Destiny Episode 2 Recap and Review: Kanade Leads a New Life Without Masaki 

Destiny Episode 2 Recap and Review: The new mystery thriller Japanese drama centres around Kanade, a public prosecutor with many issues in life. She witnessed her father’s suicide as a middle school student and became a recluse. While studying to be a prosecutor, she met Masaki, who cheated in an exam off of her. Through him, she made new friends – Tomo, Kaouri and Yuki. An incident leaves the group scattered as Masaki disappears. 

12 years later, she cracks cases as a public prosecutor and lives with her doctor boyfriend, Takashi. However, her life takes another turn as Masaki comes back into her life and she finds out that their connection is deeper and darker than a fleeting romance. 

The drama stars main leads Ishihara Satomi as Nishimura Kanade and Kamenashi Kazuya as Nogi Masaki. The cast also includes talented actors like Miyazawa Emma, Yamoto Yuma, Tanaka Minami, Ando Masanobu, Nakamura Toru and more!

Destiny Episode 2

– Destiny Episode 2 Recap and Review Contains Spoilers –

Destiny Episode 2 Recap 

The episode begins with Kanade conversing with Ohata Setsuko regarding her latest case – a drug possession and peddling case. The main suspect is the son of an influential political party. His statement contains many inconsistencies but Kanade brings the case for indictment. Ohata rejects her proposal as she must bring a confession or stronger evidence. 

Feeling sad yet motivated, she dives back into finding evidence by going through all the social media handles of related suspects and witnesses. The scene turns to Masaki, who stays in a hospital due to his injury. He tries to convince the nurse to let him go but she asks him to wait for the doctor’s approval. 

At home, Kanade continues her research when Takashi enters the house. While she finishes up her shower, Takashi walks in and cooly asks her ‘Should we get married?’. Walking away, he leaves Kanade confused and shocked. She thinks back to 2012 – when she entered Masaki’s home but it was empty. She misses him and gets lost in his memories but it leaves her with one question – what did he tell her the day he disappeared? 

Destiny Episode 2

The loss of Masaki and Kaouri leaves her distraught. She has a fainting spell but is saved by Takashi. He carries her to his lab and offers her hot water. The moment left her in tears and with conversations over time got them closer. When they meet again, they begin dating. Over the years, they go through issues as they give time to their careers but they still manage their relationship. 

At present, she receives messages from Tomo who talks about Kaouri’s 12th death anniversary and we find out that Tomo and Yuki became a family of three. Kanade thinks of the past but shakes it off to interview the owner of the bar and grills him with many questions. She presents her evidence and holds him with her strong words, leaving him no choice but to fold and tell her. 

She hurries to the memorial service but misses it. She goes to leave flowers at the grave when she sees a can of melon soda flat, which takes her back to her university days. She visits the cafeteria and misses Kaouri. To continue her journey of memories, she visits the classroom where she met Masaki. Surprisingly, he turns up in front of her – shocking her. 

She asks him endless questions and he just tells her that he misses her – eliciting an emotional response. She barrages him and cries but he walks away. She asks him what he told her the day he disappeared but he just tells her that she is amazing and walks away. 

Destiny Episode 2

In the night, she tells Tomo, who immediately tells her to stay from Masaki because she has Takashi. Hesitantly, she agrees and cuts the call. Takashi wakes up and asks her about his proposal. He tells her that on her next day off, they will go to her mother’s house to let her know about their next step. She mindlessly nods and he walks away. 

The next day, she gives an updated proposal to Ohata. The latter nods and gets ready to approve the proposal when Kanade’s assistant walks in to inform her that the prime witness has taken back his statement and the son of the influential political party has changed his defence council to Nogi Koichiro, Masaki’s father. His TV interview jogs a memory from the past but she cannot place it. Later, the case closes and the son is let go scot-free. 

Later, Masaki meets his father after 10 years to ask him one question – what is his father’s hand in the death of Tsuji Eisuke, Kanade’s father? Koichiro tries to move the conversation to another topic but Masaki continues badgering him. He simply walks away after giving him some money. 

Angered by the gesture, he throws the money in his face, holds him by the collar and screams his question again – accusing him of killing Tsuji Eisuke. The episode ends with Kanade witnessing the situation in front of her while Masaki realises that he may have revealed the long-held secret. 

Destiny Episode 2

Destiny Episode 2 Review

Two episodes in, the series has shown a lot of potential with riveting plot lines, twisted connections and strong acting skills. Ishihara Satomi as Nishimura Kanade knocks it out of the park with her acting, making us feel for her as she goes through traumatic times. We hope to see more of her skills as a prosecutor in the coming episodes as her line delivery in the investigation room leaves an impact. 

Even though his screen time is significantly shorter, Kamenashi Kazuya as Nogi Masaki is a strong character as he is completely different from Kanade when it comes to personality and the way to approaches a person. It is obvious that Masaki carries a lot of baggage and we hope to see the twisted story unfold at a similar pace as the last two episodes! 

Destiny Episode 2

Destiny is streaming on Netflix

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