Diablo 4 Season 3: Try These Optimal Methods To Obtain Fiend Rose

The Fiend Rose holds significant importance as an rare plant upgrade material in Diablo 4 Season 3. In this complete guide, I will demonstrate how to effectively farm Fiend Roses and achieve infinite looting, enabling you to quickly gather thousands of them.

The Unique Role Of Fiend Roses

Unlike the Forgotten Soul, the Fiend Rose is not as commonly utilized. Its primary function lies in enchanting legendary gear and replacing undesirable stats. Essentially, it allows players to reroll one stat on an item into a randomized new one, aiding in the quest for perfectly statted gear.

This ability to replace undesirable stats with more favorable ones can greatly enhance the effectiveness of Diablo 4 Unique items, transforming them from merely decent to truly exceptional.

The Enchanting system can cost a large amount of Diablo 4 Gold. It will also cost Fiend Rose every time you wish to roll a legendary gear, the cost that can easily rack up because of the random nature of enchanting.

Diverse Methods For Fiend Rose Farming In Helltide

Although Fiend Roses are critical for endgame progression, they can only be gathered from one source, and that is the Helltide events. There are a lot of ways to farm Fiend Roses in Diablo 4 Season 3.

Collect Tortured Gift

You can farm ancient cinders by killing enemies, chest, and events. This will fill your Tortured Chest hunting as Tortured Chest has a chance of dropping you Fiend Rose. 

Always open the highest value of Tortured Chest because it will drop you the most Fiend Roses, followed by Living Steel Chests, Mysteries Chests, and Tortured Gift of Rings. Tortured Gift of Light Weaponry will be the last to open because they cost more cinders, but drop you the same amount of in rolls.

Harvest The Fiend Rose Plant

You can also find and harvest the Fiend Rose Plant. They grow around areas affected by Helltide and will always drop Fiend Roses and cinders, but can be tricky to spot as their spawn are limited.

As you roam around the Helltide zone, try to keep an eye out for this plant as if you are lucky. You can randomly stumble on a Fiend Rose or two. They can be a quick way of grabbing some much-needed D4 Gold.

Hunt Helltide Harbingers

Keep an eye out for monsters called Helltide Harbingers, as they have a very high chance to drop both Fiend Roses and Forgotten Soul in one kill. They are marked with a scout icon on the mini map in Diablo 4 Season 3.

Usually, they will spawn when you see the meteor start raining. Don’t run away from it. You have a chance to spawn your Harbingers, or it will spawn after some time when the meteor rain ends.

And also look around immediately once the meteor rain end, sometimes there will be a second harbinger that was spawn by another player who ran away. The Harbingers can also spawn after engaging a group of fights with some specific red rune on the ground.

Kill The Helltide Boss – Kixxarth

Killing the Helltide boss, Kixxarth, the Helltide killer, can spawn in various areas in the affected zone. You will know where it is as it marked with a pause icon on the minimap. It moves around constantly, so always be prepared when it is around. Defeating it will drop you Fiend Rose and other Diablo 4 Items.

Collect Silent Chests

Silent Chests in the Helltide area have little chance of dropping Fiend Roses. These chests are opened using Whispering Keys that can be purchased from curiosity vendors for 20 Murmuring Obols.

Complete Legion Event

Whenever the Helltide event is up, check from time to time to see if any Legion Event starts within the Helltide affected zone. The Legion Event starts within Helltide affected zone will have a chance to spawn a lot of Harbingers, so it’s a very good chance to farm Fiend Roses as well as Forgotten Soul.

Farming Tips

To maximize Fiend Rose farming efficiency in Diablo 4 Season 3, follow these steps:

Begin by teaming up with at least one other player. Then, split up and search for a Fiend Rose. Once you locate a Fiend Rose, refrain from interacting with it. Instead, player 1 should remain at the location while player 2 teleports back to town.

Player 1 proceeds to click on the plant and loot the Fiend Rose. After looting, player 2 teleports back to player one’s location. Player 2 will notice that the plant is still unclicked, allowing them to click on it again. This enables player 1 to receive additional loot, despite the plant appearing looted on the screen.

If player 2 has multiple characters within the same realm, they can switch characters and repeat the process. By continuously cycling through characters, both players can maximize Fiend Rose farming efficiency.

It’s essential for both players to remain patient and willing to share the loot. The other 3 players can take turns teleporting to player one’s location to assist with looting. Due to the possibility of this method being patched in the future of Diablo 4, it’s crucial to farm Fiend Roses as soon as possible.


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