Did the Eiffel Tower Burn Down in 2024? Did the Eiffel Tower Fall Down? Rumors Debunked

In recent days, a shocking image has been making rounds on social media, depicting the iconic Eiffel Tower engulfed in flames. The rumor mill has been buzzing with speculation about the alleged incident. In this article, we will delve into the veracity of the claim and debunk the rumors surrounding the Eiffel Tower’s supposed blaze.

Eiffel Tower Burn Down Rumor
Eiffel Tower Burn Down Rumor

The Fake Photo and Reality Check: Did the Eiffel Tower Burn Down in 2024?

A widely circulated image suggests that the Eiffel Tower was set ablaze in mid-January 2024. The image portrays the Parisian landmark engulfed in fire, with thick plumes of smoke rising from its structure. However, a reality check is in order. According to the source, the image in question is a fake.

Eiffel Tower Burn Down Fake Image
Eiffel Tower Burn Down Fake Image

“Livestreams of the landmark, however, show it standing upright with no fire damage as of Jan. 18, at the time of writing,” reported Reuters. So, rest assured, the Eiffel Tower remains unscathed by any fire-related incidents.

Reports on the Eiffel Tower’s Condition: Rumors Debunked: Did the Eiffel Tower Fall Down

While the Eiffel Tower may not have succumbed to flames, there have been concerns about its structural integrity. Leaked reports in July 2022 revealed that the iconic landmark is the source. The Guardian reported on the deteriorating condition of the tower, raising questions about its long-term stability.

According to the source, urgent repairs are needed to address the crumbling state of the Eiffel Tower. While these reports highlight maintenance issues, they do not support the claim that the tower has recently fallen or caught fire.

The Tower’s Structural Design.

To understand the improbability of the Eiffel Tower falling over due to gravity alone, it’s essential to consider its structural design. The tower was ingeniously engineered to withstand various external forces, including the source reported. “The Eiffel Tower was designed to withstand wind and other external forces, so it is unlikely to fall over simply due to the force of gravity.”

Constructed with iron and steel, the Eiffel Tower’s foundations are deeply anchored into the ground, providing it with stability. This structural design not only ensures the tower’s resilience against environmental factors but also dispels concerns about it collapsing under the influence of gravity alone.


In conclusion, the recent rumors circulating about the Eiffel Tower burning down in 2024 have been debunked. The image portraying the iconic landmark in flames has been confirmed as fake. While reports suggest that the Eiffel Tower requires urgent repairs due to rust and deterioration, it remains standing tall.

The tower’s robust structural design, including its ability to withstand external forces, ensures its longevity and dispels any notion of it falling over without a significant external impact. So, the next time you come across sensational claims, remember to verify the facts before sharing them.


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