-yu and discusses their trip together. Later we see Nayeon going to the garden owner and giving him Shin-yu’s shirt. It is understood that he is the one who has been sending the pictures and who could have cursed Shin-yu with the doll.

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At the festival spot, Hong-jo thinks about the previous night when Shin-yu tells her about the business trip that he is about to go on with Nayeon. He also added Hong-jo that if she tells him not to go, he won’t go. Hong-jo wonders what choice she should make. That evening the festival starts and Hong-jo wanders around thinking about Shin-yu. She calls him but he doesn’t pick up. After a while, she finds him at the festival and they both come closer.

Shin-yu tells her that he didn’t go for the trip whereas Hong-jo accepts that she called to request him not to go. The couple share a hug and the scene cuts to them both in their past lives. Seems like they both have been lovers in their previous lives as well. In the flashback, we see how young Shin-yu befriends Hong-jo.

Destined With You Episode 9 Review Still 4
A still from the series “Destined With You”

Hong-jo is a psychic in her last life as well while Shin-yu is the son of the noble governer. When he wraps up his coming-of-age ceremony, he goes to the top of the hill where he used to meet Hong-jo regularly since they were kids. As adults, Shin-yu decides to take things forward and kisses her.

Destined With You Episode 9 Review

Finally, we are about to see what exactly connects Shin-yu and Hong-jo. Though the viewers were only shown a short glimpse into the past lives of the main leads, it kickstarted the beginning of the climax. This episode had its notable kiss scene that viewers will surely go head over heels for. Rowoon and Jo Bo-ah so far have good chemistry but it’s not giving the insane feels yet.

Sadly, the character of Jae-kyung is going to be enduring the second lead’s sadness but if the director gives him a pivotal role as an antagonist, his character will become notable. The garden owner and Nayeon might also be in Shin-yu and Hong-jo’s past lives. We will soon catch up on more details in the next few episodes.

Destined With You Episode 9 Review Still 2
A still from the series “Destined With You”

Destined With You airs on JTBC and is also streaming on Netflix. Share your thoughts about the drama in the comment section below.

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